GigaGolf - Sertain VR Cord
Sertain VR Cord
by Sensatec

Price: $6.49
Designed with only the best natural materials the Sertain VR provides traction thru impact. This compound delivers the feel preferred by better players for comfort with an emphasis on control. The cord can reduce twist for players with hard swings.

Feel: Medium/Firm

The brand: Sensatec?s mission is to employ the today?s technology and materials to create a collection of popular grip styles. Sensatec grips are made with a highly automated manufacturing process that turns out consistent, high quality, long lasting grips time after time.
We Believe:
Achieving a 20 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do. GigaGolf's manufacturer direct distribution model means our customers get unparalleled value for their investment. Our pride shows from the shop floor to the quality of our finished golf clubs. The innovative GigaGolf eFit system will help you build your clubs correctly no matter what your age or ability level. That's why, we stand behind our products with the GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee.