GigaGolf Customer Comments

Everyone at GigaGolf is interested to hear what our valuable customers have to say about our clubs and services. The comments posted below are from customers who are more than satisfied with GigaGolf. All comments are valued. In the 12 years we have been selling our golf clubs online, we have received many ideas and suggestions to help make GigaGolf better. We have used the insight our customers have provided to become what we believe is the best source for golf clubs online or anywhere else.
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March 01, 2018
I purchased a set of TRX irons from Giga. Fit and finish were excellent and were shipped to me in about five days. I finally got to hit them at the range today. Considering I live in NH and the weather was chilly in the mid fifties. The irons distances were the same as my current set. I should get a few yards extra in hotter weather. My current set was a name brand custom fit for $900 and 4 years old. For $200 the TRX were custom fit and performed as good or better. Looks like I won't be buying name brand anymore. Thanks Giga!
b. burke
February 10, 2018
Gigagolf, Once again, you have exceeded my expectations. I just received the c510 irons and I am impressed with the look and feel of these irons. The lie is adjusted perfectly to my swing, and when you hit a ball correctly, it's like butter! The irons are not just designed for the low handicap player, but have enough face size to help the mid-handicapper improve his game by getting excellent feedback on good shots. If you are looking to improve your game, these irons will take you there! I have owned several different gigagolf irons in the past, but these are by far my favorite. I can't wait to take them out for a round on the course when the weather gets nice. Gigagolf represents the best value in golf, period! I don't get paid to give these reviews. I just want people to know that you don't have to spend close to $1000.00 to get a set of quality irons. Gigagolf can meet and exceed your needs for quality irons at a fraction of the cost.
D. Portelles
November 17, 2017
Played most of this past season with these blades. They are as good as any name brand (over-priced) set of clubs I have played and owned. The E-Fit system was spot on. I saved over $500.00 by purchasing from Giga Golf. Great looking clubs that.
K. O
June 14, 2017
My club arrived on time and in good condition. This is a great driver. Hits better than my ping for half the cost. This is my sixth purchase form Giga Golf. There is no need to pay more for brand names.
R. Martinez
May 24, 2017
I play a mixed set of C510s and m520s 3 to 4 times a week and have worked my index to a 3.6. Previous reviewer does not know what he is talking about. Cast Pings softer? That is not my experience. These are the real deal. I would put mine up against forged clubs made by Mizuno or Titleist. These are the real deal. And when you hit them pure, the ball jumps and the feel is butter. Over time, the Pursuits have improved my swing by slowing it down. My focus is on contact. Cavity backs can make you lazy and develop bad habits. But for the twice a month player, cast cavity backs are probably the best fit.
J. Lashoff
May 08, 2017
March 20, 2017
The Pursuit s510 True Forged wedges are awesome I've chipped in so many below the hole shots I can't believe it. Chipping used to be one of the weakest parts of my game and now it's one of the best. Love these clubs. Only issue I've had is the 60 degree wedge (which I'll admit I use the most) has bropen on the plastic part of the hozzle. No big deal but I would like to send it in to get fixed if at all possible?
S. Renton
September 19, 2016
Great driver. Gives up a little distance due to the higher loft, 12 degree, but hits a higher percentage of fairways. Overall am pleased with this club and would buy again.

GigaGolf Response: Thank you for the comment. To maximize distance with your driver, a player must choose the loft that matches his or her swing speed. All things being equal, slower swing speeds get more distance with higher lofts. Additionally, today's golf balls gain more yards when they leave the tee at a higher launch angle. As an example, tour players 15 years ago, played 9, 8 and even 7 degree drivers. Now, these lower lofts are much less common with many PGA types swinging 10 degree drivers. The old adage that lower loft equates to more distance is not necessarily true. Let your swing speed tell you what loft to choose.
W. Walton
November 18, 2014
Iâ??m an advance player, have name brand clubs, always looking for the latest technology but felt the price was not worth it. Then I researched clones and switched out my Titleist® 9.5 degree Driver with a GXz Ti Driver from GigaGolf. I ordered a 10.5 degree with a regular flex Grafalloy Prolaunch Red 65 per GigaGolfâ??s recommendation. Took it out to the range and on to the course for the first time. This driver is awesome, incredible feel, sound and most important, ball flight. The 10.5 Grafalloy combination is perfect. Put a good swing on it and the balls goes for a long ride. Even off center hits travel well. My days of high priced brand names are over. Now we can always have the latest technology in our bag for a fraction of the cost and, GigaGolfâ??s customer service was fantastic. Thank you GigaGolf.
G. Carricato
September 23, 2014
I purchased the c510 Forged Cavity Irons 4-Sand set, Firm flex. Clubs arrived in perfect condition. Build quality is excellent, I love the look and feel of these clubs. However, I don't have the skill needed to play comfortably and enjoyably with them. I ordered the wrong flex shaft, my error. I should have called and talked with the knowledgeable and helpful staff to begin with but I thought I new what I was doing. When I hit these irons well they have great flight and trajectory and flew straight and accurate. Unfortunately for me I was unable to get the distance I want and was used to. Not the clubs nor GigGolfs fault, all mine. I called and am returning these and have ordered a more forgiving and hopefully more suitable set to my actual game. Customer service is great, no hassle very helpful in getting me on the path to the right clubs for me. I also got the a GXZ Ti driver and I picked the wrong shaft, it also is on the way back with the more appropriate shaft. This is truly a company that honors what they say for quality and customer support , this is a great place to buy clubs. I have ordered several sets and individual clubs from them for myself and others and have recommended them to family and friends. All the clubs look great and are performing great 4 years later. I strayed once to a big name brand for myself but now I'm back. Sorry Gigagolf for losing my way. See my review coming soon on the PowerSlots!
R. Saderup
September 22, 2014
Some years back I ordered a half set of c510 Forged Cavity Irons (6,8,pw) just to see how they performed. Back then my ball striking was not optimal enough to truly value these clubs. 3 years an d many lessons and rounds later, coupled with a better, I remembered I had these in the garage. I currently game only forged irons for the feel and feedback. I took only this half set, along with my Driver, 3W, 2 hyrbrids, 2 wedges and my putter and proceeded to shoot the lowest score I have ever shot (78). If you take into consideration that I 3 putted twice and had 2 water balls, I would have even gone much lower. I had more range sessions to convince myself it was not a fluke, finally pulling the trigger and completing the set by ordering 5,7,9,gw and lw. I'm truly ecstatic with my new clubs. The more I play the more I'm impressed. You get that great forged feeling, great feedback with enough forgiveness at half the price!. Don't get me wrong if you are a High HCP these are not for you. I would recommend anyone from 18 down should be able to use these. I gave these to a scratch player at my club and he was impressed and kept looking at the name as if he didn't want to believe it. In the past weeks I have tried other brands but keep coming back to these. I have covers on mine to protect them and shamefully also because I donâ??t want anyone to see the name and order them. Let them keep thinking those costly brands are better, my scorecard isnâ??t interested. I will go on the line to say these are certainly at the same level or maybe even better than those other brands. As far as irons go, these will be in my bag for a VERY LONG TIME!
A. O
September 06, 2014
Got the GXz Ti Driver at 10.5 degrees and with prolaunch red stiff shaft. Feels incredible, hits far, and makes a solid sound, and still gives a lot of forgiveness. Absolutely worth the money and the glowing reviews.
J. Erekson
July 31, 2014
Wow! Impossibly-great value. So I bought a Verve 3-wood and 5-wood...with Pro Launch shafts for a total of $77.00! A single Pro Launch shaft costs $78 from the competition. These shafts are just get a lower-boring pro-like ball flight with tremendous consistency and great hand-feedback. GigaGolf made some kind of crazy purchase to get their hands of these shafts. The Verve head is well-designed, traditional in look and feel and jumps the ball off the face. Why on earth would a knowledgeable golfer waste hundreds of dollars buying a stock fairway wood from a name-brand manufacture...when clubs like this are available for 84% less?
R. Sprague
June 06, 2014
I recently added both TRX Trac 3W and 5W to my bag (standard length, Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite grips, Graffaloy Pro Launch Red R flex shaft) and THEY ROCK! Whether hitting from the tee or off the deck, these bad boys perform as well as any fairway wood I have ever played (over 40 years). The lightweight grip boosts the swingweight into the D3 range, which helps me feel the heft of the clubhead. I highly recommend these clubs and commend Gigagolf and their support staff for providing high quality products and service at such an affordable price... Easily the best value in golf! Mike M (Southern Wisconsin)
M. Murdy
May 23, 2014
Purchased the TRX Power Slot 3 and 5 wood. Replaced a C9 3 wood and a P2 5 wood. Have played three nine hole rounds with them. They are very straight and very easy to hit. I have used them on long par 3s (200 yards plus into the wind)and have hit the green or have gone through the green. The 3 wood is shorter than the C9 but I now have the confidence to hit it off the fairway whereas with the C9, I just used it off the tee because I was too inconsistent off the fairway with it. Great clubs! I have been purchasing clubs from GigaGolf since 2007 and have only returned one club (my first purchase). Have not been disappointed since. I see a driver just came out that looks like the TM sldr. That will be my next purchase.
C. Y
May 06, 2014
I ordered the TRX set of irons for my dad and he absolutely loves them!! He had an old set of Callaways that he could not part with, but then he tried these and he will never go back! He is having a hard time figuring out the distance with them right now, because he hits them a lot farther. I'm so glad I bought these for him. Thank You Giga Golf!!!
S. Loew
May 05, 2014
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was after receiving my clubs from you. I took them out immediately and was very pleasantly surprised to find how high the ball comes off the clubs. I ordered the Gx 922 s. wow they really feel just right and play divinely. I will be a customer for years to come. I am junking my set of Adams irons. Thanks a bunch These clubs are long and very accurate. Thanks again
E. McKay
October 15, 2013
The Z4 Ti Driver kills it. Long, straight and solid. I ordered the 10.5 degree matched with Pro Launch Red stiff shaft. What a combination. The extra degree of loft (I usually play a 9.5) which produces more backspin and less side spin won't balloon do to the PL Red, which flights the ball a little lower. Extremely satisfied. I'm able to get as aggressive as I want without fear of wild misses. This is my third purchase and I honestly can't see myself buying anywhere else. Having the luxury of 30 day return policy is an added plus, albeit I haven't had to use it on any of my purchases. All have been great. Thanks Gigagolf!
J. Mangione
September 20, 2013
I have trouble with long irons so I got a TRX Hybrid substitute. It is amazing. I am able to consistently hit the call with a fairly good trajectory. I got the senior shaft which is easy to swing. This is a winner and far better than clubs 3x the price.
T. W
August 10, 2013
I bought a set of the MPX irons back in April and have been playing them all summer. I love these clubs!! Since this is only my second summer golfing I'm still at the beginner level but these clubs are incredibly forgiving and helpful. They have been very consistent and my irons have become one of the strongest parts of my game. The eFit system works great, being 6'4" I love having a set of completely customized clubs for under 200. I convinced a few of my buddies to try out Gigagolf this summer and they are loving their new sets of clubs too. This is a great product for a great price!
R. Brick
July 04, 2013
I have been on this web site for years, tempted by the great prices and positive comments, but held back by the feeling that these clubs must be "less than" in some way. After going thru two sets of name brand clubs, I decided to purchase the TRX Power Slot irons. They are beautiful crafted irons and they have outperformed my old sets (Nike and Adams). My teenager son even commented on how much better I hit with them (if you have a teenager, you know + comments are hard to come by). I love them and will never buy used or name brand again. Thanks Gigagolf.
B. Gross
June 13, 2013
I have the Power Slot Irons. Played today 6-13-13 at Pete Dyes Oak Hollow GC.First tee shot was the 4 iron which went about 220 not bad for a 60 year old man who had a severe stroke 2 years ago. The quality of these irons are superb,why pay $700.00 for a "NAME".My playing partners were shocked when I told them what I paid for these irons.In fact just 2 weeks ago I purchased a new set of Nike irons and these are even better.The Nikes have been retired as these are my #1 irons now.Get a set and I think you will be impressed also
R. Hunt
June 13, 2013
I was a little skeptical as anybody ordering clubs offline and worried about the quality as well. I received them in about a week or so, pretty good for being custom made through the E-Fit System. The normal people I golf with all have their Taylormade, Nike's and other name brand clubs, when I first took these out, I let them compare them to theirs. My shaft was the same as their Taylormade Rocketballz shafts, everything was the same, his were even custom fit, for a hefty $1000 compared to my $300. Best $300 I have spent and I am sure there will be more money given to Gigagolf from my wallet. Thanks Gigagolf.
S. Perschon II
May 24, 2013
The TRX Power Slot is probably the best club in my bag, the 3H has really strengthened my fairway game like no other hybrid I've owned. I plan to add more of these to replace some irons.
R. Jensen
May 21, 2013
I purchased the GXz Ti Driver last year at the beginning of my league play. I waited to review until now mostly because I forgot, and second because I wanted to get a season under my belt before I gave a review. I have done business with GigaGolf for a few years now, I'm not into buying the $300-$400 club very year to stay up with the Jones' first off I can't afford it second every year the big boys drop some new tech into their club and it cost $300-$400 dollars again. So I have been coming here and so far so good. About this driver(its about time) Straight, long and sound great on contact.I am no pro but when this club hits the ball it makes you feel that way. Good long drives right next to the big boy clubs.The first question asked is "What is that?" To that I tell them, but it's tough to break a bad habit like spending $300-$400 dollars on a club that has a PGA golfer telling week night warrior how great it hits. I'm paying to play while they are being paid to play. Break the mold, there is your new motto Gigagolf.
D. S
May 19, 2013
All I can say is that these irons exceed all my expectations! I bought 5-SW including AW and I have never had more confidence standing over a difficult shot. I am a 5 handicap and I have used many different clubs over the years. Gigagolf is by far the way to go.. Best Price for value I've ever used..
C. Smith
May 03, 2013
Went to the range as soon as I received my new c510 Forged Cavity Irons. Superb is the word. Cant wait to get onto the course this weekend. I will be looking pro!!!!! Great Gigagolf, just great!
S. D
April 10, 2013
Being a low single figure handicapper, I was after a set of irons that had a little offset, but without looking like a game improvement iron! Look no further, the MPX irons are a perfect blend of forgiveness and playability. The stock TT Feather Flight shafts are a great combo with this head and I also had Midsize Crossline Grips fitted. All up these are a great looking and excellent performing set of irons. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get such a set, why pay big $$$ for name brands, unless your a fashion victim! Great value for money and the quality not only of the components, but also of the building was 2nd to none. Cheers GIGAGOLF!!!
F. O'Rourke
April 08, 2013
I received my GX944 Irons promptly but had to hold them at the fedex office for a week as I was out of state when they were due to arrive. When I returned, I took them to the range and they immediately impressed me with their looks and feel. I also picked up about an extra club length. I played one round with them so far and am convinced I made the right choice in buying these clubs. They have already instilled some of my lost confidence. I will be back soon for another set for my son-in-law this time.
F. K
April 01, 2013
Well, the reviews sounded great and the clubs looked nice and the price was right so I decided to try Gigagolf. I needed a club to fill in the gap between 170 yds. (my 5 iron) and 200 yds. (my Taylormade burner 5 wood) so I chose the TRX metal 7 wood. I had a hybrid but I would hook it terribly. I just took the TRX to the driving range and absolutely loved the club. The custom fit is perfect and I absolutely crushed this club. I was rolling it out to the 200 yd. mark and even bounced some off of the fence at 200! Interesting thing is, I hit this about as far as my 5 wood. Club has a great feel and I even like the sound that it makes. Hope to take it to the course soon, but for now, I am a satisfied customer! If all of your clubs are this nice, I will be coming back when I am in the market for my next clubs. Thanks! D. Sylvies
D. Sylvies
March 30, 2013
Have had the TRX Pearl Metal in my bag for a year. Hit it off the tee today 275 yards. Some wind but still matches my Titlelist driver. Ordered the TRX driver today with Graffaloy Red stiff shaft.
L. Bob
March 29, 2013
The Pursuit c455 fairway is long and straight. I did not have to hold back. Swung away with great success. Please make a similar driver.
D. Overfelt
March 24, 2013
Got the GXz Ti driver and I was nervous because I have never hit my driver consistent before. Used it yesterday and I hit some of the longest and straightest drives I've ever hit. Was a very windy day and this club still performed brilliantly. Amazing, amazing deal!
J. Nies
March 18, 2013
My age is 77 and have been playing since I was 62. I play several times a week and purchased a Z4 driver 4 months ago. In short I love the club and broke 80 for the first time a month ago and beat my age by 2 strokes with a 75. It is a very good looking club and even though I just clank along in my EZ GO with no head covers the club is proving to be very durable. All my clubs are from Giga Golf and they are all just great for me.
J. Reed
March 12, 2013
got the c9 irons about 2 months ago all I can say is WOW! have played 5 or 6 rounds have dropped prob 10 to 12 shots/round great jump off clubs went from hittin 5 iron around 180 yards to 235 ! all I can say if u havent committed to the Giga Golf brand yet U are missing out ! Great Job Giga another satisfied customer ! Jason Edmonds Crossville Tennessee
j. edmonds
February 12, 2013
The GX944s take forgiveness to a new level. I was looking for a softer shaft for a 5 year old set of Taylor Mades. I am getting a little older and wanted to ditch my stiff Dynamic Golds in favor of something a little more playable. I stumbled on to GigaGolf and noticed that I could get a new set for less than it was going to cost to get my old clubs reshafted. The 944s seemed to be the latest design and I liked the look. So I figured what the heck, if I did not like them I could send them back and I would still have my old clubs intact. Well, these are not going back. Instead of going all the way to R flex, I noticed that GigaGolf offers an in-between step they call "firm" in the True Temper Feather Lite shaft. My distance has increased, the ball flight is awesome and they are almost impossible to miss hit.
N. Chiba
February 03, 2013
Got my TRX Pearl Metal in the mail yesterday and took it to the range this morning. Boom Boom Boom! I put the 6gram in the heel and the 2grams in the center and toe and was hitting 250 draws consistently. I'm a 10 index and this club is sure to improve my game.
S. Cooper
January 14, 2013
Those blades are really good. I was playing Taylor made Burner clubs and bought a complete set of muscle irons along with 2 wedges. Everything is to notch quality. The blades are great and quite forgiving actually. The quality definitely met my expectation. Played a round with them already ... even though it's winter and I hit some great shot even though I am not yet used to them. Can't beat ! Thanks
N. Menciere
January 10, 2013
Got the Pursuit wedges with the dynamic gold shafts and I couldn't be happier. Great feel and I was thoroughly impressed with the looks and the ability to make all sorts of shots with these wedges. For the price, I don't think these wedges can be beat!
M. J
January 07, 2013
At this price I took a chance & bought a SGS set, 56*,58*,60*. Good choice, these wedges are great! Great feel, good weight, easy outs from the bunkers. Oh yeah, on your chip shots, don't be afraid to throw it right at the hole. The ball stops pin high.. Mahalo, GigaGolf..
D. Ahleong
January 06, 2013
I was very skeptical about buying a putter online, at this cheap price, without trying it first, but, my fears were unfounded. This is a quality product at a great price. The look, weight and feel of the Smilodon putter is amazingly great. The ball comes off the face with a true roll and if I don't put a bad stroke on it, it's going in the hole. One thing is for sure, I don't 3 put any more...
D. Ahleong
December 09, 2012
WOW!! I was looking around for a new driver and I emailed Bill and asked him for suggestions. He recommended the GXz Ti Drive with the Grafalloy blue shaft. I use an oversize grip. My driver arrived about 2 weeks ago, but because of a back injury I could not play. So today was my first time playing (no practice, no driving range). The first tee I hit it straight. I did not swing hard, I just let the club do the work and it did. I have a 7.8 index, and shot a 77 today. My short game was not good, but my driver was great. The last 3 holes straight down the middle! GREAT CLUB! GREAT SERVICE! Thanks Bill for your advice!
M. Davis
November 30, 2012
I have to say that the TRX v.11 irons are awesome! I am a long time golfer although have not purchased new clubs in 30 years. I tried all kinds of clubs and looked to get fit before learning about Gigagolf. I figured given these prices I have to give them a try. I am hitting the ball about 15-20% further than my old clubs (blades) and have forgiveness if you miss a shot. What surprised though was how much I can still mold my shot when I need to. I purchased P-4 a 3 hybrid, two wedges and two woods from Gigagolf and am very pleases with all of my purchases. As one reviewer wrote, this won't fix a bad swing but if you have a good swing they work great. And my arms are long for my size so they fit perfectly and didn't have to spend $1500 for a set of custom clubs! I have recommended them to several people and received many compliments from other golfers about them. One other thing is that the customer support has been awesome. When I called to ask a question about the distance with the 3 hybrid, one of the reps noted that I should have received the club with a graphite shaft and replaced it for free!
G. Winkelman
November 29, 2012
What a week here in Florida; perfect golfing weather. Recently, I cant wait to get to the course, in large part, due t my new MPX irons. I had really lost some confidence in my swing. Having lost distance, I think I started to swing too hard. Well the new irons solved that. Custom fit with the HDX graphite shaft, I am looking forward to my time on the course again. New wedges are next.
N. Na
October 20, 2012
The GXz driver is awesome out of the box. I get compliments all the time, and several in my group have bought their own from GigaGolf. Gorgeous and durable club that I would recommend to anyone.

Thanks again,
A. Dholam
October 01, 2012
I spent a lot of time reading about GigaGolf and some other manufacturer direct brands. In the end I chose GigaGolf because they offered more fitting options and seem to offer higher quality shafts at the standard price. The result is an easy to play set of irons that have lowered my score. Thanks GigaGolf!
s. mirval
September 28, 2012
Just wrapped up my summer league last week. I've been playing the TRX v.11's all season - I bought them in March after much online research and deliberation over last winter. I have nothing but good - maybe great - things to say about these irons. I'm sure club technology had come a long way in general since my last iron purchase, but still these clubs are special. I worked on my game a lot all summer, and as I got better the TRX's continued to impress with their performance. Not only do they look great, they perform as well anything I've tried, including the big names. They hit solid and crisp; mis-hits are definitely more forgiving, and good contact yields a beautiful feel & ball flight. They have me swinging easier but still producing great distance - there's a 175 yard par-3 on my league 9 that I was sticking with my 7-iron toward the end of the season. Granted, the hole's slightly downhill, but standing over more shots with a short iron is a real confidence booster. Great looks, craftsmanship, quality, and performance. Gigagolf has a new customer for life.
E. Knox
August 30, 2012
Class "A" Organization...Obviously customer orientated and excellent product offerings.
B. Morris
August 14, 2012
This is the third purchase and every time the purchase has met or exceeded my expectations. I am quite impressed with the quality of the products offered at very reasonable prices. The web site is easy to use and is logically set up. I will likely purchase again from GigaGolf!
E. Engle
August 12, 2012
I bought a set of clubs from you almost two years ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I am a teacher who loves to golf, but can't afford the astronomical prices for a name brand set of clubs. GigaGolf allows me to enjoy playing the game without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. I know it sounds like a commercial but quality and affordability is what will keep me coming back to your website for my next set of clubs.
S. McPherson
July 31, 2012
I am absolutely blown away by GigaGolf's customer service and custom club creation. You guys are totally amazing! I filled out the bizrate survey that you requested with great joy. I clicked share with GigaGolf, so you should get it. The 62 degree scoring wedge I received helped me shoot a 40 this past weekend. My best ever! The driver was for my wife. I've been trying to convince her to pick up golf more seriously, as it would be great quality time together. She's been reluctant up until now. Her new driver? Totally amazing. Her very first shot was HUGE. Long, strait, everything one could ask for. She described it like this... "You know that Tiger Woods golf game you play on XBOX, when Tiger completely connects and it goes into slow motion with all of the deep whooshing sounds, and the goes Crack! Crack! Crack!? That's what I feel like!" And boy did she ever look good. I am totally amazed at how accurate the club fitting process was for her game. The stiffness of the club was perfect for her swing speed. Everyone in her foursome begged her to let them use her driver too! You guys are totally awesome and you deserve a place at the very top of the custom club fitting companies of the world. Go GigaGolf! Most Sincerely, David Haug
D. Haug
July 19, 2012
Just wanted to send a word of thanks to GigaGolf. I got the clubs when promised and they look and feel great! I have been trying to get to the range over lunch and already notice a change in distance and how much straighter the shots are. I bought the GX922 irons and while hitting the local pro at my course tried them out and was quite impressed as he plays the Callaway's. So kudos to Gigagolf, I will surely be back for my woods!
J. Basa
June 30, 2012
Decided to get back into golf after a 10 year hiatus. My old clubs had been sitting in the basement and got rust on the shafts, so I decided to try Giga Golf for a new set. The 30 day deal made me feel confident enough to order from them. The clubs arrived in about 5 days and looked beautiful right out of the box. I ordered the trx 5-9 with the trx 3 and 4 hybrids, along with the verve 1,3 and 5 woods. The clubs took some getting used to at the range as I have always played my Tommy Armour 986 Tour Blades. Also had never swung a 460 cc driver before, so that is another learning experience. Finally got to play 18 last week and was happy with the clubs. Much more forgiving on the miss hits than my blades, and the distance got better as I loosened up some throughout the round. Got good comments from my buddies on the look of the clubs, and I cant wait to see how much better they feel as I start to get my swing back. Still getting used to not have to hunch over so bad to hit the ball due to my custom fitting(i'm 6'3"), and that should help my swing be a little easier on my back. Overall I have been very pleased with my Giga Golf experience, and am getting ready to order a loft wedge.
R. Wolf
June 23, 2012
First things first, if you don't have $500-700 to spend on clubs, order the TRX v11 irons! You won't regret it for a second! I've been using an iron set thrown together of anything I could find; I had a Cobra SZ 6 iron, Ping G10 7 iron, and Top Flite Tour 8,9,P, and L. I didn't even have a 5 iron. As you can imagine, it was hard to get any kind of groove going, especially since none of the clubs were fitted to me. I'm only 5' 1", so I ordered the 5-P at -.75 inches and -1 degree with the FeatherFlite firm shafts. These have made a tremendous difference in my ball striking. I've gained around 10 yards on each club, but that's probably just from the lower loft(this 6 is like a traditional 5). It's nice to finally be able to swing correctly and confidently, knowing the clubs are right for me. These are top quality clubs that perform every bit as good as the Cobra and Ping irons I used and way better than the Top Flite irons. They are put together beautifully as well. I still can't believe the value GigaGolf offers. I don't believe that more expensive irons can feel or perform any better than these, especially for someone who averages in the 90's like me, although I feel like that will be dropping soon. I'll be buying from Giga again soon.
G. Synco
June 23, 2012
My 2012 golf season got to a late start thanks to an uncooperative appendix, but never the less I'm back! I got to hit GXz Ti driver for the first time on the 18th of this month. I out drove my best friend by 30 yards! No range time, no mulligan off the first tee....just an effortless swing and a rocket shot off the club face. It wasn't a fluke, all day long and all day strong right down the middle! Played again on the 21st with the same results off the tee...long, strong and right up the gut (pun intended). I am proud to say every club in the bag is now via Gigagolf. The last of the brand name clubs are now gone for good! My GX922z's, SGS wedges, Verve 3 wood & 2, 3, 4 Hybrids and Smilodon putter look great in the bag! My friends joke around with me about my Gigagolf sponsorship!!! Great clubs have helped me go from a 20+ handicap to a solid taking money from my golf buddies sub 15 handicap. This summer will be the best yet!
G. Pennington
June 11, 2012
For anyone thinking that these clubs are a interim set that they will keep for a season or two until they by a $1200.00 set of "real clubs". Well they are dead wrong! These are real clubs! I've been playing a set of TRX control irons for five seasons now and they are as great now as the first day I got them dirty. They have helped me better my game season after season and still look great. I've had other guys try these irons and they can't get over what a value they are or how well they compare to their brand name clubs. My next set will be from Giga Golf.
V. DaGrosa
June 10, 2012
I hate to sound like a broken record, but....the GX922 irons are better than I expected. I ordered a set thinking they would probably be just another cheap junk set to add to my collection, but boy was I wrong. I am 6'6" and I purchased the irons with the recommended specs (1" over length, 3 degrees upright, stiff shaft UST graphite). I normally shoot in the neighborhood of 87-89 per round, but on my first round I shot a 78! to top it off it was raining much of the time and the greens and fairways were terrible, so my putter wasn't working as usual, but the irons were high flying and soft landing every time. I was able to really go at the pins aggressively once I figured out the irons flight. compared to the name brand clubs I'm used to, these irons fly higher and further, and the shafts kick much harder than expected. the shafts feel VERY close to Callaway and taylor made, and I would say they feel a little softer but kick harder. for my set, I ordered LW -8 iron and bought the V hybrids to complete 7-4 iron. my recommendation....order your custom set exactly like the Efit system says and go play golf!
R. Johnson
June 03, 2012
The clubs play great. I was very hesitant because of the price. It seemed too good to be true, but the irons have far exceeded my expectations. I will purchase again from gigagolf. If you have questions, don't hesitate to e-mail or call the staff. They got right back to me. When I read the reviews it seemed too good to be true. So far this has been money very well spent.
J. Curtis
May 24, 2012
I got my P3 irons last year and played with them for a few months. I was pretty happy with them in all respects, especially the price. This spring I bought a set of G10's and played with them down in Florida for a few weeks and about a month back in Wisconsin. I didn't hit my irons that consistently with the Pings, so I brought out the "backup" P3's a few weeks ago. The G10's now languish in the back of the truck. When I think about how well the P3's performed last year (including a 167 yard hole in one with the six iron), I can't explain why I bought the genuine product, when clearly then and now, the P3's are longer and more consistent in direction and distance. I think the advantage that the P3 has is the feather flight steel shaft versus the standard AWT Ping counterpart. The irons that Gigagolf makes are as good and well-priced as any on the market.

GigaGolf Response: Thank you for your comment. We know that we make equipment that is every bit as good as larger nationally advertised brands, but it is really nice to see that our customers realize it too.
M. Zimmerman
May 16, 2012
well WOW is all I can say I have never been able to hit a driver well if at all first time hitting The TRX driver I was amazed it went 220 and I'm a small guy and straight I've not even seen anyone hit them that straight, I thought was luck but wow IMPRESSIVE!!! I did a lot of research and for a beginner the more loft the better for accuracy its important to know what to buy to fit your needs, this was for sure the best thing I could have gotten it matches my buddies taylor made. I also got the fairway woods a great touch and the gx922 irons a great upgrade to get I'm extremely happy. some trouble with fitting but was a quick fix as they didn't have the senior flex but all was good. and for Canada buyers there is a duty fee but not that bad
n. dasilva
April 17, 2012
Let me start by saying I'm an avid/average golfer {12hcp} Play several times a week. I sorted thru endless online sites and finally found Giga. I've wanted new clubs for some time now but couldn't/wouldn't pay the name brand prices. Was very skeptical b4 placing my ordering for these trx irons. Placed my order by phone. Very easy, custom fit with firm flex shaft, midsize grips,etc.Played my first round and was stunned with overall quality,fit,finish,feel and DISTANCE! Look at there "specs" you'll notice they do have much stronger lofts than most. Hence super looooooooooong.Bottom line here. If your not sitting by the phone waiting a call from The Nationwide Tour, Save yourself $600.00-$1,000.00 bucks and make your next purchase from Gigagolf.Simply outstanding!
R. LaJoie
April 09, 2012
My handicap was fluctuating between 5 and 7. The Pursuit c510's got me to the next level in 30 days. Feel, control and workability with forgiveness describes these clubs. I now know my numbers with each iron. I added the M gap and 56 wedges. They are precise and land softly with bite. With all the irons shot shape is easier than anything I've played, which includes mizuno, cleveland, and taylormade.
m. forte
April 09, 2012
All the positive reviews are hard to believe until you take the risk and order a set. I figured I would probably be returning under the 30 day play guarantee. Nope, now I am writing a glowing comment. Thanks Giga!
R. Janus
March 25, 2012
The TRX Ti is so easy to hit it's almost unfair. I played with a 360cc clone driver for about 12 years, and after getting this club, the difference I've noticed is remarkable. Any shot out of the fairway and less than 280 is unacceptable for me now unless I'm trying to hit a 75% power shot, and then 250 and not DOWN THE MIDDLE is unacceptable. The white crown looks great against my blue shaft, the adjustability is helpful, as I like to promote a draw, and the service by Gigagolf has been excellent, as I ordered my irons from them also. Thanks, guys!
M. Moan
March 25, 2012
I have had these irons for almost 2 years now and really like them. Yesterday I was on the driving range with a pga certified pro who has had his card for 2 years. He was hitting his Titleist 7 iron 175 -180 yards; so I asked him to take my GX 922 7 iron to compare to his. He hit a beautiful shot and said "I think I hit it further with yours".
F. Alloway
March 17, 2012
What a value! Awesome clubs. The TRX V.11's exceeded my expectations for price, quality, and "feel". My communications with Bill were informative and right on the money. Thanks Bill!. The combination of shaft flex and the featherlite shafts, I feel I have more zip in my swing. It's still early in Northeast, lots of golf to play, and I'm glad I made the move to these clubs. I hope to add a couple new fairway woods soon. I'll be back! They'll fit in nice with my irons ad the hybrids you made for me a couple years ago. Thanks GIGA!
P. White
February 29, 2012
This is my second GX2 Driver, as I gave my first to my son to replace a horrible one he got in a starter set (and he has always loved mine!). Just as with all my GigaGolf clubs -- I use the P2 irons/hybrids and SGS wedges -- I absolutely love this club! With its great MOI, it gives me the confidence to give my drives just a little extra without the worry that I'll hit a horrible shot. Not that I worry about my distance with this club, as I consistently hit 285+ with it... it's just that I know I can go over 300 when I want to! Drives my playing partners absolutely nuts with their new $300+ drivers!
E. Mueller
February 28, 2012
The GXz's were my first hybrid club purchase, ever. I admit, for some reason, the appearance of the clubs as pictured online didn't grab me at first. But I warmed to them, and after reading the specs & description, I decided to order the 3, 4, and 5. First of all, when they arrived, I was insane for being hesitant on look of these clubs. They are beauties - clean, simple design without a lot of clutter, black with bright stainless face, the burnt-orange grooves on the sole. Together with the black stock shafts they just look like they're ready to rumble. And so far, they play even better than they look. Like I wrote, this is my first experience with hybrids, but I can't imagine ever wanting to hit anything longer than a 6-iron ever again. I've got an easy-tempo swing, but the ball still rockets away like mad. They hit easy even out of light-to-medium rough, and seem solid and forgiving on mis-hits. One bit of advice - I'm in between a regular and stiff flex on shafts, and while I play my irons in 'regular' (steel shafts), I ordered the hybrids (with graphite shafts) in 'stiff'. I think that was the right call for me based on the shaft specs, so give it some thought and talk to one of the guys at Giga clubfitting if you're wondering. These are phenomenal clubs, especially for the price.
February 27, 2012
I have been playing the 56 and 60 degree Pursuit s510 True Forged wedges since I received them a few weeks ago. Just shot the best game of my life, 11 over par. These wedges and my short game saved par on many holes, and I used the 60 degree wedge for a chip-in birdie! These wedges feel and perform great! I get good backspin and feedback on each stroke. Wow! Why spend $100-150 for your wedge when these are available?!
J. Voor
February 16, 2012
I got the TRX MR Control Irons clubs in last week, but today was the first day I was able to hit them in class at the driving range. Man are these things sweet! As a beginning golfer, I couldn't imagine having a better set of clubs in my bag. Granted, I haven't had that much experience with "name brand" clubs - although I was using a Cleveland Launcher demo set earlier this year - but these clubs match the quality of others I've had the pleasure of using. Maybe you won't take my word for it, but when my instructor - who's played golf for 40+ years and caddied for several Professionals - first saw them he thought they were TaylorMades! And when he took his first shot with my 5 iron, he said he wanted to trade me his $1200 set! I got so many compliments today! On my good shots, I was hitting 10+ yards further and significantly straighter when compared to the Launchers. If you are a beginner like me, I can safely assure you that you will not go wrong in buying these clubs! And with a 100% money back guarantee until April, what do you have to lose? Needless to say, I'm a GigaGolfer for life!
T. Livingston
February 03, 2012
Just received the Number 3 C9 Hybrid, and man does it hit great! You have to hit down on it like an iron, but even mis-hits still go relatively straight. Tonight I used it on a 200 yard shot over a creek, landing the ball next to the green, pin high. Very pleased with the design and quality of the craftsmanship, and the sound and solid feel of the strike. It is also a very good-looking club. I plan to order the 2 and 4 hybrid soon. When will Gigagolf offer this in a 5 and 6 hybrid?

GigaGolf Response: Thank you for you compliment! The c9 is a killer combination of materials, design and finish. We would put it up against anything made in today's hybrid market. Callaway Razr, Titleist 910 or TM Rocket Balls. Bring it!
J. Voor
February 01, 2012
Took a 56 degree S2 wedge to the chipping range today. Started with some closed face chips and let the ball run out to the hole. Gotta couple compliments on how close the shots were getting to the hole. Then opened the face for some higher softer landings. For me, this is less accurate than running it low, but there is nothing like stiffing a flop. I managed to get a couple close to the hole. The face has a good amount of bite so the ball checks well when it lands on the green. Overall, I was more than pleased with my new wedge as I left the chipping area and walked over to the short range.

The primary motivation for the S2 design was that I wanted a wedge that I could hit full shots with. With my tradition wedge, I am deadly around the green but I struggle with 3/4 and full shots. I want a wedge that I could go to with confidence, around the green, out of a trap and from 100 yards out. First, I set up from 75 yards and took some nice easy swings. I could tell from the marks on the face that I was catching the ball a little inside and not flush on the sweet spot, but the ball flight was really good. Even though I was not dialed in, the ball was jumping off the face, felt solid and was landing on the green within birdie range. Backed up a little and tried full shots from 100 yards and got the same result. The form forged notched sole really works. The wedge is my new money club both around the green to 100 yards out.
R. Wilson
January 24, 2012
Holy #%^& ! The number 6 TRX hybrid arrived about a week and a half ago, stuffed it in my bag and forgot about it. Yesterday i was playing in Florida. The fifth hole is a 160 yard par 3. I had no idea how far this hybrid would go but I figured it hadda be close to the corresponding iron yardage. First swing out of the bag and the ball explodes off the face and keeps climbing and climbing hits the back of the green and stays put. This club is HOT! Shot after shot this club is impressive. I hit a couple off the toe, lost a few yards but stayed in play. Gonna get the #4 as well.
January 17, 2012
I just received my Heater putter yesterday and brought it to the course today. Did not have time to practice putt as we were running late. It has a little clink sound when I strike the ball but after doing my best putting ever it was music to my ears. I had a terrible putter before but this club looks great and helped me shoot my best score ever. I was 1 and 2 putting instead of 2 and 3 putting.
j. kryzak
January 11, 2012
I recently received a P-3 fairway wood. The club has a nice feel at impact and a nice sound. Distance is very good. I enjoy hitting it as much as my PING G-11 driver. My friends are surprised when I tell them what I paid for it.
j. bogle
January 05, 2012
I absolutely love my clubs. The quality of the clubs is better than the Cobras and Pings I have owned in the past. The performance is as good as any other club out there. I purchased a set of irons for my 14 yr old son last year - what a first set of clubs huh? But GigaGolf offers such great quality for such a low price that it did not make any sense NOT to buy these great clubs for him. Every time I play, people ask me about my clubs and I proudly tell them about GigaGolf. I will continue to return to GigaGolf for my clubs in the future.
M. Meadows
January 04, 2012
I have been playing with the GX922 for a year now and love them. I was shooting in the 100's for many years and am now consistently breaking 90. The clubs are amazing, if I could only say the same for my short game......... The eFit measurements were right on and the customer service has been top notch and super fast. My ball striking has become consistent enough that I have ordered one of the forged cavity backed irons and look forward to trying it out and hopefully purchasing a whole set!
D. A
December 27, 2011
i ordered the gx922 irons 4-pw and a sw. and let me tell you right out of the box they look awesome. great quality. will leave further comments as soon as i hit the course and try them out for the first time. other then that i would definitely order from gigagolf and recommend them to anyone whose looking for new set of clubs and doesn't ant to spend 800 dollars on callaways or any other name brand. with there clone clubs you get a great value and a awesome club for way less.. thanks gigagolf.....
M. jozwiak
December 08, 2011
I bought the m510 Forged Muscle Irons, they are beautiful. The ball strike is super. As well as improved accuracy I also get an extra 10/15 yards with them. The short irons are the best 7/8/9 irons are brilliant
M. Foley
December 03, 2011
I thought saving money was a compromise. Not at GigaGolf. Clubs are a huge improvement over my last set, and everyone that sees or trys them is impressed.
J. Wilson
November 23, 2011
I recently bought The Verve 17 ion along with some irons and fairway woods, the quality of the clubs for the price is outstanding, the ordering process while also custom building my clubs was so easy from start to finish, and the customer care was exceptional as well. I will be recommending this site to all of my friends.
P. Stenner
November 18, 2011
The M510 blades are easier to hit than expected; I was making the best contact of my life shot after shot at the range with a 7 iron that I ordered. Can't wait to order the full set! Thanks, GigaGolf!
G. Johns
October 13, 2011
By far the best driver I have ever had, which is saying a lot. I ordered this club just to see how its launch conditions were and the spin rate. Its much more forgiving than the R9 Superdeep it replaced and its cost about 400$ less which is a big bonus. But all in all it is a very good driver for people that feel their spin rate is to high (you balloon the ball). That is my biggest problem when I shop for drivers. But all in all, its a steal at the price you pay for it and Its gonna be in my bag for a while to come. And that's amazing because Ill be the first to admit I am A Club Whore.
J. Gardner1
October 07, 2011
Had my GX922 irons for over 2 years now and they still perform. Pitching wedge gets a lot of work, but it still looks and works well. Pretty much like new. Vie seen friends with big name sets that play as much as me and theirs look awful. Very short life spans on them. Thanks guys. Nice clubs.
R. Eller
September 30, 2011
I have played 2 rounds with them and they perform perfect. I am hitting the driver from sweet spot and average 30 yds more and hit fairway 80% of the time. the 2H is also very good. Just won a local Tournament. Delighted with the GigaGolf custom fitted clubs
A. Tiwary
September 19, 2011
I am beginning golfer and was using a starter set and decided to get my clubs from gigagolf I have my irons and putter from gigagolf. But the need for a driver was large and I was thinking of buying a used driver. When I got on line I seen the pearl and fell in love with it. I was sick when it came in. I took it out a few days after I got better and noticed that it was slicing a little more than normal. So I adjusted the weights and recognized a big draw and so with a little adjustment I was hitting them straight. But that was just a part of the story not only was I hitting them straight but got the 12 degree loft and am sending the ball 275 and better with hang time. I love this club
September 09, 2011
I usually don't write reviews, but in this case I will make an exception. I was using an Adams BUL 12.5 degree and hitting it 180 - 190 yards with too many leaking right. I replaced it with the Verve 17 Draw about 30 days ago. I am hitting it 220 -230 with no fade. It exceeded my expectation by far.
B. Nicholson
September 05, 2011
I bought the oil can sand wedge just to see if this was really "up to par" with brand names clubs. With a 30-day return policy, what did I have to lose? well let me tell you this was a "hole in one"!!!! I can promise you wont be disappointed. I wont buy another club before I give gigagolf a try. Again, if you don't like it, you can return it.
D. Carson
August 19, 2011
OK guys here is my scoop after purchasing the TRX v11 irons: I am a 5 hcp and have now played three rounds with these great clubs...71, 75, 77....they feel and perform great! You can actually feel the ball compress and fly off the clubface....the clubs play about 8-10 yds longer than the older traditional clubs (the clubs are lofted one club less than before...i.e. the 8 iron is the loft of an older 7 iron). These clubs and the shafts are really a great match...the lighter shaft (featherlite) and flex makes these really easy to hit and they are long and straight...congrads on a terrific product. I have recommended these to all my golf buddies....thanks.
B. O'Conner
August 19, 2011
These are the best clubs I have ever played. They revolutionized my game. They are so easy to hit it is amazing. I play the 3-6. The 6 is my "go-to" club. I hit these from the tee, fairway, and thick rough.
C. Panco
July 18, 2011
This is a NO BS review for the TRX v11 irons. First of all no irons you will buy whether name brand or what will give you a better golf swing. You have to get that straightened out before you will do any better with a new set of irons. As for the v11's I bought them and shanked a ton of balls into the woods...5 buckets of balls later and a slight change to my swing has got me crushing the ball straight as an arrow with these irons. These things have amazing feedback when you hit a bad shot you know immediately and they feel like butter when you hit them solid which is easy to do. With a relaxed 3/4 back swing I'm getting 10 to 15 more yards ex.(I'm getting at least 160-165 yards of air time with my 7 iron which with my old irons I may have gotten 150 or 155). With these irons I am able to hit some gorgeous "intentional" draw shots something my game has never seen. Great great irons offer them in black and I'll buy another set right now! Haha great job GG!!
C. Mann
July 02, 2011
I played my first round with my new GXz Ti Driver and I was amazed at my accuracy. I was in the fairway all day and my play improved immensely 4 over par for the first twelve holes and walking 18 in 90 degree heat was the only problem. All my irons, woods and hybrids are Giga Golf. They are the best deal in golf. I will no longer pay outrageous amounts of money for golf clubs again. Thanks Giga Golf. By the way, I sent the driver back because the 10.5 degree was just too high of a ball flight and replaced it with the 9.5 version. These guys are fantastic.
J. Leon
June 08, 2011
I like many, have struggled for some time whether to purchase clubs from a nontraditional retailer. Now I can kick my own butt for waiting so long! For more years than I wish to admit, I played with my tried and true Ping Zings, which eventually spurred me away from the game. Being 6' 5", I'm far from the norm as far as club length and lie. But I persisted, telling myself I can make those "off the shelf" clubs work. Well, I wouldn't being writing this now if it had worked. Having the ability to build My own clubs that actually fit me, and for FREE.... now that is truly priceless! Had my GX922's for only a week, I couldn't be more impressed with them. Nothing beats that feeling of a good smooth swing and actually striking the ball solidly, every time! The craftsmanship is top notch and the appearance of my new 922's is stunning! Thanks GigaGolf for helping back on the links with your outstanding products, at an unbeatable price. I took the money I saved and purchased a SkyCaddie, which I will now need, thanks to my fitted GX922's!
C. Kish
June 01, 2011
I have played the "name brands" for over twenty years now. My first Giga Golf purchase, the Reva 3 hybrid, about 3 weeks ago has made me a believer. I paid about $30 dollars for a club that I hit better than my $400 dollar driver or my $600 set of irons. I intend to make all of my future golf purchases at Giga Golf.
R. Ellis
May 24, 2011
I have had my TRX Ion Control irons now for about 2 months or so and have gotten in about a half dozen rounds along with a couple of driving range sessions. I am about a 16 handicapper so by no means a scratch golfer. I'll tell you what, I can't be more pleased with my purchase. As everyone who buys anything from Giga Golf will tell you, their customer service, ease of use and quality of equipment is second to none. My game has improved quite a bit this year for a number of reasons, one of which is these clubs. I am not going to say that these irons have shaved x amount of strokes off my game because as we all know, it is practice and a good swing that helps your game most. What I can say is that these clubs are very easy for a golfer like me to hit. From the first swing at the range they felt great. I instantly began making solid contact with each swing. That has given me tremendous confidence when standing over each shot. I am naturally playing better golf because of it. I still have bad shots from time to time because I do something funky with my swing and I can feel that as soon as I make contact with the ball. Im certainly not ready for the PGA tour but I am playing some really enjoyable golf. Bogey golf is no longer my goal but rather my average. Now I am working on my game to get me into the low 80s and I am confident that with practice and these irons I can do it. Now if I could just putt better Id be there already but that is a whole other issue&..
M. Trocino
May 20, 2011
What can I say? These are simply great clubs. No more fretting over tight par 4's or "shotmaker's" courses. I've got the 3 hybrid and I hit it straight as an arrow and 215 yards virtually every time - from tee or turf. Want to add consistency to your game? Get this club. And at less than $40 it's an absolute steal. Thank you GigaGolf!
D. K
May 16, 2011
Bought the Heater Mallet- a clone of the TaylorMade/Rossi, took it to a tournament in Florida, and got rave reviews for my putting. This club was excellent in craftsmanship and the feeling off the putter head was soft and stable. Great price for a great looking and feeling club. thanks Giga golf.
D. Purdy
April 05, 2011
I play golf about once a month at best. I had a $300 starter set that I was using and decided I wanted to upgrade. I read the reviews on this site and the GX922s seemed to be a great bargain, so I went for it. From the first day on the range, I was hitting the ball with far greater distance, height, and most importantly, accuracy. I hit my 7 iron now as far as my 4 iron used to go. My brother tried them compared to his Callaway clubs and liked mine just as much if not more than his. I'm an average golfer that tries to break 100 on the course and these clubs got me there REALLY quick. I'd recommend them to anyone, period!
C. Davis
April 02, 2011
I received my TRX v.11 irons 5-SW yesterday and was able to get in a round today. These irons are simply amazing. Every shot was long and straight. I've increased the distance in all my clubs. This has been the most accurate I've been in years. Will definitely recommend Gigagolf to all my friends and family. Gigagolf has another loyal customer in myself.
F. Johnson
March 18, 2011
The GX2 driver has revolutionized my game. I just started playing last summer and play quite a bit. I score around 101, but have started scoring in the 98 range lately. The second time I took this driver out I scored a 43 walking 9. I hit 100% of the fairways, averaging around 230 yds. My previous yardage was around 200. I don't need to swing hard to get this driver to fly. Did I tell you my drives are arrow straight now?
K. Panco
March 12, 2011
I purchased the TRX driver at 12.5 degrees and the UST Proforce 65 shaft three weeks ago. Due to bad weather, I did not get to hit it until today. Took it to the driving range and hit at least 60 balls. With the neutral weight set up, I had a slight draw but could not hit a fade. I moved the 6 oz weight to the toe and can now hit a slight draw or fade at will. The carry was a good 20 yards longer than my Cleveland HI-bore and Taylormade R540XD and the control was tremendous. I am 60 years old and sport a 13 handicap. I think it may be on the way down. I also purchased the TRX 3 wood and played a round with it three weeks ago in 45 degree weather with 10-15 mph headwinds on most holes. I was hitting it 200-220 into the wind. Thanks Gigagolf.
T. White
March 07, 2011
I've been playing golf for 35 years. I've never hit a golf club like the C9 iron before in my life. Has great "click" and "feel" when you hit it. My GIR has improved from 8-9 per round to 14-15 per round; what's even better is the ball lands close to the hole. I can actually cut out half of the green and concentrate on hitting the ball close, instead of "hitting and hoping" I get it on the green. I was playing 2008 Callaways, and there's no comparison to the feel and accuracy. The Dynamic Gold shafts are also well worth the extra cost as mishits are much more a fade or draw, than a hook or slice. I was concerned with going with a midsized grip and with a regular shaft, as recommended by the on-line diagnostic tools, but gigagolf's clubfitter assured me that it would be a better fit for my game and he was right on the money. A word of advice, if there is a diagnostic clubfitting store around, it's a good idea to get a swing speed before ordering clubs, just to give you peace of mind that you are indeed getting the correct shaft. I love this set. I actually ordered it behind my wife's back, because she bought me the Callaway's two years ago for my birthday and spent twice as much money, but to me, there is no comparison in the quality - these are high quality golf clubs. I thought I would mind "Gigagolf" being printed on the hosel, but after the first round of playing golf at one-over par, on a course I never played before, and not having a chance to practice with these clubs, cured the generic brand stigma - not bad for a 9 handicapper, on an easier, more familiar course with Callaway's. Boys, you don't have to worry about the 30-day play guarantee - these are keepers.
D. Landry
March 04, 2011
I've always been the guy who has wanted to be able to use a 3 Iron and not have any excuses for having a hybrid. I bit the bullet this time and had a 3H included in my order...I was amazed! I had never swung a hybrid before, I hadn't even held one! But the very first shot at the range was extraordinary! I didn't take a practice swing, I just dropped the ball and hit it where it lied...when I looked up to see the ball flight...I said out loud, "Oh my God...", I recommend this club to EVERYONE! Gigagolf is the best!!!
T. Campbell
March 04, 2011
I've been golfing on some Craigslist clubs for a couple of years now, so I was in need of some new ones. Everyone tried to talk me out of buying anything but name brand. After reading reviews of Gigagolf online and reading the reviews of the clubs on Gigagolf, I decided that I'd buy a set of new clubs. I bought a 3W, 3H, and 4-LW...all for 225! And the greatest part? They PERFORM! Its amazing how good these clubs feel and play! Combine that with the customization that Gigagolf does, the amazing shipping time, and the direct from manufacturer price, and you have yourself one of the best deals I have EVER seen! These clubs are the best I've seen, trust me, buy Gigagolf clubs!
T. Campbell
March 03, 2011
For starters: the looks, the pictures of the c510 Forged Cavity on the website do these clubs no justice. The c510's are beautiful! Slim top line, narrow sole, minimal offset.....all around GREAT looking clubs. Performance: I have to admit I was a little intimidated by these being quality forged irons, I've always used "game improvement clubs", my last set of irons was Taylormade rac5's (a good set of irons, IMO). But these, the feel is unmatched, offset is minimal so to me it feel natural at address. The first time on the range, out of 2 large buckets, I might have had 4 miss hits, all were still very playable lies. I could not believe the accuracy. If you're even thinking about moving "up" to better clubs, you would be wise to give these a shot. Oh yeah, distance.... I lost none from the TM's, same distance better accuracy and control with the c510's! To Bill Baxter and the rest of GIGA Golf, Thank you. Great product at an even better price, top notch customer service, and pride in workmanship that only a handful of clubmakers have.
C. Blankenship
February 21, 2011
Great clubs, Great price, Great value..... I am always getting compliments from everyone who swings them or looks at them then tell them the price I paid and they all say anything from wow to no way. Now for the performance, I never expected to improve my game just from buying new clubs but to make things more consistent then work from there and these clubs have done that for me. Right away confidence was raised knowing that these clubs were made according to my measurements and soon after a few practice rounds at my local courses I started getting used to the differences custom clubs make. Though some good some bad I have started to see more consistent rounds with some improvements overall. I really have nothing negative to say about these clubs, fit and finish is better than I expected, the bead blasted finish really cuts down on the glare on those sunny days. Without a doubt having clubs that fit and a good quality club has definitely given me more confidence, more consistency and as a result has put back the fun in the game. Thanks to everyone at GigaGolf for providing affordable quality products.
J. Bond
January 31, 2011
Thanks Gigagolf! I purchased a GX2, 4hybrid this month, and today went to the range to test it out. My first impression was, this is a great club! The more I hit the club the better I liked it. You can hit down into the ball like an iron. The ball flight is very straight and the club gets it up in the air very well. The wind was blowing today on the range so I tried a "knock down" shot, meaning a shorter back swing with a short follow thru. The club kept the ball down lower and still had great distance, while still going straight. I ordered only one hybrid as a test, but the GX2 4hybrid passed with "flying" colors. I am going to order a GX2 3hybrid next. Thanks Gigagolf for building a great product for the working mans budget.
K. Haase
January 09, 2011
I have played high end clubs for the better part of 25 years (titelist and callaway) but every time I ordered them custom made they were't exactly what I ordered. The lie was off the length was off a little bit and either they went back to the factory or my local retailer had to bend them. This was my first order from giga golf and I can't be more pleased and satisfied. They were made exactly as I ordered and the turn around time was only 3 days not 3 weeks like the big club manufacturers. I played 2 rounds so far and shaved 4 and six strokes respectively from my scores. I am positive that this will improve as I get used to the clubs.
W. havrish
January 08, 2011
First let me say that I am a 5 handicap. I don't say that to brag, I say it to say that I know a little about clubs. I order the GX922's the weekend before Christmas 2010 and they came perfectly packaged on Christmas eve. Now I would say that is great customer service considering that at that time of the year you can't get a box of kleenex shipped in time for Christmas unless you ship Dec. 1st. I haven't had a chance to play with them on a round of golf since we live in the mountains of North Carolina and the weather has been cold and snowy. Not exactly golf weather! I did have a chance to take them to the range one day though and the results were remarkable. Especially for the value. The weather was cool and windy and as you may know the ball won't go as far in colder weather. However, these clubs hit the ball as far as my others did in warm weather. I hit my 8 iron 150 yards or farther and these clubs did that in a brisk wind and cool wet weather. I was very impressed and I can't wait to hit these in the summer time. These clubs were very smooth. With times being tough I needed some new clubs, but I didn't have the money, nor did I want to spend 1000 dollars on golf clubs. I would put these up against the big clubmakers any day and I can say with confidence that they would hold their own. Besides, with a thirty day money back guarantee even if you play a round a day, you have nothing to lose. Bite the bullet! You won't regret it.
W. Knight
January 06, 2011
I am completely a Giga Man. Have the entire set of P3 Irons, woods, and hybrids. This year for Christmas my son bought me a Giga bag, when we took it out of the box; all he could say was that it was a better bag, for half the price, that his wife paid for his. I play with an elitist, who can only play the top brand names, and the other day at the office; he finally said, "A person has to be crazy to pay the type of money I paid for my clubs, when I see how nice yours are".

GigaGolf Response: Thank you Mr. Mack!
S. Mack
December 17, 2010
I've played these irons for about 12 rounds so far and could not be happier. I replaced my Calloway X14's with steel shafts with these and UST 70 grafite shafts after trying out the Calloway X22's and they hit just as well as the Calloway's. Build quality is excellent and shipping time quick. I've ordered several clubs from GigaGolf and have never been disappointed with their clubs. Anyone out there looking to replace clubs has to consider this company due to the value and quality of their clubs.
M. Cutkomp
November 17, 2010
I was a bit worried about ordering clubs and having them shipped all the way to the UK but my worries were proven to be unfounded. These clubs are excellent and have improved my game all at a very reasonable (or cheap in the UK) cost as well. I think I'll be looking to add some Hybrids next.
G. EVans
October 07, 2010
I've had the m510 (6-PW) and Cavity back forged (3-5) in the bag for about three years now, and I'll tell you that these clubs are great--Just last summer, my Dad (about a 10 handicap) didn't bring his clubs along on a family vacation. On the back nine, he shared my m510's for the first time and was amazed by how well they felt and performed. He was throwing darts with my 6 and 7 irons! That's just it, these are some quality irons guys. You don't have to be a scratch player to enjoy the benefits of these clubs, in fact I would argue that they might make you a better player after some practice. I have no idea why anyone in the market for blades would go anywhere else but Giga, considering the value you get out of the online fitting process, the craftsmanship of the clubs, and the overall enjoyment of playing a new set of irons whose quality is on par with the big boys, yet at a substantial discount. Thanks for the great work! GigaGolf: Thanks C. You comment means a lot. We are proud of all our clubs, but obviously there is a little more that goes into the blades due to the 5 step forging process.
C. Renner
September 30, 2010
I received my Power Max GX922 irons today and first off they are just gorgeous clubs. I have been playing a set of Golfsmith Pro Forged muscle back blades for the past 5 years. In my time of playing golf I've used Mizuno, Cobra, Ping and several "name brand" clubs but I can honestly say that these GigaGolf irons blow them all out of the water. Being a blade player I was concerned that I would lose that feel of knowing where I had hit the ball since most cavity backed irons seem dead to me. Not true with the GX922's. The feel is just amazing and my concern of losing my 5 yd. draw vanished after hitting these, if anything it is in more control than it ever was. My distance with my old 8 iron is 145/150 but I hit the 922's at least 10 yds further. The shafts are perfect for me, I went with the feather flight in a R flex and the stock grips and I'm so glad I did. I can actually feel the kick of the shaft, something that I've never felt on any other iron. I was also concerned about the "thickness" of the soles and topline of the 922's but that quickly vanished. I love the way these irons are not overstated like most game improvement irons out there today. They look great in my bag too. If ANYONE out there is hesitating on buying from GigaGolf like I was then rest assured you will not be disappointed. I know I am sounding like a commercial for GG but believe me I was a doubter at first, not any more. I just found my new Golf company. thank you GG you do indeed ROCK!!! Reggie Jaggers
R. Jaggers
September 06, 2010
My father-in-law, my normal playing partner, had argued with me that buying new clubs wouldn't make a big difference in my score. After reading up on lie angles and club length on this site, I asked my wife for the GX922-Z's for Father's Day. My previous low as an adult was 94, but I shot an 84 the first round with them, and have consistently been between 90-95, even on "harder" courses! My father-in-law has not been able to smack the grin off my face as I have consistently beaten him this summer (he normally beats me by 5-10 strokes)!
D. creech
August 10, 2010
I've been looking at getting a driver with a little less loft than my current 10.5 degree driver. I currently have the TRX 10.5 degree driver which has served me well and I regularly hit around 250 yards. My swing has gotten better lately and I was curious to see what a 9.5 degree driver could do. I decided to try the Verve Ion Ti 9.5 with the Pursuit M2T stiff shaft. The day I got it I went to the range just before playing 18 holes and was having trouble hitting it far. The range balls at this range are not very good so I decided to try it on the course and see if it would be better. I hit a few decent drives on the first few holes that landed around 265-270 and then I stepped up to a Par 5 and crushed one down the middle 295 yards that allowed me to easily make the green in two which I've never done before. Even mishits were landing around 270 yards! Needless to say, I am very happy with this driver, and highly recommend the M2T shaft upgrade. Thanks again Gigagolf!
J. H
July 03, 2010
I was in the market for these and discovered Gigagolf and found the clubs could be fitted for my height and swing. I just received my Pursuit 56 and 60 degree wedges. These wedges look fantastic and hit solid. These were my first fitted clubs and it is an advantage to have them fit you personally as I can already tell an improvement in accuracy. You want to pay double for name brands, go ahead ,I believe these are a quality club at a great price. They were exactly what I ordered and arrived on time. My next clubs will come from Gigagolf.
T. Driggers
June 23, 2010
Ordered a set of GX922 irons (4-SW), a GX2 Ti Draw Driver and a Center Cut mod. 19 putter for fathers day (for me). I was a club maker in the 90's and was still playing with irons I made. I was playing with a Calloway FT5 driver (stiff shaft). I am 70 years young and ordered all the clubs with an A flex shaft. Every club has preformed beyond belief. The measurements and custom fitting is a club makers dream. Shippment was very quick and the quality is great. They all preform well on the course and at the practice range. The GX2 Driver is straight even on mishit shots. I wish I would have discovered GigaGolf years ago. I am telling all the seniors I play with that forget the name brand clubs. Save money and get a superior product. Kudos to you at GigaGolf. Keep up the excellent work.
B. Davidson
June 21, 2010
I purchased this club over a year ago and find it to be the easiest and most versatile club I have ever played with. I am all of 5'3", 63 yrs. young, and weigh all of 130lbs. I have yet to hit a bad shot with this club, no matter whether it sits up perfect on the fairway, deep in the rough, or even laying in a fairway and trap. I have the 20degree loft and can vary my length depending on the shot from 150yds to at least 210yds. Today I just ordered the GX2 Ti square driver and am sure to have the same results. I have a wish list for a full set of irons but funds are a little short right now. Maybe my son will see this and suprise me. Thanx GiGaGolf!
P. Singer
June 16, 2010
I recently purchased the GX922 Irons,GX2 TI driver, GX2 Fairway Wood,Center Cut Classic SP3 Putter and stand bag from GIGA Golf online. What an awsome set of clubs. The online fit system and quality that GIGA Golf produces is in a standard all of the own. I had considered purchasing Callaway equipment but when I discovered GIGA Golf I'm glad I chose them. The quality of the clubs are better than the brand name clubs so many desire to purchase. The online fit system is a perfect match to the players build. Anyone thinking about new golf equipment should really consider GIGA Golf. The price you pay for GIGA Golf clubs and the quality you get will more than met your expectations. The online ordering process is easy and quick. I received emails throughout the process keeping me informed all the way through the build process including a UPS tracking number to follow the shipping process. I highly recomend GIGA Golf. Thanks! Ronnie Coleman. Virginia.
R. Coleman
June 14, 2010
Not bad at all. I have to admit i was kind of worried about the quality of these clubs. How will they compare to the big names in irons? I bought the 70iron first to test them out. Took it to the range and halfway through my first bucket i knew i would be purchasing the whole set. I alternated my shots with the GX922 & iron then the Callaway X-22 7 iron my buddy had in his bag. Amazingly both he and myself could not tell a difference in the end redult of each hit. Distance, Ball Flight and accuracy were exactly the same with both clubs. Thank you guys for a great set of irons. I will be back to test out some drivers soon. Skyler
S. Smith
June 04, 2010
I am a beginner and have a very hard time with a driver. I have been playing around with my now TRX 12 degree since I bought it a month ago. My brother-in-law and I went to play 9 today and I asked him if he wanted to try my new driver. He agreed and smoked one off an elevated T at least 300 yards. I followed after him knowing I didnt have the skill to repeat that feat. My first shot I T'd it too high and got under it. I gave it another try being nobody was behind us. I flat knocked the guts out of it. Low, level and straight to boot. I figured it went about 20 -30 yards shorter than my brother-in-laws shot. I'm a rookie. Come to find out, I out drove him by 20 yards. It was a huge shot. It made my day. I'm sure not just everyone will shoot 300 yards, but we are both 6'7" tall and the driver was built slightly longer. The quality is awesome, they look nice, and they perform. I'm buying the fairway woods next.
L. Olger
May 05, 2010
Very impressed with the Verve driver. Last year I bought a set of irons from GigaGolf and was amazed with the quality of the clubs as well as the drastic improvement that they made to my golf game. I decided that it was time to purchase a new driver since I was using an old Orlimar driver with a tiny club head. This driver is very impressive. Great, loud sound. Great distance. Great consistency. Changed the configuration of the driver after trying it out at the range and the guys at GigaGolf were very accommodating. I continue to be impressed by GigaGolf.
J. Pawlicki
May 02, 2010
I started golfing two years shortly after my dad passed away and I inherited his club collection. I tried to teach myself to limited success and decided lessons were a smart investment this Spring. I was learning on a set of Titliest Players clubs and needed something a little more forgiving, but still maintained the ability to learn to shape and learn a variety of shots. The Powermax GX922 is my answer. I am a bargain hunter and hate paying full price for something I can get at a discount. GigaGolf is my new equipment paradise. I had been browsing Ebay looking for used sets, but never could find a price I liked and I'm very wary of buying from unknown folks online. Ordering from GigaGolf was super easy. With a few simple measurements I was able to buy clubs built for me at a steal of a price. I even had a question regarding my shipment and had a response within fifteen minutes of me hitting send, WOW!! that is terrific customer service. The Clubs themselves are of the highest quality. Everything looks pristine and appealing, I have only managed one round since we've been having a patch of bad storms here lately, but what from I've experienced the clubs are really going to help me improve quickly. A well struck shot is high and straight, and you still get plenty of feedback from the feel of impact and an immensely satisfying "WHACK" from the ball striking the clubface, a sign of a well made club. The grips are just perfect and the shafts are tremendous as you can get the exact stiffness you need for your game and swing speed. GigaGolf has found a repeat customer in me as I was won over by their Customer Service, Top Quality product, and more importantly their simply AMAZING price. The best value in golf IMHO, absolutely perfect for the beginning, or Thrifty Golfer and with enough product and options of players of all Handicaps. A week later, and I have already ordered some Hybrids to fill out my bag, and I am currently researching the best starter options for my Girlfriend and plan to build her bag completely at GigaGolf. Thanks go to you GigaGolf for providing such a great service at a super premium price. Lee Nuckols
L. Nuckols
April 30, 2010
I am about a 12 handicap and a fairly long hitter. All the irons I've had before I seemed to slice about 15-20 yards right. This is my first set of fitted clubs and I know crush the ball on average of 5-10 yards further and straight on target. My brother is a name brand guy and hits mizuno mp62s and these c510s feel and hit just like his. I am sold on the quality and custom fitting of Giga Golf. On top of all that I also feel confident when I step up to hit my irons now. That alone was worth my purchase. If you enjoy golf and saving some precious coin Giga golf is for you. The money I saved on clubs just means more cash for more rounds of golf.
J. Sare
April 29, 2010
Wow! Amazing! What more can I say? The TRX MR Controls are the best I've ever played. I received them on a Friday and play Saturday, Sunday and Monday, ticking of strokes every time. Yesterday I shot the best round of my life due to my new clubs. It feels great to reach the green in two strokes. Very long and Very strait. Easiest clubs vie ever swung. I added the approach wedge and I love it. easily chip within five feet of the cup. Now if I can just learn to putt!
K. Cummings
April 25, 2010
Finally got to play with the TRX driver for the past 2 days and I must say that I am truly impressed. I am getting an extra 25-50 yds on my drives. I played today in a foursome of which I was the most inexperienced golfer. I have only been playing for about a year now. To their amazement, I out drove all of them all day. This club has not only increased my length but it is quite forgiving as well...miss-hits were straight down the fairway; albeit, shorter in distance. The questions quickly came, "What kind of driver is that?" I have not played around with the weight set up but, apparently, playing it in the neutral position worked well for me. I will say that I used to have a frequent slice but, with this driver I am hitting 'em both long and straight! Highly recommend!! Now, if I could only hit my irons and hybrids as well.
R. ressler
April 25, 2010
I'm a 3 handicap and have been playing cavity back clubs for the past 15 years. I forgot how good blades feel. These are great clubs at half the price of the national brands. Good job!
B. Glenn
April 24, 2010
Upon talking to Bill for approximately twenty minutes, I ordered the C9 clubs and I am very happy with them. Bill related to me when they would be shipped and when they would arrive on my doorstep, all right on the money. I have played the clubs twice now and I can say that I am extremely pleased with the performance of them, the ball just seems to pop of the face and fly where I am aiming. I only seem to be having trouble with the 4 iron, I just can't seem to hit that one right, it's me not the club. I recommended Gigagolf to a friend of mine and after seeing my clubs he promptly placed an order for himself. So thanks for the help and great customer service.
J. Chilton
April 23, 2010
The TRX clubs are exactly what I was looking for. They not only look great, but play even better. I have been playing golf for nearly 11 years, and these are the best irons I've had. I also ordered the TRX 3 and 5 woods, which are just as amazing. I have only played the clubs on a course twice (we've had a lot of rain lately), and they performed. I have never had any clubs sized for me, but these were very easy to get used to after a few trips to the range before taking them on course. I've always been able to work the ball (draws, fades, spin) but these really make it easy, for me anyway. I also one of the lob wedges...which is a slightly smaller clubhead than I'm used to, but performs perfectly. In all...I can honestly say I am a GigaGolf believer, and will never buy a club anywhere else. They look awesome, feel even better, and perform just as well or better than the big name brands (which I've used and owned just about all of). Thank you!
A. Cartwright
April 21, 2010
Giga clubs are awesome for the price. They are just as good as some of my friends brand name clubs. They look and feel great improved my game the first time out. In the market for a new driver will purchase from Gigagolf!!
T. montoya
March 25, 2010
The first day I got my TRX 3 wood I went to the range and was very satisfied with the results. I used to have a wicked slice with my old clubs. Now I have so much confidence when Im standing in the tee box its unbelievable. Played my first round of the season today and left my driver at home so I can get a good feel for the 3 wood. Needless to say I missed only 2 fairways all day. Before I might only hit 2 fairways. I also purchased the GX 920 high launch irons with adjustments of 1 inch short and 1 degree flat. These clubs give me the ball flight I have been looking for. The approach shost stick to the green all day long. My personal best was a 92 and have not beat it for 3 years, My first round I shot a 95. Im sorry I waited so long to order my custom clubs. Giga Golf is Giga gold. Next time I need new clubs, without a doubt I will get them from Giga Golf...?
R. disotell
March 23, 2010
I am a complete beginner. I could never hit my irons consistently while on the course. I thought it was me... After ordering clubs that were built for my height, I found that it was never me. I consistently crush these irons and I LOVE them. All of my friends are getting them now. The quality is extremely high. Excellent set of clubs for anyone looking to improve their game. I normally don't take the time to write reviews, but these clubs deserve them. Anyone who is new to golf and looking for an extremely FORGIVING set of irons, you HAVE to get these clubs. My father has the GX920, and although they are excellent clubs, I have found that the GX922-Z irons are much more forgiving! Go ahead and spring for the Sertain VR grips for $1 more per club, as they are much more comfy in the hands! Trust me.... Just buy the clubs and listen to the custom fitting guide. They know what they are doing at GigaGolf... I am now a lifetime customer, as are all my friends and family! Thank you GIGAGOLF!
C. Davis
March 21, 2010
Ordered the 56 deg. SW, and when I pulled it out the box I was very pleased with the quality and appearance. I upgraded the grips (sensatec crosseye) and they are excellent. perfect blend of softness/firmness and just tacky enough. Played 18 at the local course 2 days ago, and man did the wedge perform! It did everything I asked it to. Couldn't be happier! The two guys I was playing with noticed the club the first time I took it out of the bag (it's really that good-looking). I even let my buddies hit a couple of shots with it and they couldn't believe what I paid for it. the customer service was excellent and Bill really helped me with the fitting and shaft selection. I will definitely be ordering the other wedges to complete my set. by the way, I had been hitting Cleveland(SW) and Titleist(PW,LW) for several years, but I didn't want to pay the $$$ to replace them.
K. conerly
March 21, 2010
I tried a co-worker's Callaway X22's and loved the weight and feel of them so I set out to find a used set online. I somehow stumbled across GigaGolf and the GX922's and saw that a whole set of them - even fully customized w/ wider grips and longer shafts for me - was far less expensive then even the worst condition used set of X22's. I was extremely skeptical before I made my order so I did hours of research on GigaGolf and other "clone" manufacturers to try to determine if they were legit. The information that is out there is sparse, and most of it seems like it comes from a sales website linking potential buyers to sellers. This made me more skeptical, but from what I was able to glean, GigaGolf definitely seemed like the safest route. I still wasn't convinced so I wound up calling Bill Baxter because I thought that talking to a real human would ease my nerves. He said I could try the clubs out and if I didn't like them I could return them. I had been playing with Ping Black Eye 2's, but they were too short for me and I especially had trouble hitting the long irons. I thought about getting them reshafted and gripped, but that was just as much money as buying all new GigaGolf clubs, so I figured the worst that could happen would be I hated the clubs and I would return them. So, here is what I ended up ordering: P2 Fairway 3-wood, P2 Hybrid 3 & 4 hybrids, PowerMax GX922 5-PW, SGS Black 52, 56 & 60 degree wedges. The fairway wood is great and it gives me a nice balance off the tee for those mid-range holes that don't quite require the driver, but are too long for a 3-iron (or hybrid). They hybrids have done wonders for my long iron game (which was inexistent before). I LOVE the GX922 irons. The weight of them is absolutely wonderful - I had my co-worker try them out and he couldn't tell the difference between them and his clubs. The SGS Black wedges have definitely given me more confidence around the greens. I can now take nearly full swings with the 60 degree instead of trying to make short/stubby/choppy stabs at the ball with my pitching wedge to get the same kind of distance/control. I got all of these clubs, with headcovers on the fairway and hybrids, all custom length (the calculator really does work well) and wonderful Lamkin Crossline Jumbo grips for under $400. I could not be happier with my order. GigaGolf, if anyone would like to contact me about my experience, please feel free to give them my email address. You far exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you.
A. L
March 17, 2010
Just got my set of P2 irons (5-LW), 3,5 Hybrid and Driver and all I can say is wow...these are amazing. I don't know if it's the eFit system, club design or just in my head, but I haven't hit more than 10% of my shots poorly since getting these. I'll admit that I've only had them at the range, but even with my old clubs I used to have a wicked slice probably 40% of the time - wasn't closing the fact properly and the shafts seemed to have too much flex. Now that I have the correct sizing, lie and shafts, it seems I can't hit a bad shot unless my form is totally off. I'm now hitting the 7-iron farther than I hit my old 5-iron, and the swing feels so much smoother - less effort required and the ball just explodes off the face when you hit it. As far as the hybrids go, the P2 hybrids are wonderful as well - they have a good sound when hit and the ball tracks straight and true. I need to get the driver out next - haven't had a chance to play it but if the other clubs are any indication, I'll be thrilled with that as well. Thank you GigaGolf - you have a customer for life!
M. Roeschlein
February 01, 2010
I played my first round with these my new TRX MRs today and all I can say is WOW! I was able to easily dial these clubs in due to the perfect fit and quality build. I shot 4 strokes below my handicap the first round with these irons. I gained about 5 yards per club and was able to easily work the ball, even miss hits had good distance and direction. I also purchased a P2 3 wood and it also performed amazingly, With the 3 wood I gained about 15 yards and had perfect direction and trajectory. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase and will recommend gigagolf to all my friends. I also plan to purchase a set of wedges through the site. Thank you!
C. Swanson
January 25, 2010
I work at a golf course and I get to demo several different types of clubs. I ordered the GX 922 irons almost 4 months ago and have played with them as much as I can. I live in Texas so golf is year round here. These clubs are great they are very forgiving and look just like the Calaways x22,s which I have used the demo clubs. they are the same hit the same and look the same. I also like Giga golf"s grips. The people at Giga golf no what they are doing and when you call them you talk to someone who plays golf. I will by more clubs from Giga golf there clubs are just as good if not better than the name brands. I know I used them everything from Taylor Made to Ping. Giga golf has them beat. Thanks Giga golf. you have a customer for life. J. Bullock
J. Bullock
January 17, 2010
I love my pursuit driver. I Got it on 1/14/10, took it to the range, set it on high draw because of my bad slice and hit the ball 230 yard compared to 190 with my old driver. This thing is sweet.
K. norris
January 11, 2010
Well, I've ordered from gigagolf before and had a stellar experience with the irons, so I bought this putter for my Dad for Christmas. The first putter arrived on time just before the holidays, I think I ordered it maybe a week before so I was very pleased that they got it to me on time. However it arrived with some damage, face of the club was muddled up and paint was chipped over the left side of the club head. Gave them a call, told them my issue, and within a week they had a new club out to me again within a week at no charge to me, and a UPS guy stopped by to pick up the old club. A minor speed bump showed me just how excellent the service is here. Heartily recommend. Oh, and the club itself, its like it dares you to try to hit it off center, but it won't let you, ever. Fantastic putter.
R. Drynan
January 11, 2010
I was wary of buying the GX2 Hybrid because it was not a major brand. All doubts disappeared once I got to the range. I can hit this 2 hybrid off a tee or the mat. I decided to go with a steel shaft despite many hybrids being graphite and I'm very happy with the choice, no more slice. The nice stock grip and included headcover were icing on the cake.
W. McClean
January 06, 2010
Just bought the GX 920 irons and love them. After just the third time using them I hit my first hole-in-one on a Par 3 at Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. Witnesses to prove it. Scores have not dramatically decreased yet. But I have noticed I am hitting the ball longer and straighter more often. I am hitting my clubs about 20-25 yards farther then I did before. Once I get used to the distance increase I am very confident that these clubs will help in lowering my scores. Gigagolf is the way to go. Quality clubs at a fraction of the cost as name brand.
A. Forelli
January 05, 2010
Just received my clubs (922Z 3-PW) yesterday and was very pleased with the overall construction of them. I took the day off and played 18 holes. I admit that Im a high handicapper, but the confidence you feel looking down and holding a club this well constructed, definitely improved my game. And thats not the best part; I know that these clubs will grow with my game. I have already recommended GigaGolf to all my friends. Thanks GigaGolf!
P. Lee
January 01, 2010
After years fumbling around with my old-school Burner Bubble woods, I wanted to look into the Nike Sumo Squared 3 and 5. I went and hit them at the store and loved them but couldn't see paying $400 for clubs I hit maybe a total of 4 times a round. Found GG online, decided to give them a shot because they were so cheap, got the clubs and LOVE them. I used to have a huge slice with my woods, but these clubs have straightened it out amazingly. I have a pretty high swing speed but the normal shaft seems a little too flexible. I'd suggest upgrading the shaft. Overall a great club for an AMAZING price. I'm done buying name-brand clubs.
P. Allen
October 19, 2009
Well I've been playing with a hand-me-down set of clubs for about a year now. I'm 29 and at 6"3 I know I need custom clubs. I didn't have hybrids sooo hitting my 3,4,5 was a bit hard. I played my 7 iron all the time since I could get 100-175 yards out of it. As for my driver it was called a Patriot Missile which sounds and looks old with a 9*degree. I couldn't hit that thing constant at all. I buckled down and shopped around for clubs. My friends use name brands. I do too- I drive a Porsche and use a Porsche golf bag. I'm big on names. But after doing some research I found that the pro's don't even use name brands. They use custom fit clubs you really can't buy. I wanted custom fit clubs made for a beginner/intermediate. I went gigagolf and haven't looked back. Got a driver-hybrids-irons-and putter for around $400. The clubs don't make the golfer- I agree. Practicing your golf swing is important. Once you got it tied in a set of these clubs will do you good. My Porsche golf bag cost as much as my whole golf set!!!!!
A. Ramirez
October 12, 2009
I got the 3 wood and am loving every minute of it! Long and straight, couldn't ask for more!
L. Damien
October 12, 2009
The TRX ion irons are my favorite by a clear mile! Would recommend getting the approach iron for leaves between pw and sw, for me its 120meters and 80meters. I'm seriously contemplating on getting the 3iron, the only club I left out of this iron set!
L. Damien
October 11, 2009
I bought the 6-SW. After playing with the clubs, I had to get a new piece of equipment - A DIVOT TOOL. Shots hit with these clubs fly straight and true. Once you dial in your yardages on the range, you can count on the clubs time after time on the course. Aim at the green - you hit the green, its as simple as that. I am very satisfied with these clubs.
W. Pierce
August 25, 2009
I got the GX922 irons at the end of July and have played ten or twelve rounds with them. The topline at address is a little thicker than what I was used to, but I absolutely love these clubs. I hit them clean and straight pretty much all the time, and I'll often end up with good results from even shots struck off center. I'm about a twenty handicap, and I can say with honesty that these irons have saved me strokes every round I've played with them, especially the wedges, which I've begun to absolutely crush. On Sunday I shot 39 on the back nine of a demanding course thanks to several eight iron and gap wedge shots that I simply did not have in the bag before buying these irons. I couldn't be more pleased, I'm definitely shopping at Gigagolf again.
J. Tucker
August 21, 2009
I ordered both a GX922 and a m510 6 iron to test. While both clubs were excellent in quality and build, the GX922 was more forgiving for my game in it's current state. Mis-hits with the GX922 were few and far between, and were still in the short grass. The club feels great and breeds confidence, which I believe is a big part of the game. Balls fly with a great trajectory without a lot of spin. I was so impressed, I'm buying the rest of the irons to complete a set.
J. Sanders
August 20, 2009
recently bought SGS black wedge. very pleased. great performance and quality. Still waiting to play more with my powermax irons to really test them out. This wedge is truly worth a lot more .
P. Vincent
August 10, 2009
This is a follow up. I ordered my gx922s about four months ago now and am back to update. First, again, I am not a pro, or for that matter a single digit handicapper (though on my way back) but I am a club member and a two to three time a week player. To begin with, these clubs have changed my game for the way better. I am far crisper, straighter, and much longer with these clubs than I have been with any set I have ever owned. I had no idea just how much custom clubs help your game. I have hit more greens, am very confident in my long irons, and have been killer within 150. My average scores this summer have come down from the high eighties low nineties (a product of not playing as much this summer and the adjustment to new equipment) to the low eighties to high seventies , and didn't expect the seventy eight I shot nine days ago until next year, so I am extremely impressed. The clubs just launch every shot and each time the ball bounces once and bites, so you can be aggressive on back pin placements with longer irons and be confident you can hold the green and get deadly spin back with your eights down on short approaches. I stopped a 182 yard four iron (a slight layoff for me) 12 feet out with four feet of bounce and bite. Never done that before. I also am now five for five on par threes hitting the green in the last two rounds of play and it is all because of these irons and a little practice. This is no knock off brand, and I assure you, the value of these clubs for this price is beyond compare. Customer for life.
C. Watkins
August 08, 2009
I received my TRX driver on 8/6/09 right on time, but I didn't have a chance to go to the range, so I set up a round for the next day with some friends. WOW I used to fade the ball consistently, but with this club I can draw, hit it straight ,or fade. Best club I have ever hit! I think the fit (shaft length and lie angle) makes all the difference. Last round was +6 on the front nine and +2 on the back with a new set of Giga clubs. I think that's called dialing them in. Thanks Giga Golf for making my golfing much better!
G. Thompson
July 28, 2009
I received my TRX 3 & 5 hybrid and WOW, Solid shots, straight down the middle. The only thing I would request is they make these TRX Hybrids in the rest of the irons.
M. anthony
July 26, 2009
I ordered the X-922 irons and I must say that they have far exceeded my expectations. Previously I shot Ping G-5s, which I loved and made me a better golfer from the day I first swung them. Well. The X-922s have done the same thing but far below what I would have paid for the Pings or the Callaway X-22s that these are patterned after. They strike the ball just as well, feel just as good in my hands and have the same results, but for a fraction of the cost. How do you guys do it? Youve made a believer out of me. From here on out, its GigaGolf or nothing. Thanks for a great set of clubs.
L. Anderson
July 26, 2009
I got the TRX Ion Control irons last winter and was extremely impressed with the look and feel of these clubs. I have been playing with these irons all season this year and my iron game has never been better. These are the best set of Irons I have ever used. I have purchased clubs from Giga Golf before and will continue to use them when I plan to replace my woods or driver. (Still using the fairway woods that I bought from Giga Golf a couple of years ago)
N. Leman
July 16, 2009
I must admit I was skeptical about the quality of these clubs, that was until I hit my friends at the driving range. He ordered the 922z and he told me I have to hit them, so off to the driving range we go. I hit 5 balls with my Cobra FP 5 iron and 5 balls with his 922z 5 iron.....WOW...I was sold that instance. Sooo I ordered the 922's on Tuesday 6/9 and got the clubs Friday 6/12 and played Saturday 6/13 ...what a difference these clubs make ...I'm totally sold on Gigagolf products and will not by from anyone else again.... (Name Brand Who?)...Thanks
B. Roberts
July 11, 2009
Received my 3-PW set of 920 HL irons 10 days ago...they're fabulous! Have only played one round with them so far, but consistently hit every shot straight and far. Used to play with an set of Adams irons, and this new set is giving me at least 5-10 yds more with every club. The online fitting system has worked a treat and the tendency to hook whenever I went for extra "oomph" in the past has gone - ball just seems to go far and straight now. Finally, the customer service from Gigagolf was second-to-none, both before and after order was placed, my many questions were answered swiftly and clearly...thanks in particular to Jay for all his help. At these prices, and for this kind of performance - it's a no-brainer.
S. L
July 11, 2009
I ordered the TRX MR Control irons to replace my four-year-old Cleveland Launchers--clubs that have served me well in improving from a true novice to a 10 handicap. The quality of the GigaGolf irons appears every bit as good as my first name brand set. After consulting with Bill and Jay (who talked me out of forged heads and high-priced shafts), I went with the Feather Flights and Winn midsized grips. When my order arrived (on time, by the way), I took the 7-iron out of the box and went directly to my neighbor, who is an engineer, a fellow golf addict, and a club builder. He checked the swing weight, kickpoint, and other vital specifications. He guessed that I paid at least 300.00 for this set of "clones" and thought the actual price of less than 180.00 a very good deal. The fitter at my golf club checked the lie angle (it was 1 degree flat as promised) and also helped me to perform a swing test to see if that, indeed, was the lie I needed; afterwards, he remarked that the club was "perfectly set up" for me. The fitter also noticed that I was striking the ball a bit too close to the hosel (probably a result of many years compensating for the wrong lie angle in my Clevelands) and suggested that I stand back from the ball slightly. I tried this and hit a series of piercing shots characterized by a perfect trajectory and slight draw--both improvements over the old set, which sent the ball too high and left. At the range, I hit all the clubs, 4-PW, and had about an 80 percent success rate--I am a good iron player, but am surprised that I took to these clubs so quickly. Today I played a round with the new sticks and hit nearly every green--those I missed usually went long over the pin, so I'm still learning to dial in my distances. Best of all, I feel virtually no shock vibration in my left hand, something that has in the past led to slight injury. Some might not like the absence of such sensation but for me the best "feedback" is watching the ball land where I aimed it. I can certainly recommend these clubs, which look great in the mirror finish and perform quite well. I have new confidence that my sub-80 game is imminent. One blogger on another site made his case against "clones," saying that one could never be confident standing over anything but the high-priced name brands. If you believe this, your mind has been too easily conditioned by Madison Avenue and you will never have the mental fortitude to play golf well. It makes more sense to order a well-made set of clubs that fit you and your level of play--and, for most of us, they can be had at GigaGolf for under two hundred dollars. S. Lambert
S. Lambert
June 30, 2009
thanks for your customer service in this process of ordering. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant but after hitting my TRX Driver, 3hybrid this weekend, I knew I had made a great investment compared to all the other BIG name manufactures out there for way more $$$. Just received my TRX 3wood & putter & cant wait to shave some more strokes of my game this following weekend... if this Florida weather permits. Keep up the great products guys! David
D. Mendez
June 25, 2009
Very happy with my purchase, value/cost ratio is unbeatable. I to was skeptical. I am no golfing expert so I can't really evaluate a club by looking at it or hitting a few shots. I have never played with top brands before. My existing set was a 15 yr old set of powerbilts, which I was told by a pro were middle of the road quality yrs ago. So pretty much anything I bought new would be an improvement. Having said that I did manage to break 100 and even 90 with those old clubs and this only my 2nd yr golfing. My other option was to buy second hand but again I would be paying close to $500 for a decent set. Plus I would not be able to try them out for 30 days. Given the price at GG if I decide I want to change clubs in 2-3 yrs I don't feel like it has to be a major decision...what is fun about golf is trying new equipment, on my budget if I had bought a brand name driver or set of irons I would feel like I need to play them to my grave. I ordered the PowerMax GX922 on May 20 and received them in Canada on May 29. This includes 2 holidays (Memorial in the US and Victoria Day in Can) and the cost for shipping was only $10. I was expecting other charges on delivery but there was none. I assume this was a mistake as I should have paid some duty taxes. I have since ordered the revelation irons for my wife and a driver, fairway wood for myself. The fw I ordered was on special, however GG called and told me it was out of stock and substituted the P2 fairway at the same cost...again good customer service. Oh almost forgot. The GX922 are playing very well. I am not setting any records but have hit some great shots and as the confidence builds I will learn to trust the clubs and my swing more. As has been mentioned by others, there are often bad habits to break from using our previous clubs. And the clubs are custom fit and we can choose the grip we want...that won't happen in a store unless you pay top price. I strongly recommend Gigagolf and will add more reviews as other clubs arrive. PS - I rarely write reviews for anything online, but in this case I had to make an exception. I searched online to find any kind of negative press, nothing turned up. This is my e-mail address if you want to contact me directly:
B. Carey
June 18, 2009
I particularly like having the option of selecting individual clubs. I will be doing more online purchasing.
L. Hogan
June 15, 2009
For the price, the quality and performance of this driver can't be beat. While this driver has not completely eliminated my tendency to slice even when weighted to a draw bias, it has definitely helped. This is not the club's fault. It is more a factor of me not being able to consistently square the clubface at impact after a 10 year hiatus from the sport. When I was making solid contact, I was hitting this driver close to 275 yards. I've NEVER hit a driver that far. And when my shots were off, the generally were not off by more than 15 - 20 yards. Oh, and yes, the sound this thing makes when striking the ball will draw attention. Nervous hackers beware. :) Kudos, Gigagolf.
J. Campos
June 12, 2009
I got the GX Squared 3w and 5w and I absolutely love them. They look incredible in person, even better than the site's pictures. They're very accurate, pretty long, and are easy to hit. You can search all you want, but you'll never find a nicer set of fairway woods at this price (or even 4x this price). I'd recommend them to anyone.
C. Thibodeaux
May 30, 2009
Just a note to thank you all for the professional and speedy manner in which my order was handled. The clubs arrived and I'm absolutely delighted with them. I have told several of my golfing friends about your excellent company. Once again many thanks
D. Daly
May 25, 2009
Fantastic service and Price! Thanks GigaGolf.
H. Olsenn
May 19, 2009
I just got a set of irons (GX922/order no. 91247770). What a marvelous value. I am so impressed with the high quality and looks of of the product and the speed of delivery. I got more than my money's worth. You guys have a great thing going and an impressive website to promote it. Keep up the great work!
C. Savage
May 15, 2009
This past weekend was absolutely the funniest round of golf I've ever played. I rewarded myself with a new GigaGolf set with my gift money from my recent college graduation. I was able to play with my new GX922 Irons and GX2 Squared Woods. The foursome I played with were all jealous of my new set. I went to the local golf store recently and tried out a few different iron sets to find the club style that I thought would feel the best. I was not impressed with the BIG NAME price tag. I knew that I could trust the products at GigaGolf, that the quality would be the highest, and the price would be the best. I was not disappointed. Thanks for the excellent quality. I'm sure that many of those who try out my new clubs will make their next set a purchase from GigaGolf.
C. Waisath
May 10, 2009
I just wanted to take a moment to say what a fantastic company you folks have been to work with. I got back into golf this year after a 2 year injury layoff. I was not sure how it would go so I went on eBay and bought something inexpensive that touted itself as custom. While the irons are good they were not set up even close to correct for me. The Driver was a cheap knockoff at best and a piece of junk. I was looking for Fairway woods a few months back and happened on your site. The 7 wood I ordered has been one of the best clubs I have ever owned. Through my orders that last few months you have been patient with my needs and idiosyncrasies and Bill has given me advice that shows his vast knowledge of the game and of club fitting. I really appreciate the service and I have been and will continue to pass your web address to anyone I am talking golf to.
M. Zacek
May 10, 2009
I am a 10 handicap. I have had Callaway, Mizuno, Ping and Titleist irons. The GX922 irons are the best I have ever played with. I have not missed hit one iron, yet. The feel of the club at impact is incredible. I have a slight draw with these clubs and I have stuck more greens then ever before. For the price, it is truly remarkable. Don't take my word for it, try them. Thanks Gigagolf!!
E. Goering
April 25, 2009
I am a teenager who just wants to get better and potentially make to golf team. I had a problem. I was presently using my brother's taylormade r7 cgb max driver. He wanted it back so I needed new clubs. After about 1 week of research I found Gigagolf. About 5 months later of research I made my decision of the gx2 driver, wood, and hybrid. I have never hit a hybrid or wood previously so I didn't have anything to compare them too. However they felt GREAT! Now to the driver. In the beginning of the first 9 holes I was duffing all my drives. Then around the 7th hole I found out what was wrong. Next hole BOOOOM!! 245 yards. The same followed for the next 2. Normally I drive the ball about 180-190 yards, with a best of 220. I was completely impressed. I was prepared for it being worse than the taylormade r7 cgb max. Here's the bottom line. If you don't want to spend much money then DEFINATELY take Gigagolf into great consideration. Also my advice would be to spend the extra money for a good shaft and grip. I got the winn soft with the ust high launch v2 shaft. If you are like me, debating if you should get a club or two, take Gigagolf into consideration. Also what made me feel better was the 1 year warranty, and the 30 trial that you can hit your clubs, and send them back if you didn't want them.
B. Connors
April 15, 2009
This is the best Driver I have ever had. ive never been able to hit a driver as long and as straight. Very forgiving and long off the T. I just had shoulder surgery and this club has helped me get back into the grove of things.
M. Flynn
April 06, 2009
Just played my new Revelation Hybrids for the second time. On the back, shot my best nine ever. These clubs are AWESOME. The quality is great, the price is better and the service was perfect. I am a raving fan of Gigagolf. I will be ordering new fairway woods next week.
L. Howell
March 30, 2009
10 day delivery to Washington State. Great customer service with the two pros I talked to while deciding what to buy. These clubs look great, and hit great. Like another poster, I too see that I will hit one club longer with these clubs. I'm a "beginner-intermediate" as I'm taking up the game again after a long lay off. I also like the medium sized grip I chose. don't hesitate to purchase from GigaGolf...the clubs feel great and are very well made. I would purchase again from GigaGolf, but I bet these clubs will last me a long time.
R. Jones
March 25, 2009
I ordered the 5 and 6 TRX Hybrids....There is only one thing to say, SWEET! Unbelievable feel, very solid. Best two clubs in my bag. The extra distance is such a plus!
J. Morris
March 14, 2009
Handicap index: 9.1. Purchased the 3h and 4h GX2 Hybrids as I always have problems hitting my 3 and 4 iron to the green on the long par fours. These clubs are fantastic. They are very easy to hit, have a high trajectory and the distance is equal to my 5 wood (210 yds and 7 wood (200 yds). Two clubs replacing four in the bag. These clubs will definitely help my game and lower my handicap.
W. Ragland
March 13, 2009
I ordered a 5-PW set of GX922s w/TT Featherlight shafts and so far, although only having hit them at the range, I am very pleased with my decision. I am an "improver", still searching for that consistent, solid contact, and so I also looked at the TRX Ion and C9 Ti insert clubs. I think they are all good clubs for the mid-high handicapper, although the TRX seems slightly less forgiving of mishits, so maybe is for the better player. The 922 has a nice solid feel and sound when correct contact is made. I also liked that it feels a little heavier in the swingweight than the TRX, a personal preference. They feel really nice and easy to swing (way lighter than my previous irons, some old Tiger Sharks). I also like the more traditional look of this club - a nice compact clubhead size, and the polished finish. They really are beautiful looking clubs. Players who prefer a larger clubhead might prefer the TRX or C9 (I see there is also an oversize version of the 922 out as well now). I can't really speak to the level of "playability" in regards to playing deliberate fades and draws, I will have to leave that to someone more skilled. As an aside, I also recommend the Winn soft grips, especially to those with Latex allergies, since they are latex free except at the top and bottom of the grip. I find that you don't even really need a glove with these grips. Hope these comments are useful.
D. L.
March 05, 2009
When you are shopping on the web it is difficult to really tell the difference between cheap knock off crap and real quality. Make no mistake, GigaGolf makes real quality. Over the past 6 years, I have ordered several big name brands and tried several of GigaGolf's competitor. Believe me when I say, the others do not come close when you compare the finish quality and play on the course. I mean look at the components they use. Better than name brand in many cases. And the ability to get it built to my specs is the clincher.
B. Resonchild
March 04, 2009
I am very pleased with my purchase of the C510 Irons. The quality is as good as, if not superior, to irons costing three times as much. The Sales and Customer Service areas were most helpful in the selection of my clubs
K. Wells
February 09, 2009
Wow what a set of clubs here. I cant believe I got such a great deal for custom made clubs. My friend told me about this website 2 years ago and was in shock the price difference. Anyways, I ordered the P2's and fell in love with them. They forgave my swing and I seem to hit the ball longer and straighter. I am 6'8 and hard to fit with regular clubs. This too is my first set of custom made clubs. Giga golf is my home golfing shop from now on. You guys rock!!!!
J. Keller
January 25, 2009
I just played my first round with my new GX Squared Ti, 10.5 degree, with UST HDX stiff shaft. A great driver for an incredible price. I'd put it up against any of the big names. It looks great and performs just as well as drivers costing 2 to 3 times as much. Now, it's by no means magical. My mishits were still mishits and my hook showed up a couple times to remind me that a new club does not fix a bad swing. But on the shots that I hit pure...boy was it sweet. It flat out launches the ball. Perhaps the thing I benefit most from is the roll after the drop. With my previous driver, my drives died as soon as they hit. But I'm easily getting another 20+ yards on the roll. That 300yd par 4 at my local course better watch out! The only possible negative I could mention is the sound. For some it may be a bit much. But I personally love the loud, high-pitched PING. I'd recommend this club to anyone. In fact, I just ordered another identical one for my buddy. Thanks GigaGolf for making these great clubs available at an affordable price.
C. Thibodeaux
January 15, 2009
Ordered the GX squared TI for my son, SCARY straight and SCARY distance. He's happy! Thanks.
D. Midkiff
January 15, 2009
Once more, I would like to thank the whole GigaGolf team for their excellent service. On Sunday morning, I ordered the TRX Ion control clubs plus 2 fairway woods. Five days later, I have received the golf clubs in Switzerland. This is just amazing!!! It goes without saying that the price is unbeatable. But what was a very nice surprise to me was, that you gave me two headcovers for free. I can tell you that the TRX Ion control are the most beautiful clubs I have ever had. Thanks again, from a very happy customer from Switzerland
R. Ducommun
January 14, 2009
I've been test driving brand name clubs for a number of years but could not justify the cost. After researching other companies I decided to purchase from Giga Golf because of the quality, guarantee and the positive reviews. I spoke to Bill twice and he was great in helping me decide which clubs to purchase re: shafts, flex, etc. Bill did not pressure me into purchasing a more expensive set that may not have helped me, he took his time in addressing all my concerns. I decided to purchase a set of P2, the online fitting system matched with what they said at the golf store. Received my set on time and in great condition. WOW!!! I'm impressed by the quality and workmanship of these clubs. It's winter in Calgary, Canada so I tested them at the golf store against brand name clubs. Personally, I can't tell the difference between P2 and Ping G10. I also hit them in the Golf Dome and they feel great, forgiving even on off center hits. I can't wait to try them on the course. Giga Golf, you just got yourself another loyal customer. I will be purchasing clubs for my Son and Driver for myself soon. Eli
E. D'Altorio
January 13, 2009
I Had Purchased the 4 thru SW Irons and I am Very Pleased with my Purchase these hit great in the driving range I ordered them with the Gigagolf VX Grip and UST HDX GRAPHITE 80 I am very Pleased with my purchase I live in India and this is my first International purchase and I am Not Disappointed with these and also Its my first purchase with Gigagolf and greatly appreciate the service they offered. Keep Up The Good Work : ) !!!!
T. Badwal
January 12, 2009
The Gigagolf Team is an assemblage of professionals in what they do, provide superior service and top-notch goods. I have dealt with them numerous times in filling my golf bag with irons, woods, putters, etc. They are polite, courteous, efficient and I always recommend them to my golfing friends. When Gigagolf sends me golf tees with my orders I use them as "business cards" on the golf course, touting their website, service, and goods. I have one friend who constantly uses my recently purchased 60 degree wedge; he needs one so you know where I am sending him! Thanks, Gigagolf!
B. Kelly
January 10, 2009
This one of the most pleasant buying experiences I have ever had. The product is outstanding ( GX Series) and the customer service is even better. They at Giga golf have all my future business and anyone else who is looking for clubs that help your game without hurting your wallet.
P. Davis
January 10, 2009
Thank you. Of all the websites I've ordered golf clubs from, yours is the best by far. My orders are always delivered ahead of schedule, and the build quality is always outstanding! Your customer service is also the best I've experienced. I even tested your 30 day return policy recently, and it is everything you promise. On one of my recent orders, I thought I'd try a different type of long irons that didn't match my set. Well, after I received the clubs, and tried them at the local driving range, I discovered the difference was not what I was looking for. When I called to request a product return, your customer service was very friendly & helpful. They issued me a RA# for the clubs, and helped me order the correct clubs to match my existing set. On other websites, I've experienced very late deliveries, inconsistent build specs (non-matching shafts, incorrect club lengths) and very poor customer service on returns & issue resolution. I brag about your company to all my golf buddies, and anybody else that inquires about my clubs. Please tell me you have a hat with a GigaGolf logo on it I can start wearing to the golf course.
M. Wilson
January 08, 2009
The clubs were better than I expected in both appearance and performance.
R. Halverson
January 05, 2009
Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how great my new fairway woods are. I have played three rounds so far and they are great, I have had a lot of great compliments from my friends and a few fellow golfers and I tell them where they can get a set made fast and top rate, thanks again, and I will be back for some new irons!!! You guys are the best!!
G. Seaford
January 05, 2009
Never in my whole life, have I received this kind of service from any company. Loyal Customer.
J. Branham
January 02, 2009
I got my clubs right on time and could not be happier with the quality. They hit every bit as good as the name brand I was wanting to purchase. IM sure glad I decided to take a chance and purchase through you guys! I plan on ordering a set of clubs for my son who is just starting out and have already recommended a set for my friend. Thanks again for your service and quality!
C. Richards
January 01, 2009
I love these irons! They're easy to hit, very forgiving, and feel great. I followed the eFit system's recommendation and I've gotta say, it was spot on. From address, to swing, to impact, if just feels so much more "natural" than with my previous clubs. Oh, and the "High Launch" is true to it's name. I'm getting the ball up in the air better than ever. If you're looking for a great, forgiving set of irons...look no further and order these today.
C. Thibodeaux
December 29, 2008
Was looking for a new set of clubs, read reviews on other sites about Giga Golf and the GX920's. Went to my local golf shop and hit a set of Callaway's to get an idea of how they might swing. When I received my new irons could believe the quality for the price. They hit just as good as the X18 and X20's and the best thing about them they are made for me and not the masses. As good as the name brand, but at a 1/5th the price!
C. McCaffrey
December 27, 2008
Thanks for letting me know about the delay. I am glad I did not change my order and waited for the C9 irons to come in. They are very easy to hit and have added a full club to my yardages.
Thanks for your comments Jeff. Yes, it has been difficult to keep some products in stock this year. It seems like the more our clubs catch on the harder they are to get. But shipments are coming in all the time and if there is a delay it is usually short. Glad you love the clubs and let us know if there is anything you need from us. Customer Service
J. Erser
December 20, 2008
I am a seven handicap and I recently ordered the 3,4,5,6 irons in C510 and 7,8,9,Pw in M510 forged. I played with them for about three rounds and found that the cavity backs were a little more forgiving and I could work the ball a little easier. I also felt that I could feel a good shot a lot better with the cavity backs so I returned the M510's and filled my set with the C510's. I was looking for a forged blade and I bought some Cleveland CG1's about a month ago and returned them recently). I find that getting custom fit clubs is priceless and these clubs hit just as good and even better. than the Cleveland irons The M510's are awesome clubs but I found my game and swing were not ready for a muscle back iron. Customer service from Gigagolf was awesome and got my clubs exactly one week after I ordered. I will definitely be a gigagolf customer for a long time.
D. Simon
December 19, 2008
I just wanted to drop a quick "Thank you" to the entire staff. Last week I had ants in my pants to get my order and ended up ordering the wrong lie angle. You resolved the issue and I received the clubs just in time for the weekend. The clubs performed great and I actually hit my first short iron (8 iron)-3 feet, pin high on a 135 yard par 3!!! Thank you for everything.
M. Lynady
December 17, 2008
I've played with these clubs for three rounds now and must say they are great wedges for the price. I bought the 52 and 56 and previously owned two Cleveland wedges. These wedges play just as well as the Cleveland and they definitely bite a lot more than the others. They look awesome too!! I am a seven handicap and must admit I was kind of acceptable of "not name brand clubs". My mind is totally changed now. I would recommend these Gigagolf clubs to any golfer at any level.
D. Simon
December 16, 2008
This putter is very smooth and as just as good as a Scotty Cameron or Ping putter. AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!!
D. Simon
December 12, 2008
The C9s are superb. Without a doubt the best set I ever had. there is absolutely no vibration and when ever you hit the ball right there is a very cool sound, similar to the Callaway hybrids. They hit very well and for a fraction of the cost of the ping rapture. I think that giga golf should make ping rapture V2 clones that would be really cool. They could be just like that except the cavity would be half white and half black and they would be slightly blackened.
J. Duluthelson
December 10, 2008
This is my very first hybrid club and it is awesome. I am a seven handicap a this club is very easy to hit and I easily hit it about 210-220 easily. Much better than a 2 iron.
D. Simon
December 08, 2008
Should have added that I previously owned a neutral "Quadratic I". I hit the GX2ti draw about 20 yards farther on average, per drive. Hit 13 our of 14 fairways. Not too shabby. Bet I'll buy another club or two in the future.
B. Stone
December 01, 2008
I just played my first round with the GX2ti from Gigagolf. Wow!!! Say goodbye to those awful slices. I "draw" did everything I hoped it would for me. I can't say enough about this club......first club I every bought from Gigagolf, but it would be the last. 9 degree loft hits like a 10 degree and boy is the distance better. Thanks scored a perfect hit on this one. Ordered on Monday, Got on Thursday. AND THAT WAS WITH GROUND!!! thanks
B. Stone
November 30, 2008
I bought the C510 cavity backs, 4-PW. I chose the stock grips and featherflight shafts, S flex, 1 degree upright and standard length. I've been playing with them for about 3 weeks now. Build quality looks excellent and the clubs arrived in good shape, although as others have mentioned, the shipping boxes looked pretty banged up. Hopefully the build quality stands up over time I've really enjoyed playing with these clubs. Great control and great ability to work the ball and control trajectory. My old clubs had very wide soles and a large cavity back, so this has definitely been a transition. These clubs aren't quite as forgiving, and they play about a half club shorter, probably because of the weaker lofts on this set. Also, the grooves are very sharp and give you a lot of backspin for a high ball flight. The plus side though is that they're spot on accurate when you hit it clean. I love the forged feel since I can really tell now when I don't hit a clean shot. Overall, I'm very happy. If you want the latest technology, a huge clubhead, or special weight plugs, look elsewhere. If you want a solid and classic looking forged club that will put the ball right where your swing tells it to go, then these are the right clubs for you.
W. Moore
November 22, 2008
I was skeptical about ordering clone clubs I have bought so many clubs off of Ebay and thought I was getting a good deal and they still were not what I was looking for. The quality of this club is impressive and the picture does not do it justice. This is one nice looking club!!! I bought the P2 9 wood with the stock UST HDX 70shaft and Winn soft mid size grips. You can not believe how good this club feels, I couldn't wait so I took some golf balls and went outside and hit them into an open field next to me. Wow, the ball just explodes off the face and the club is perfectly weighted for a nice smooth swing. All of my Ebay clubs are going out the door and I am going to replace them with the P2 woods. My wife bought me a set of P2 Deep cavity irons for Christmas and I can't wait to see them. I am sold on buying clubs that are custom fitted and produced by GIGAGOLF.
T. Reese
November 19, 2008
Best deal in golf don't charge extra for lie adjustment and super product. Thanks!
J. schuman
November 13, 2008
Received the 3 & 5 Metal woods have play with them three times. I ordered them with the stock shafts and I am very pleased with them. I ordered my driver about a month earlier with a stiff Pro v shaft and was very pleased with it and that is why I purchased the 3 & 5 fairway woods and I am NOT disappointed would recommend them to everyone.
D. Kent
November 11, 2008
Very nice club. Easy to hit. The custom Lie and Length help really my game. I have received my clubs in 5 days here in Belgium.... it's really near two time faster as if I buy the irons in Belgium...
C. Alex
November 09, 2008
This really are very nice wedges, the perform absolutely great with excellent feel and very nicely match my 510 forged irons. My short game has greatly improved and now saves my score, once my iron game or drives are letting me down. Thanks Gigagolf for yet another very nice job done!
C. J.
October 30, 2008
I've been playing with these clubs for about 18 months now and I'm really impressed. I'm playing the I should have said C510 3-6 and M510 7-PW, all in stiff featherlight TT gold shafts. The consistency and control are outstanding - you don't need to over-compensate to shape a shot or to hit to a distance that falls between clubs. If you're a good ball striker with a reasonably consistent swing, these clubs will get you closer to the pin more often. I don't change my irons often, and played my last set (Hogan Edge forged cavity backs) for about 15 years, so I was prepared to pay for branded irons. But I wanted the opportunity to mix forged cavity backs in the longer irons with muscle back blades for the scoring clubs, and the custom fitting system sealed the deal. The whole package has worked out great, the irons are top quality and the custom fit allows me to swing more naturally and thus more consistently.
D. McKittrick
October 30, 2008
I already had the Power Max KC2 5 hybrid. I wanted a #6 Hyrbrid and looked around but found nothing with the quality of the KC2 in a price range I was comfortable with. I ordered the TRX 6h. I used it for the first time last night as was very satisfied. It fits in with my range of clubs and fulfills the need I had for this range of hybrid. It looks great, hits fantastically and is well made...what more could you ask for???
A. Cassell
October 20, 2008
My P2 Irons 5-LW arrived Wed. Oct 8 right on schedule and far exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I could not wait to get out to the range and test them out. My distance is roughly the same but the feel/feedback is superior and control is absolutely the best. I've had fitted clubs name brand before, but did not have the confidence that these fantastic clubs provide. I went out and played two rounds with these clubs. I'm a 20 handicap and in both rounds I not only broke 92 I shattered it with by shooting the best rounds of my life with an 84 and 82 respectively on different courses. Thank You so much for the highest quality craftsman ship and customer service. It's pleasure to do business with a company that exceeds expectations and provides customized attention to every detail Now that is VALUE money can not buy.
M. Bethe
October 12, 2008
Just wanted to say thank you: thank you for saving me @ 670 dollars, thank you for making a high quality product that's more than capable of taking on the high price equipment some of us have to wait for a sale to buy, and most of all thanks for helping me drop 4 strokes off my game.
C. Roten
October 11, 2008
I used the cloud 9 driver yesterday on the course. I got a solid 15 yards extra, maybe 20. No loss of accuracy. these clubs are a tremendous value.
B. Lear
October 07, 2008
Was wary when first ordering but with the 30-day guarantee you can't go wrong. Clubs are beautiful and build quality is excellent. After getting the feel of them at the range I took them out on the course and they perform great. I can't believe I'm hitting the ball so straight. Just had my brother order some KC2's (50% off!) and my dad will probably get a set from here as well. Come Christmas I'll be ordering a driver and putter. Really, there just doesn't seem to be ANY reason to buy name brand clubs when you can get this kind of quality for such a great price.
A. Cincinnati
October 05, 2008
I took this club to the range and it consistently carries 15-20 yards past my Taylormade Burner. That is significant since I am 66 years of age. My burner had a slightly closed shaft and I had a tendency to duck hook or open up for a high fade. I had this equipped with a Grafalloy Pro Launch Regular shaft.. Every shot I hit had a slight draw. I am very pleased. Both clubs have 10.5* R shaft and this club out performs.
R. McCurry
September 22, 2008
Ordered clubs Tuesday 9th September- arrived in UK Monday 15Th September. TRX ion control are amazing to look at and have just tried them down the range- they hit fantastic. I had a set of KC2's but had bent six iron so decided to replace with new model. The new set has induced a controllable draw in my iron shots that I never had before - I used to push and slice mainly. Very pleased with SGS wedges also and look forward to playing a round later in the week. Thanks again GigaGolf- fantastic value.
D. Ward
September 12, 2008
After already having excellent results with the 56 and 60 wedges, I've added the 52 to the bag. I've tried out so many different wedges, and there's definitely not a better value anywhere. My playing partners use various brand name wedges, and (after trying mine) all feel they overspent. Great feel and excellent spin, which is what I want in wedges -- that it costs less than 1/3 of a name brand wedge is a bonus!
E. Mueller
September 12, 2008
I recently received the c510 3-pw w/ dynamic gold w/sensicore stiff flex shafts. I previously had used a combination of the blades and cavity backs. I am more pleased with the performance of the entire set of the cavity backs. I find them to be as workable as the blades and forgiving as well. These clubs outperform any name brand club in my opinion and I have experimented with them all. Giga golf's dedication to high quality products and the option to customize at half the price is unmatched. I will continue to use the pursuit line irons for years to come and look forward to trying any changes they incorporate into the cavity line and possibly the blade line, but again the cavity is easily workable and more forgiving. Thanks, Jeff Anderson
J. Anderson
September 03, 2008
Order a set of P2 irons and P2 hybrids for myself and some GX920's for my wife. All I can say is that I am impressed with the clubs and the customer service of giga golf. I'm hitting the clubs well and was impressed with the communication from GigaGolf regarding my order. I have recommended GigaGolf to my friends and will definitely order from them again.
P. Gostovich
September 03, 2008
I didn't intend on replacing my irons until 2010, and at that time I was going to have new irons custom fit to my swing. My current irons were reshafted by a local shop to match my swing and I won't buy off the shelf clubs ever again. So, when I saw custom fit clubs I was intrigued, and when I saw the TRX Ion I was really hooked. I like the design and more specifically the black finish of the irons. The price was too good to pass up, and after playing 4 rounds with the TRX irons I am confident they play as well as my previous set which I love. My girlfriend is looking for new clubs and without hesitation I encouraged her to look at what has to offer. When the time comes to replace my driver and hybrids I will start with
J. Peckman
September 01, 2008
These clubs are AMAZING!!! This is definitely the best set of irons I have ever owned, and for a fraction of the price of the PING Raptures! I could buy 2 of the Rapture clubs from the store for the same price as a whole set of C9's with upgraded grips and shafts. What really amazes me is the quality of these clubs. They are just as good if not BETTER than overpriced name-brand clubs. The only negative thing I have to say about my order is that the box that the clubs came in was a bit bent up, but the clubs were fine. Thank you GigaGolf for your great clubs at your amazing prices! I will recommend you to all my golfing partners. (I do not know anyone that works for GigaGolf, this is NOT a fake review!!!)
A. Golfer
August 28, 2008
This club's really good for the price. It's my dad's driver, but I've hit it numerous times (My driver is the Nike SQ 5900) and I hit them both really well (around 285-300 but my swing speed is around 108). You might not get killer distance with this but it'll go where you want it to which is the most important thing in golf (or should be). It'll draw for me sometimes, but it cured my dad's big slice, now he hits it straight or a slight fade. The customization options for this club are superb and it arrived right on time and looked carefully wrapped. The face does get scratched after time, especially if you aren't hitting balls that are perfectly clean, but so does my SQ 5900(and it doesn't look bad or affect performance). All in all, very well made club that is well worth buying.
J. Scott
August 28, 2008
I Love my 58 degree wedge. I mostly use it for short chips like a lob wedge and on those rare occasions when I'm in the sand and it performs beautifully. I've had it for about two months and golf about twice a week and it's held up very nicely. You can't beat the value, it performs just as well as my friend's Cleveland wedge that costs at least a hundred bucks. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
J. Scott
August 28, 2008
I have played golf for 20 years and these clubs hit as good as the top clubs on the course if not better. I say better because my game went from a 93 to a 82 with these little bettys. i love the gx920s and want to try another set of giga golfs and for the price you can. the wedges are sweet to. GIGA GOLF FOR LIFE(there is no other club like it)
D. anderson
August 27, 2008
I just received my P2 irons last week, and I couldn't be happier. I have been shopping around for weeks looking for new "name brand" irons, but I couldn't bring myself to fork over $600 to $800. I was a little skeptical about the quality of so-called "knock-offs", but I decided to give the P2s a try. With Giga's 30 day money back deal, I figured that I had nothing to lose. They arrived very promptly and in perfect condition (all of my customized measurements and grips executed perfectly). I have taken them to the range three times now , and I love the results. While I can't say that they magically added 20 yards onto every shot, I can say that I have tested many of the name brand clubs out there and these stack up to every one of them. As long as these clubs stand the test of time and prove to be as great of a deal as they seem to be right now, Giga will have found a life-long customer.
J. Conlee
August 25, 2008
This putter is the best. Playing golf for only 2 month, I won a putting contest last week with the center mod 15. It allows for perfect aim, is fitted for perfect swing and gives me the right feel for distance. I won't trade it for the newly won Ping putter.
A. Slanina
August 23, 2008
I have my complete set of clubs woods & Revelation irons down to putter and feel exceptionally pleased with the clubs and their performance. I bought these clubs mainly on costs as, as here in Scotland I can pay more fore a made to measure 1 wood than I paid for my 3 woods. I have had the woods for 4/5 weeks and the Irons for two weeks and find a big difference. Keep up the good work Giga Golf, I have no fear in passing on to others who may be interested the name of Giga Golf. Thanks for delivery, information and time scales provided.
A. Tait
August 21, 2008
I have to say honestly I LOVE these irons. I have only had the chance to play with them twice, but after getting adjusted I shot the lowest round of my life! These irons launch the ball like a laser guided missile towards the green. My friend can't believe it but thanks to the Ti inserts I hit a club less than he does on the same shots. Thanks Gigagolf for such a quality product that backs up it's claims.
J. Jones
August 20, 2008
How are you guy doing with all that wind and rain Fay has brought in your direction?

GigaGolf Response: Actually we have had very little of either. Fay went right around us. All shipments are on schedule although a few to South Florida were delayed due to the storm. We have cleared up a few inventory issues that delayed some shipments last month and now 99% of orders are shipping on schedule thanks in part to Fay's sense of direction.
E. Hess
August 19, 2008
I purchased the GX920 set (3-9,PW,SW) about 1 1/2 years ago. It took me a couple of trips to the driving range to adjust to the set but now I couldn't be more pleased. The clubs feel great. Thanks for the good quality irons.
T. B
August 07, 2008
When I ordered my GX Square driver I was skeptical because I have tried other discount clubs and was disappointed. I have a Taylor Made driver and really thought I was wasting money. Was I wrong. This club is every bit as good as my Taylor Made, especially on off center hits. Anyone who buys a high priced club is crazy. They should save their money and buy from Gigagolf.
G. Meiers
August 07, 2008
OMG!!! Just got my P2 driver, fairway woods (3,5), GX920 Hi Launch irons (3-PW), and wedges (52,56,62). Played 9 holes and scored 6 shots better. You still need know how to swings each club, but when you do the ball takes off. GigaGolf has earned a customer for life.
S. Caja
August 06, 2008
I am very surprised by the high quality of P2 irons. You couldn't even by one quality cavity back iron for the price I paid for a 5-PW set. So much forgiveness, even when I really miss hit the ball with these it gets up and like 70 yards. Sure you could get the same performance maybe even a little better out of some G-10s but if you're a player who needs this much forgiveness why waste your money.... Buy these you'll be happy and you have 30 days to return them! Wow gigagolf thanks.
H. Handicap
August 06, 2008
I am an eight handicap and I was looking for irons that would offer more playability. The KC2's have thinner soles and a thinner top line than high-handicap irons but don't penalize you for a poor mishit like other high playability clubs. I put the Feather Flight shafts on them (stiff) and I could not be happier. Produces a med ball flight but I can hit them both high and low. I don't change the weights because they already play well. Great clubs for the mid-handicapper looking to get into the single digits.
J. Tipton
August 03, 2008
Purchased the cloud 9 driver last year. 10.5 with upgraded shaft - went with the Grafalloy as well as Winn mid size grips. spent $150 - no not cheap, but not $400 the rapture cost either. Use it for every round, hit 290 to 320 with it. Very nice sound & feel to it - and looks great at stance - as some of the newer shaped drivers don't make me feel comfortable at stance. After hitting it so well bought the C9 5 wood, hit it 190 to 210 with ease. much better than my Adams hybrid woods. just ordered the c9 irons to replace my Adams - high hopes. Dave in TN
D. Smith
July 30, 2008
GX920 High Launch added 5 yards per iron, lie adjustment has led to straight shots. First time out hit a 5 iron on a par 3, pin high 10 feet from the hole, ball gripped and stopped on a dime! You can pay full price for named clubs that aren't custom fit if you wish, but why would you want to? These guys work with you to find the best combination of clubs for YOUR bag and give you great service and great prices. What more could you want?
I. M
July 30, 2008
The P2 fairway is a great club! Long and straight......what more can I say.
L. Hamm
July 29, 2008
I've been playing a set of the C9 Ti irons for just over a year and wanted to provide feedback on my experience. First, these are the best clubs I've ever owned. I custom built them with the UST Proforce V2 shafts ... the shafts and the titanium face really make these a sweet hitting iron. The shafts are deadly accurate, the ball literally explodes off the Ti face, and the clubhead design is VERY forgiving of mishits (stays on track and doesn't loose much distance). These are very similar to Ping Raptures ... which my friends have and I've tried ... and I much prefer the C9 Ti (its performance is a couple of notches above the Rapture). Good job GigaGolf ... I LOVE these irons.
N. Coleman
July 29, 2008
After reading the reviews on the C9 VFT driver I had pretty high expectations. I don't usually don't believe the hype I read on reviews and think they are usually less than half true. But I have to say that results on the course is proof enough for me. I wasn't disappointed. I easily hit 30+ yards more on my drives and drove more straight than I normally hit. What an upgrade to my game. I'm now considering the GX920 irons to replace the aging irons in my bag next.
E. from New York
July 28, 2008
I just recently got back into golf and had been researching the Callaway X-20s, but didn't want to spend that kind of money. GigaGolf's 30 day guarantee sealed the deal for me. Buying custom clubs online wasn't my first choice, but after going thru the simple, straightforward customization process I was impressed. I was further impressed with the unbelievably quick turnaround time on receiving my clubs (GX 920, 3-PW). They looked and felt great. I was lucky enough to compare them side-by-side to the X20s and they felt very similar. The pro at the driving range took a few swings and was impressed as well. I'm still working on my swing, but when I do make good contact most shots are straight as an arrow. I've definitely seen a major improvement over my previous clubs, old blades. Thank you to GigaGolf for their excellent shopping experience and customer service. I have recommended this site to many friends and family.
R. Pfeister
July 22, 2008
I bought a 2H and 3H about 9 months ago with UST 360 stiff shaft. Their performance is excellent. 3H flies 195-200 yds on a smooth easy swing and goes 210 if I crank it up. But it really surprised me last month when it went 260 yds of the tee, of course it was down wind. All in all an excellent club.
V. Raghuram
July 20, 2008
Just wanted to thank you for making such a tremendous golf club at a very affordable price. I bought a set of Cloud Nine Ti Irons earlier this year which were customized by you based on information which I provided from you fitting system ( True Temper XL90 shafts, 1/2" over length, 2.5 degrees upright). After playing with my new irons since May of this year, I can truly say that I have never hit irons with the feel and trajectory and distance that I am getting from the Cloud Nines. Absolutely awesome!!!! I can flat out bring it with these clubs.
P. White
July 18, 2008
I ordered the C9 6 thru PW and have played with them for about 2 months now. My handicap has gone down to 13 from 17 since I've used these irons. No other changes to any equipment other than these irons. I believe that beyond very high quality components the fitting process is the key. I finally have "custom" made clubs that feel and perform better than any other name brand set that I've owned. My iron shots are dead at the target now and I've holed out some long and short shots due to the feel and accuracy of these irons. I also use the 3 & 4 Power Max KC2 hybrid irons with the same shaft, flex, grip and lie as the C9 irons. I play with a couple of equipment snobs who keep telling me to buy "real" clubs but they haven't beaten me in weeks! Giga Golf makes "real" clubs.
GigaGolf: "Equipment snobs" - I love it!
B. Sanzone
July 17, 2008
I have the C9 c55 3 wood and I have to say that it's a tremendous club. It almost outperforms my driver from the tee and from the turf, it helps me absolutely blast the ball. I would definitely recommend this club.
D. Knight
July 17, 2008
Great club - and very good value. I received my 10.5 deg. GX Squared driver with UST Proforce Gold 65 Stiff shaft about a month ago. After the first round I wasn't convinced, but now that I've played a few rounds (15 or so) I love it! I slowed down my swing a little and let the technology do the work, and I'm hitting more fairways than ever. My old driver was a 9* Nicklaus AirMax with a stiff Fujikura shaft that I shortened to 44" for better control, and the GX Squared is a little longer and just as straight. On the (significant) upside, off centre hits seem to go almost as far as those in the sweet spot, and they still find the fairway - one of them was 340 yards (but that was a downhill par 5 with an elevated tee). As to the sound, it's distinctive but not offensive - I like it.
B. Fergusson
July 16, 2008
July 15, 2008
clubs arrived as advertised, built beautifully to fit me, put me down as another satisfied, repeat customer. Thanks GigaGolf guys
R. Offringa
July 14, 2008
I received my C9 hybrids last week and played with them twice over the weekend. I can't say enough about these clubs. Easy to hit and they feel great. Thanks for taking the time to make sure I had the right shaft selection. Very impressed with the quality of the club. Of course the price is incredible. They clearly are the quality look and feel of clubs 3 times the cost. How can anyone not buy from Gigagolf? Thanks again! Tom
T. Loverde
July 11, 2008
Very happy with my P2 irons. I am a relative beginner at golf and these clubs are very easy to use. Great quality and feel, straight shots and even longer distances than I am accustomed to with my old set. Your fast response times and prompt order shipment are superb. Gigagolf's ordering system and timely status communication is stellar. I have never had a reason to return any clubs, but I am very impressed at your 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy. This is the kind of company I would do business with any time. Recommend Gigagolf any time!
M. Huda
July 09, 2008
This club is an amazing value. Played it today and it far exceeded my expectations. Build quality is excellent and the distance and accuracy are better than the TM Burner. I'll be ordering the 3-wood in the next few days. Thanks GigaGolf.
C. McCoy
July 08, 2008
I have my GX920 irons for three months now. It`s the best set of irons I have ever had. Easy to play and cut through ruff very well.110% recommended!
P. sundin
July 07, 2008
Hello GigaGolf, Received my new Ti 2 draw driver about two weeks ago. I received it on a Wednesday and played with it on Thursday. As I stepped up to the driving range to warm up I wasn't sure what to expect. My first four balls were warm up miss hits, after that it was pure distance and as advertised your draw set up to care of my slice. I've never been longer and straighter off the tee in the in the7 years I've been playing. I now know that technology in equipment is everything. That was the best $99.00 I've ever invested in my game. The guy's in my regular foursome couldn't believe the distance and the value. I've shared you website with several people. Thanks again to the GigaGolf staff. Stan B.
S. Bartlett
July 06, 2008
I bought the 52 and 56 Tradition wedges last year and my Cleveland wedges have been out of the bag since. If I used a 60 I could have bought all three for the price of 1 of my Clevelands. I have never pitched so well, they stop my Pro V 1's on a dime. Thanks, Joe an 8* handicap from Birmingham
J. Adams
July 05, 2008
I ordered 5-pw Pursuit forged cavity, I love how you can buy clubs individually. I bought the PW first to try out the clubs and I was sold. These are excellent clubs, you get that great forged feel, and they're excellent performers on the course, workable, beautiful finish on the clubs as well.
R. Corona
July 02, 2008
My wife played with her new GX Diamonds for the first time over the weekend and loved them. She shot one of her best rounds. Loved the irons and the hybrids which is saying a lot since she hated hitting irons before. She even convinced her sister to buy a set. I think you guys are shipping those soon to her. Cant wait to get the hybrids! - Tom
T. Loverde
July 01, 2008
I've had the C9 (3 hybrid) for about 9 months now and I have to say it is one of if not the best club in my bag! I ordered it with the previous stock graphite option UST 360 stiff flex and the standard grip. The sound it makes on contact is a solid 'ping' and the ball explodes off the clubface. A light swing launches it 190 yards and straight and if I give it a good rip it flies 210-225! It also works great out of tight lies and balls in the rough. Phenomenal club!
J. H
June 30, 2008
The hybrids I got from you guys are insanely cool. Best clubs I've owned thanks again.
C. Lelong
June 28, 2008
I would like to start my review by saying that I am not a beginner to this game. I've played since I was a kid and my handicap is a 4. I happened upon this web site looking for golf club reviews for Taylor Made r7's. Being somewhat leary of "knockoffs", I was hesitant to try these but they looked so much like the "real" ones I had to try them. The TRX ion irons are excellent. Very well constructed, each lie is correct, "I checked them", and they feel fantastic. I have played for years with blades and turning 40 I noticed I needed a little bit of help but didn't want to give up any workability. The TRX clubs were exactly what I needed. Great job!!!
M. Ficarro
June 27, 2008
Bill, I just wanted to thank you for your help in configuring my new GX2 driver. I also want to thank GigaGolf for creating a fantastic product. I used my 9* GX2 driver today on the 522 yard par 5 5th hole at Saddleback GC. Hit it easy 291 down the middle. Then proceeded to hole out my 3 Iron for double eagle! Thanks again, I couldn't have done it without you. -Nick
N. Gibson
June 27, 2008
Just new TRX Ti driver today and just came back from the course/range. This driver is awesome! The HDX shaft and titanium clubhead look amazing. However, the driver really stands out hitting balls really, REALLY far. This is far out-hitting my old Cleveland HiBore driver. The only thing that I would have liked changed is the color of the headcover that came with the driver - the GG blue doesn't go well with the all black TRX and my all-black set-up, but you can't really complain about that! SICK DRIVER!
M. A
June 26, 2008
Well?the GX2 driver is fantastic!! As a left hander it's difficult at best to find clubs. The driver has been absolutely outstanding! It's straight, the distance has been great and all I can say is thank you! Your service and club has been outstanding!!
T. rulli
June 25, 2008
When I ordered the GX920 irons, I wasn't sure what to expect. I read several reviews online about them and in comparison to the X20 Callaways. I was having a hard time hitting my target with the irons I was using, but with approach shots are dropping out of the sky on to the greens. Sweet.
R. Bolden
June 24, 2008
Mr. Baxter, I would like to just say, WOW! My clubs are more than I really expected! I took them out of the box, went to the local course and shot 104! I have NEVER come close to breaking 100 until today. I cant wait to get to the range and really get used to them. If I can see this much improvement in my game this early, I can't imagine what will happen later. The GX 920 HL irons, GX Ti draw driver and the P2 hybrid are OUTSTANDING in feel, comfort, forgiveness and playability. I can't thank you guy's enough for these clubs! I will always shout praises for your attention to my needs when purchasing these clubs. Thank you above all for your honesty! Its not often these days for someone to make good on their promise. Thanks again and thank you for my clubs!
M. Sykes
June 23, 2008
Hey guys, Just a quick line to say these SGS wedges are UN-BE -ieveable. I'm a 6 hdcp, and I play at least 5 times a week. I've been playing popular name brands and I've worn the groves on those, and I didn't feel like kicking out another 200 bucks for wedges. So I decided to give the SGS's a try. The SGS's not only are longer, but I can spin-check a TOP FLITE. A Pro V-1 or Bridgestone 330S has no chance of staying on the greens with these wedges, and the short 5, 10 yard shots check and stop as well. That took some getting use too. So thanks guys for taking at least 2 shots off my rounds.
R. Hall
June 21, 2008
About 2 hours after I ordered my GX920 Jay called to tell me the grip I ordered was discontinued. He was very helpful and recommended the Dual Durometer instead, so I gave it try. The club looks and feels great. I am not a heavy hitter generally, but having had time to get used to this driver that may change. I am hitting it longer with better control than any other driver I've ever had. I probably wouldn't have written a review, but last week I hit one 315 yards right down the middle. Thanks and keep up the good work.
T. Hattaway
June 21, 2008
Ordered my clubs with a cynics expectations. I was pleased that they arrived as promised and were of exceptional quality. My first round of golf with them was very rewarding. I hit my irons straighter than I ever have before. I did not see any gain in distance but had a noticeable gain in accuracy.
B. Koch
June 19, 2008
The Revelations make a world of difference. My best friend recommended this site, so I figured I would order a set. I bought them at x-mass time and was anxious to use them. I have played 5-10 rounds with them and I have cut back on my slice and shaved 10-15 strokes off of my game. These Hybrids are so much easier to use in my lower irons than the typical irons. Thank-You gigagolf for the perfect clubs for me. Best deal for the money, fast shipping and great customer service. I will definitely look back for updated sets of Hybrid clubs in the future.
S. Mullins
June 19, 2008
My clubs arrived on time exactly like the company said they would. I played my first 18 holes with them and I'm ecstatic!! I seriously gained 10 to 15 yards, maybe more with these clubs. I strongly recommend these clubs for anyone who wants to improve their game.
T. rulli
June 19, 2008
I bought the SGS Black 60 degree lob wedge and it's even better than I thought it would be. I read a lot of the great reviews for these clubs and I thought I would try one, I was not disappointed. You can really get up and down with this club. My first round playing with it I chipped one in from about 15-20 yards. I love this club and I think I may replace my old sand wedge with the 56 degree SGS. Thanks GigaGolf!
R. Corona
June 18, 2008
Nice irons. They feel just as good as any name brands I've used. Very happy with this purchase.
J. crissman
June 16, 2008
My Center Cut mod. 14 ion rrived quickly in great condition. The contact feels excellent. The weight of the club head is great. Good game Giga Golf. This putter is awesome.
J. Crissman
June 16, 2008
The Stick looks good, the Stick feels good, the Stick performs. I have officially retired the Sasquash In favor of the GX2 Draw. Good bye slice!. Thanx GigaGolf. I now have confidence with the driver and you guys made it possible. I am enjoying my GX 920 draw driver. I highly recommend this Stick for anyone who is struggling with old man slice. HW
H. Wilson
June 16, 2008
I bought the Pursuit TC420 with the intention of breaking out of always fading or slicing. I'm now hitting the consistently straighter even with a slight draw!!!!!!
G. Wallace
June 15, 2008
I received my GX Squared Ti Driver on Friday. I played a round with it today and overall I am pleased with the clubs performance. I was a little bit concerned though when I hit some balls at the range because I was topping every shot. I finally figured out I needed to slow down my swing and then I started to make solid contact. I love the solid feel that the driver has but I am not to sure about the UST HDX 70 Shaft. My old driver has the UST Pro 65 Gold and I am wondering if I should have gone with that shaft instead. I will give the HDX 70 a few more tries and let you know. Thank you for the great customer service and quality of the club. I will be doing business with you when it comes time to replace my irons.
J. Oliver
June 14, 2008
I just took my C9 3 & 5 wood out for the first time, they are great! the ball flew farther and straighter than I ever hoped. I cant wait to make my next purchase. I could not be happier with the quality of this product.
K. Hasey
June 13, 2008
I have now played 2 rounds with my new TRX irons and have swung them many times at the driving range. I really wasn't sure what to expect with a non name brand club but the results are amazing!! I'm no longer working on keeping my shots straight at the range, I'm attacking the yard markers. I'm used to clubs off the shelf but with the custom lie, length, stiffness and grip all for $200, you cannot beat this club!!!! Feels just like the R7 but for a 1/4 of the price. I talked with Bill Baxter before I purchased these, and he was full of knowledge and seem very excited to help me out. Good customer service is hard to find these days so his enthusiasm was greatly appreciated. Shipping was one day late but that's not GigaGolf fault, but when I called UPS about it, they sent someone out after hours to deliver these and were also very helpful. All in all, this is an AMAZING club and the best spot to purchase from online!! 5 stars
G. Wells
June 13, 2008
Just a quick note on the GX Squared Ti. I just received my GX Squared Ti driver on Wed. I was able to play my first round with it on Thursday. What a club! My old driver never used to leave my bag as I could not seem to hit it straight. However, I was able to hit 80% of my drives 250 plus and in the fairway on the first round with my new GX driver. I wasn't sure about the "squared" head. I thought maybe it was some marketing ploy that would be hot for a year and then go away. However, after seeing this club in action. I'm a believer. It was quite an amazing turnaround in my game. Helped me to hit my best score for 18 ever. And the price is right. With the 30 day guarantee it was easy to justify taking a chance on it. I'm glad I did. Thanks Jay for your help.
J. Germann
June 11, 2008
I bought the chipper because I have some trouble chipping from the fringe and fairway. I have found this club to be very useful and it has most certainly shaved several strokes off my game. I recommend this to players who chili dip or skull their money shots around the green. Those misses can cost you big and this chipper will help stop the bleeding.
B. Larsen
June 10, 2008
I've been slowly building a new set of clubs through Gigagolf after being away from the game for about 5 years. My old drivers were a small-headed steel club from the 80s and a persimmon driver from the 60s. First, the Ti is huge compared to what I was used to, but I love that aspect of it. I played my first round with it yesterday, and I'm mightily impressed. The club feels rock-solid, it has a satisfying sound when launching the ball and I loved the results. I was hitting pitching wedge or 9 iron into most greens on par 4s. Never had that happen before!! I love this driver, and couldn't be happier.
A. Leicher
June 10, 2008
Just got my GX920 2 hybrid with the composite crown. Took it to the range yesterday and was so happy I went out a played 9 holes. I also have the Revelation 3 & 4 hybrids, and the Gx920 works just as brilliantly. Easy to hit, excellent build quality and this club gives me the results I could NEVER get from my 2 iron. I now have a full set of Gigagolf set, and I couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work!!
A. Leicher
June 09, 2008
My old clubs were well... old. I used to rent clubs in search of a new outfit that helped improve my game and I found the Callaway X-20's to be the best fit for me - other than the price. A friend of mine encouraged me to check out Giga Golf and I figured that these were well reviewed clubs with a guarantee; so what did I have to lose? I have to tell you that I could not be happier with my clubs. They came well packaged and handle great! I knocked 5 strokes with my first game and a year later I have taken that down by another 10 strokes. These are consistent clubs, with great feel and a solid strike - I LOVE them! Thanks guys - keep it up!!!
J. Eldridge
June 07, 2008
I recently purchased this SP3 putter to replace an Odyssey putter I have had for awhile. The milled face is similar to that of the Scotty Cameron, and it provides excellent feel and touch for putts from anywhere on the green. Another thing I am happy with is the weight; it is perfect for having a pendulum swing and keeping the face square on impact. And as you know if you have purchased from GigaGolf before, customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend this putter to anybody.
A. Drobnich
June 05, 2008
The Mod 15 is a great putter, it really improved my alignment!
B. Jackson
June 04, 2008
To date I've ordered the GX Squared TI Driver, the GX fairway woods 3 & 5, P2 Hybrids 3, 4, & 5, and an SGS sand wedge. The woods, as with all their clubs, are the highest quality, consistent, and an amazing value for the caliber of product produced. My club pro tries each new club I get and (this is a guy who played the PGA tour forever and was compared many an OEM club over those years) and he always compliments the quality of Giga clubs! I know my game of late has truly improved and I'm taking my set to Palm Springs next month to really work them in! However, let me add this; beyond Giga's wonderful products what makes them stand out above all the rest is their incredible customer service. After encountering a delivery problem and never receiving a club (not Giga's mistake!) they replaced, without question the club I ordered and are having it delivered within 2 days! All handled with the utmost integrity and graciousness. I'd be hard pressed not to recommend GigaGolf clubs to any of my family & friends after my experience. Thanks again Giga peeps!!!
L. Capizzo
June 02, 2008
Extremely happy with my new C9 driver (right hand, regular stock shaft, 10.5 degree, with Lamkin Crossline grip). Customer service .....ordering, shipment, and receipt was flawless. The club appearance and quality are beyond my expectations. I am very happy with the performance of the new C9 (long and straight). Club performance, quality, and appearance are equal to my son's Taylormade (for about half the cost). I will buy from Gigagolf for future needs. Thanks. Dan from Ohio
D. Eggert
June 01, 2008
Bought the GX920 3H, really an excellent club, straight and long. Never mastered the 3 iron so this club fills the gap. Will be back for the 2H, when the wife's in a good mood! FYI use it like an iron NOT a fairway wood, you have to hit down on the ball, trust me it will fly straight and true.
I. Mckendry
June 01, 2008
Unbelievable!! Quality can only be matched by a $300 to $400 driver. This club launches the ball with perfection and definitely straightened out my slice with minimal practice. My golf partners have been talking about my "new game" every day we play. They have tried my new draw driver themselves and rave over it constantly. I am new to golf and only have an 85mph swing but I'm driving the ball straight well over 230 yards. Can't wait to buy my new irons from Gigagolf !!!
J. Butts
May 31, 2008
Great clubs. I bought my first set over a year ago and added the lob wedge this year as well as replaced a lost 5 iron. Would recommend these clubs to anyone. Nice sweat spot, easy to control, good distance and easy to shape the ball. Good ball flight with good feel. I bought these back when Gigagolf listed the comparable club (Calloway X-18s) and so I tried those out since I bought my GX920s. No comparison, the 920s are far superior and only $600 less! I will keep coming back for this club and will just keep replacing them.
M. Larson
May 31, 2008
Simply great fairway woods. Good off the tee as well. Easy to control with a great deal of "pop". I like the ability to shape shots off the tee and these definitely allow me to do that extremely well, with nice distance. Could not be more pleased with Gigagolf and the GX 920 woods and irons.
M. Larson
May 31, 2008
I've ordered many clubs from Gigagolf including irons, hybrids, and recently this driver. They have all exceeded my expectations in quality and performance. I've tried a bunch of different drivers from name brands and this one has been the best so far. I love telling my golf friends how little I paid for it, especially when they're holding $400 drivers which, to me, seems just ridiculous unless you're first name is also an animal. I do not work for or know anyone who works for Gigagolf (I always wonder that when I read reviews).
M. Bispels
May 30, 2008
I have to tell you that I never heard of GiGaGolf until I saw the GX2 Ti Draw Driver advertised on the internet. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I had to have that club! I was using a $300.00 Callaway 460cc Big Bertha driver and continually suffered with a VERY NOTICABLE "fade" every time I used it. I started using the Ti Draw Bias Driver and I can now say "GOOD BYE FADE"! I sold my Callaway!!!! Thanks GiGaGolf! I
C. Di Giacomo
May 30, 2008
I have been using my Revelations for a little over a year now and even though I am not a great golfer, these things make me look like I know what I am doing. I take lessons at the Edwin Watts golf store in Arlington, TX and my instructor (who is actually a good friend) was scoffing at my equipment. He came to admit that maybe these were better than most of the clubs that he recommends. Way to go GigaGolf! This is not to say that I don't suck anymore, but I can keep my own. The clubs aren't magic but they sure help to keep your game improving.
M. Fernandez
May 29, 2008
Played these GX920 irons 5 times since I've gotten them. Could never hit a 3 iron and hated the hybrids, but this 3 iron is long and consistent for me. It was like a revelation hitting with these clubs. I still am an intermediate golfer, but these clubs are lowering my scores. What a difference when the length and lie are adjusted to your height and wrist length. The only thing I want to order is the GX20 driver. I love the Ozzy but if the Gx 20 driver is anything like the woods, which I also ordered, I've got to get one. Was skeptical at first about ordering your clubs, but I'll take these over a brand name any day. The quality and look are top notch. Keep up the great work. I tell everyone interested in new clubs to check put your site. I'm a believer. Great clubs at a fraction of the price and just as well made or better.
A. Pietrowski
May 28, 2008
The Pursuit TC420 is amazing! This club will make your buddies jaw drop! I just hit a drive 310 yards straight down the middle. There is no doubt These clubs are top notch and a great value. I also got the C9 fairway woods which also are great. I love the "tink" sound they make and I'm hitting the 3 wood 250 easy! I was so impressed I ordered the ITRX ION control set and 2 C9 hybrids too. I can't wait to hit them too! Thanks GigAGolf. Keep up the great work!
J. Elkins
May 28, 2008
After doing some research I decided to purchase these clubs. I figured with the 30 day guarantee that I had nothing to lose. I truly love my GX 920s, the build quality is top notch and the ordering process is nothing less than exceptional. After a few rounds, Im hitting my balls straighter and farther than I ever have. I highly recommend any golfer to consider purchasing your next golf set from Giga Golf. You will not be disappointed.
W. Smiley
May 28, 2008
I am blown away by my new P2 irons. I have had to change my entire game. I used to have trouble hitting down on the ball and now it is effortless. I am hitting an extra 40 yards with the irons. Ive taken off 10+ strokes off my game and am still figuring out the distance. Im actually sticking greens. I couldnt be any happier. Thanks GigaGolf. When I save up some more money Ill be back for a putter and driver.
R. Treichel
May 27, 2008
I just love my new GX Squared Ti and fairway woods. I am hitting the ball down the middle off the tee and my fairway woods are fitted for my game.
D. Laman
May 27, 2008
The GX Squared Ti Draw driver and the fairway 3 wood are great clubs. This is one of the best drivers I have used in many many years of playing golf. I have never hit a 3 wood this straight and long. I am very happy with my new woods.
B. Voss
May 27, 2008
I bought the Revelation set of irons for my father. He is over 60, has just started golf and has a bad neck. He's never taken lessons except from me (which I don't recommend). His swing is very slow and I had him using my old Tiger Shark starter set. I had the Revelation set made to his specifications with an A flex upgraded graphite shaft. I took him out on the course for his birthday and the difference was unbelievable . He stopped using his woods and used the 3 hybrid/iron off the tee instead. He was hitting it straight between 160-170 yards. While that seems short for a 3, he's never hit that far before with any club including 3 woods and drivers unless the stars were aligned in his favor for one shot. He played better than I ever thought he could. He was actually getting the ball in the air instead of hitting all worm burners. He had a great time and loves the clubs. I didn't think the correct clubs could really make that much difference but they did. I tried out a few of them and hit them as far as I hit my RAC OS 2s. They are very nice from the rough and the ball comes out high and straight. The make a high pitched tink sound when it hits the ball that's different than what I'm used to. It's probably because of the different resonance with the hybrid-like construction. The performance is good so who really cares what it sounds like. The heads feel heavier than my standard irons but they're bigger and my father had no problem swinging them, he said they felt great and that it took less muscle to get more distance. Also, I took the clubs to a very experienced local golf club maker because I still have trouble believing that you can get great quality for this price. He didn't comment much on the heads either way except to say they were a nice iron/hybrid club combination. He tested the shaft and found that it matched "A flex" specifications very well. I was surprised when he showed me that my Taylor made RAC OS2s had sub par shafts in that the R flex was actually more flexible than the standard spec for a ladies flex. For some reason they designed it that way. Perhaps I'll upgrade my Taylor made clubs TO Gigagolf instead.
G. Danton
May 26, 2008
I LOVE my P2 hybrids. The 5 hybrid is my new money club...long and straight every time. The only drawback is no headcovers...hey Gigagolf, include headcovers!!! These clubs are too pretty to risk getting nicked up jostling around!!!
G. Fender
May 26, 2008
I finally have a few rounds in with the P2s. Couldn't be happier. They perform well beyond expectations. Great clubs!
G. Fender
May 26, 2008
Very impressed and pleased with the GX920 irons. Build quality matches the major OEMs but for hundreds $ less. I have always been a Nike guy, and these irons easily outperform my CPR irons in forgiveness, distance, higher ball flight, and pure feel. Even fat shots seems to glide through the turf and only cause a mild loss of distance. Great service, fast shipping. Could not be happier with this company.
E. Shamansky
May 25, 2008
Went from a slice to a draw without changing anything on the club. I changed from a regular flex to a stiff flex also so this may have been a factor too.
D. Baker
May 25, 2008
I just received my P2 Driver last week and took it out on the course two days ago. I have never driven the ball so consistently and long. I would recommend getting fitted for a driver to get your swing speed and launch angle measured on the computer. Most local places will do it for free. Come back to GIGAGOLF and use the measurements with the P2 and you won't be disappointed. Thanks GIGAGOLF!
M. Visser
May 25, 2008
I received my clubs last week and got them on the course two days ago. I hit the ball with great consistency and forgiveness! The irons were great from the rough, fairway and on short game around the green. The only thing that slowed things down was the rain. I would recommend GIGAGOLF and the GX series to anyone!
M. Visser
May 24, 2008
I received my gx920 irons last Tuesday and took them out to the course on Thursday. They are a bit more offset than I expected, but they perform very well. They are much straighter and higher than my old set (Cleveland TA4) and I did not lose any distance. My old set gave a very nice feel on sweet spot hits which these new irons seem to lack, but if you are like me, you would gladly trade one or two great feeling impacts per round for the extra greens that I hit with less than perfect swings. The soles of the clubs scratched quite a bit for one round, but the face of the clubs look brand new after a good post round wipe down. Overall, these clubs are an excellent value and I have and will continue to recommend Gigagolf to my friends and family.
G. Schroeder
May 23, 2008
I've been using the 510 Forged Muscle for about 40 rounds now. Big difference from the cavity forge. I've found 20 yards more in each club, and THAT really took some getting used to. Daddy always said "It ain't the arrow, it's the Indian". Well Dad, these arrows help me shoot straighter and farther, and my friends noticed too. Highly recommend over higher profiled and priced name brands. Great value.
R. Vaserberg
May 22, 2008
I can't wipe the smile off my face, this Pursuit driver is the best club that I've used . IT completely took the slice right out of my swing. ALSO just by moving the weights I can adjust the loft for windy days. EVEN with the wind blowing 26 mph left to right I was hitting the ball 225yds. and straight . BOTTOM LINE ,VERY PLEASED WITH YOUR PRODUCT.
May 22, 2008
First off, I am a Disabled Veteran, I have a severe curvature of the spine and had my right hip replaced in Oct 2006 and I am 50 years old. Now having said all that, I was looking to improve my irons game, a friend that I golf with got his clubs from Gigagolf and after I played good with his irons he helped me order mine online. I went with the Revelation Hybrid irons because I have a swing speed of around 75 MPH. I went with the steel shafts that were free and the Lambkin Cross Jumbo grips. My set up was +1.25 with a +2 lie. I LOVE these irons. I got them on Tuesday, May 20, and played on Wednesday, May 21. It was windy that day, over 35 MPH wind gusts, talk about a dedicated golfer huh? When I first hit these irons in the wind I was swinging way to hard to try and drive the ball through the wind. After a couple of holes I decided to just hit as if there was no wind and that is when my game instantly improved. With my old Dunlap irons I would hit the ball very low, with these Revelation Hybrid irons I am hitting the ball up in the air pretty high for me which actually is improving my distance. I can't believe I hit an 8 iron over 125 yards, usually I hit a 6 iron from that distance. I usually hit a 9 iron from 100 yards, I was hitting a Pitching Wedge. I chipped with my Sand Wedge and was all over the hole. This was all into the wind so I can't wait to hit them on a calm day. Customer service was very helpful with my shipping questions and answered all my emails. If you are looking for some good hybrid irons, I highly recommend you give these a try, you won't be disappointed. The jumbo grips also seem to make a big difference and now I don't have to wear a golf glove with these irons. The look and feel of these irons are perfect, very sturdy and durable, and what a sweet spot. I highly recommend Gigagolf.
M. Zehr
May 22, 2008
Too bad there was not an "Exceeded Expectation" category on the review because the GX Squared Ti Draw driver did exactly that for me. As a mid to high handicapper, I've learned to curb expectations and hopes when purchasing golf equipment of any kind. With above average distance and below average control, I'm always on the hunt for a driver that will allow me to swing freely without too much adjustment and this seems to be the driver. This club delivered on the goods. I came to Gigagolf based on the recommendation of other websites. I purchased from Gigagolf because of the customer reviews and price. In return I received a club that more than justified the expense and performed better than expected. The draw bias has almost eliminated the right side of the fairway. The first few hits made it plainly evident that this club was not going to be like the other. I was able to loosen up, relax, and whale away at the tee box and the results were thrilling! Dare I say it, "Driving is fun!" Right club design, right loft, right shaft, right grip, right price, right company, right decision! See ya for the rest of the club set.
C. M
May 21, 2008
I exchanged a set of GX920's for the P2 Deep Cavity, and am SO glad I did. The P2's are beautiful to look at and perform beyond my expectations. I gained at least 5 yards with every iron in the set, and a few of the irons give me up to 10 extra yards a shot. The custom fitting tool worked perfectly as well as my shots are much straighter. Even on miss hits, my recovery is much easier with the P2's. I played my 3 iron in a one club tournament this past Saturday and impressed everyone in my group that day with the distance and flight of the ball. This was the best investment I've made on sports equipment in a long time. Thank you GigaGolf!!!
R. Delatorre
May 21, 2008
The GX2 draw was the worst club I have ever ordered - For about the first 20 minutes. I previously had a Ping driver that I absolutely loved but after too many hits the head just came clean off. You really have to learn to hit this driver but once you do, the results are amazing. One tip I can give you is that you can't give this club a tentative swing; if you do your shots will go all over the place, hooking and slicing, needless to say I wasn't pleased about my purchase. Once I started to really experiment with my swing the club performed beautifully. I went golfing last week and about the 6th hole the sun was just peeking over the mountains. As I was hitting directly into the sun I had no way of tracking the ball. I hit the first one and felt like it was a mishit so I hit another one to be safe. I walked out to about 220 yards and couldn't find the balls so I dropped and hit another. On the way to the green I found them both right smack dab in the middle of the fairway about 270 off the tee. Needless to say I was ecstatic. Best driver I've ever had, (except for those first 20 minutes.) Drawbacks: I noticed that there were quite a few scratches on the bottom of the club after the first use. I have no doubts that the club will hold up and perform well but it will look like it's been well used.
N. B
May 20, 2008
I have the 2, 3, and 4 KC2 hybrids and they are the most consistent clubs in my bag.
J. Larabee
May 18, 2008
I have tried innumerable 3 woods and never could consistently get them in the air until now. I have yet to hit a bad ball with the P2 fairway wood. I have a stock senior shaft and the ball sounds and looks like a golf shot should. It just flies off the clubhead and never slices, which I was prone to do with other 3 woods. All in all an awesome club and what a value. One more thing. I recently clobbered the ball 230 yards from the fairway. I don't hit drives that long too often. OK, so usually I hit this club about 190-200 yds, but that's still more than any other 3 I hit before.
R. Katz
May 14, 2008
Hi. Just a quick note to say I have received my lGX2 Draw from Gigagolf. As usual your customer service was excellent and the products up to their usual high quality. This is my third order with Giga and would now not consider buying any clubs locally in Australia. Thanks again for the excellent service. Kind Regards, G. Sparkes
G. Sparks
May 13, 2008
I ordered a 3 wood and 5 wood from the GX2 series. I loved them both, so much, that I have now ordered the 1 wood, hope I get the same results with this club as I did with the 3 and 5.
J. migliorato
May 12, 2008
I purchased the C9 hybrid #4 with the grafalloy shaft as a skeptic. I generally believe that you get what you pay for and have been playing with brand name clubs. I was very pleasantly surprised by this club. I use it all around the course from off the tee on long par 3s, the middle of the fairway, the rough, fairway bunkers and have even used it for long chip shots. I can routinely hit this club about 170 yards out of a fairway bunker with ease and I'm a beginner golfer who is just starting to routinely break a 100. There's no other club in my bag that I'll even attempt to use from a tight lie in the rough. This is a very nice club and I'd recommend it highly. I'm also purchasing clubs for my girlfriend and father from GigaGolf so I guess I'm now a believer.
G. Danton
May 11, 2008
Clubs arrived on Friday last...exactly one week from date of order to Adelaide, Australia! Played two rounds on the weekend and couldn't be happier. They look great, play true, predictable and forgiving. I had them fitted with graphite shafts and they feel like a natural extension of my body. and really inspire confidence at address. My partner's having a birthday in October so I'll be placing another order soon. Thank you Giga for a quality product and excellent service. I'm glad I chose to deal with you.
E. bishop
May 07, 2008
I left previous feedback saying how delighted I was with the quality of my new Revelation Hybrid set. Since then, I have been able to take them out to the golf course. Wow! For the first time I am able to consistently hit my irons longer and straighter! I was never able to do that in the past with the "off the rack" sets I have owned in the past. Buying clubs that are custom made to your dimensions and level of play makes all the sense in the world. I will never buy a set of clubs that are not custom made to my features ever again! Gigagolf provides custom service and great quality at prices that are affordable. I would refer Gigagolf to anyone who is looking to buy quality golf clubs at great prices.
D. Portelles
May 07, 2008
I love my new Revelation golf clubs. They do everything I expect of them and more. I shot a 79 yesterday and took 5 skins off my partners. I notice from time to time one of them will be checking out the clubs when they think I'm not looking. If you want a very positive testimonial, I'm here to toot your horn. It's been great working with a top notch organization. You should be proud.
J. Davis
May 05, 2008
I ordered the fairway ,gx2, the 5 and 7and was very surprised at the performance, long and straight. They are very easy to hit. I have let several of my friends try them and they say the same thing. Even the club pro is ordering the 5 and 7 and wants to try the 3 when mine comes in. Again thanks for the great clubs. I have knocked 10 of my score the first game,
L. Shires
May 05, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received my GX2 square driver with the draw bias and the GX2 square fairway wood the other day and after coming back from the range, I have seen my ball go further and straighter than with any other club!! Right from the first swing, the driver shots were pure and they carried a long way. Other people at the range were stopping and watching me bomb my shots. I am a long hitter but had problems with consistency as I would slice occasionally or push my tee shots but the draw bias on the driver helped cure that inconsistency! The pro that was there managing the range came over and told me that both my driver and 3 wood shots were about the best he's seen outside of a professional...that's high praise! I was carrying the 280+ consistently with the driver and 250+ with the 3 wood. I couldn't believe the distance I was getting and my swing was effortless! These numbers are about 20 yards more than with my old clubs! These clubs are so well made that I don't have to try to kill the ball to get distance...the clubs do the work for me. I am playing a round tomorrow and I am confident that my drives will be more consistent and straighter than ever before. I am so excited to go hit the ball that I can hardly wait to get on the course! I shoot in the mid 80's but with the added consistency that these clubs give me, I know I will finally break 80. Thank you GigaGolf for making quality clubs at a phenomenally affordable price and making the game more fun than ever.
R. Porter
May 03, 2008
I received my P2 irons yesterday. First off, they are gorgeous and obviously well built clubs. The graphite shafts look great and the Golf Pride DD2 grips fit my hands perfectly. The fit and finish was first-rate. I took them to the range this morning and I have to say, they perform better than they look. The ball simply jumps off the club face. The trajectory is high and I am getting about 5-8 extra yards in carry. I had been playing Ping Zings and have hit the Ping G10's but couldn't justify spending the money at this time. Once I spend a little more time dialing them in and adjusting to the new yardages, I can't wait to get them on the course. I'll let you know how it goes.
G. Fender
April 28, 2008
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your incredible team at Giga Golf for helping me pick the correct clubs, as well as the specs. I absolutely love the new irons I purchased. I bought the 3-wedge stiff featherflight shafted forged irons with the crossline cord grips. They are unbelievable. I played for the first time this year yesterday and shot 77. I was puring the irons and just missed some putts. What a set! Thanks again.
L. Medico Jr
April 28, 2008
The P2 fairway is exactly what I was looking for to pick 'em up off the tight Florida lies. The head size is just right- a little workability with a lot of forgiveness. The stock shaft produces an accurate, predictable flight- no balloons. The feel at impact is almost imperceptible, until you see your ball headed directly toward the target. If you can hit your hybrids, but have trouble hitting fairway woods, order this club- you won't be disappointed.
J. Jones
April 27, 2008
Bought the P2 Hybrid as a birthday present for myself. Love it, was able to customize it with a midsize grip and add an inch in length. Hit it long and straight just about everytime. Miss hits aren't punished like they were with my old 3 wood. Can easily expect this club to cut a few strokes off every round. Thanks Gigagolf.
R. Booth
April 26, 2008
I ordered the C9 driver and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. I had been using the same driver I purchased at a second hand sports store in high school and was doing pretty good with it...averaging around 200-250 yds. I recently figured it was time for an upgrade. I took it to the driving range and the ball was flying off the tee so fast I kept losing sight of it. I told my friends about it and they thought I was joking...then I played a round with them and they all just stood shocked as I was drove the ball over 300 yards. The look on their faces was amazing...I just smiled and went and sat in the cart. Amazing club gigagolf...simply amazing.
J. Paradee
April 26, 2008
Best decision I've ever made. As a recreational golfer it does not make sense to me to spend $600.00-$1000.00 or more in equipment. Your product exceeded my expectations. There is no measurable difference with your clubs and factory clubs when comparing with my friends name brand equipment. Thanks krb.
K. Burleigh
April 24, 2008
I bought the SGS Oil Can 52 & 56. They work great. I was looking at Titleist Vokey and thought I would try these as a less expensive alternative. Glad I did.
R. Davis
April 22, 2008
I ordered the GX2 square driver a little over a week ago. I am a 2 handicap that was looking for better driver control. Wow!! Did I get control. I have played four 18 hole rounds with the GX2 and have not missed a fairway. I was concerned that I might be trading accuracy for distance. I am pleased to say that I have picked up 10 additional yards in addition to the accuracy. My next door neighbor has a GX2 on order now and I expect more of my golfing friends to order. Way to keep up with technology GigaGolf. Thanks, L. McLeroy
L. McLeroy
April 21, 2008
I received my custom set of Revelation hybrid irons, and I am impressed! The irons are of excellent quality, and were made to the specifications I requested. I took them out to the range, and for the first time, I was able to hit my 3 and 4 iron consistently. I was able to hit the 3 iron 175-180 yards with modest effort. These two clubs are traditionally difficult to hit, but gigagolf has designed these clubs to be easy to hit. The 5 and 6 iron are my next challenge! I will be purchasing other clubs and accessories from gigagolf in the future. Gigagolf has combined excellent value with great products. Their service is second to none!
D. Portelles
April 18, 2008
I really like the C9 irons. I bought them after I had a chance to hit a similar name brand club sold at the retail proshops. Honestly, I get more distance and a straighter, higher ball flight out of these clubs. They are a little tough to control around the greens, but overall I am pleased with the set, and I saved about $1000.00.
R. west
April 14, 2008
The C9 irons are the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. They are the easy to hit and very forgiving. I was looking for a set to replace my 4 year old set of Taylor Made irons. They were fine but I couldn't seem to get any better. I looked at high tech sets that were over $1000 but decided to give the C9s a try. They seem to have all the same materials and technology for a fraction of the price. And With the 30 day guarantee I thought I would end up returning them. But NO WAY are these going back. The first time out I shot 5 strokes under my handicap.
R. Bice
April 14, 2008
I loves this driver. Purchased the draw biased with 12 deg. loft. Club has added 25-30 yrds to my driving distance. I cant wait to see the distance I get when the courses dry out. I'm in the mid-west and it early April so where the ball hits it stays. Even with no roll I've been able hit 270yrds. For the first time ever I see my ball moving right to left in the air. My old drivers even when struck well almost always had a slight fade. Now they have a slight draw when hit well, go straight when struck pretty good. A poor shot is still poor shot. But the quality of the good shots is much better and happpen more often. Great price and performance is an awesome combination.
E. Baugh
April 13, 2008
I was a little unsure about what shaft flex to get. I was between a S and R. Thanks Bill for spending some time with me to get the right shaft. You are right the Firm flex is a good choice for my game.
A. Rodriguez Alonso
April 12, 2008
They play as good as they look, Great!
M. Yancura
April 10, 2008
I have just received my new m510 Blades. I live in Dubai and they arrived in just 3 days. I was a bit of a pain as a customer as I kept changing my mind on spec. Finally I decided on Golf Pride DD2 grips in Yellow and True Temper Gold R300's. I am 6.0ft so had them bent +1 degree. I can honestly say I have never played a better club for feel and looks. I currently use Mizuno MP32's and these are better by far. Well done on a good job GigaGolf and thanks for being patient with me! Scott Kerins - Dubai, UAE
S. Kerins
April 04, 2008
I ordered the GX2 Draw. I Was worried about the quality of this club when I bought it, but it has surprised me. Its extremely accurate and hits the ball out there. Not quite as long as my Burner but much more accurate. I can actually hit a draw now. Think I should have went with a senior shaft rather that the regular but I think the club performs as advertised and I plan on ordering the 3 and 5 in the near future.

GigaGolf: Thank you for your comments. Going with an A Flex shaft would increase your distance but if your swing speed is too high you accuracy will suffer. Let us know if you want to change the shaft and we will be happy to do that for you.

M. Newburn
April 03, 2008
FANTASTIC !!! Great clubs, excellent communication from GIGAGOLF. I am from Brazil and received my clubs within 8 days from my order. Just played with then and they are great! My friends all loved the clubs and I didn't say a thing about the price... I recommend GIGAGOLF to everybody everywhere in the world, it works ! From now on it's my private golf store. Thanks guys, you are the best!
A. Schmuziger
March 28, 2008
One word for this driver: "SWEET". So sweet, that I ordered the 3 &5 woods.
P. galus
March 22, 2008
SGS black wedges that I ordered 56 and 62 degree are just as good as Callaway's x forged wedges. I bought 2 wedges for less than half the cost of theirs. I've only hit them at the range but they feel great.
E. martin
March 21, 2008
I got the three and four Composite Crown hybrid and have played them seven rounds. I love them. so easy to hit straight with a nice trajectory. Look great at address. What a bargain!!!
March 21, 2008
Don't get to play very often the last few years. Bought the C9 3 wood and am very pleased with it. Had a 5 yr old Callaway 3W with a smaller head and was afraid to use it sometimes cuz I hit it almost at far end of the toe and it went almost sideways a couple of times. I also tended to slice it. The C9 goes straight - hit the green from 200 plus yards out on one hole the second time I played with it. Also bought an Ozzy driver which I returned with no problem. Thinking of getting some irons and a hybrid which I will buy from Gigagolf. Great quality, value and service.
C. Yoshina
March 20, 2008
I bought a set of C9 irons late last year in '07 and upgraded the shafts to the UST graphite V2's. What an excellent value for a good set of irons! I have shot in the 70's several times with these irons over the last few months - I'm a 15+ handicapper. No joke! I used to struggle with accuracy from a set of X-14's with Firm stock graphite shafts but I hit these like a laser. Good trajectory and buttery smooth feel! I just purchased a GX Squared Ti driver with a UST HDX 70 shaft as Gigagolf recommended. I can't wait to go out and see how it improves my FIR's.
J. Riffe
March 20, 2008
Hey guys, I took my new P2 irons out to the course today and I have to tell you that they are beyond my expectations. I got a full club of added distance and found that I had every bit as much control with graphite shafts. The HDX 80 is a good choice for anyone who needs a few more yards without losing accuracy. Thanks again!
P. Gasteau
March 20, 2008
I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my P2 hybrid #4. I've never had much success hitting hybrids, but these are so easy to hit that I have ordered the #5 and 6. I let my pro hit the #4 and he was very impressed with quality and feel. He said he could feel the ball throughout the club at impact. I'm a relatively new golfer and he explained that it is a good feeling to have. He was also impressed with the price. He guessed the club cost $60-70 based on the quality of the components and the look of the club. When I told him it was $36, he was shocked. Thanks guys for making great quality clubs at affordable prices. You have a customer for life.
S. Dean
March 17, 2008
My new GX2 draw driver is possibly the easiest driver I've ever tried to hit. I didn't struggle with my drives to much but when I didn't hit it right it would be way off target (most of the time a slice). With this club (which I haven't had but a week) I just take a rip at it and it goes straight and long. I may push it or pull it a little, but I believe that will work out when I get more use to how to set up with it. Thanks again GigaGolf for an excellent product. BTW I have the C-9 irons and I love 'em!!
K. Dean
March 07, 2008
I went to dicks and tried out every brand name iron. I was told by a friend to order my clubs off of this website and I wouldn't regret it. I ordered the KC2 4-SW and got the gap wedge also. These clubs exceeded my expectations. They are built very well and I plan on using them for at least 2 seasons. These irons are very forgiving. Even when I miss-hit, the ball only goes 10 or 15 yards right or left. I get amazing distance with my 4 and 5 irons. I bought the new Cleveland XLS Driver, 3, and 5 wood. I should have waited because once I played with these irons I knew that the 5 wood would be of no use to me. I paid just as much for the 5 wood as I did my whole giga golf iron set. I also recommend getting the SGS lob wedge to compliment your set. This 20 dollar wedge performs just as well as a 120 dollar Cleveland.
D. Helbig
March 07, 2008
I ordered a c-9 driver , received on a Friday and was in a golf tournament on sat. My game was suffering , but my drives were good. My partner was amazed at my drives, so I let him hit the c-9 By the end of the round he insisted on purchasing the c-9. I told him how to order and be fitted . He wanted mine. So I made a few bucks on the deal, went home and ordered another c-9 at 15% discount. I COUDN'T BE HAPPIER. the second c-9 is exactly the same as the first and I love hitting this club. THANK YOU GIGAGOLF.
J. cameron
March 05, 2008
These are a great set of hybrid clubs. I really like the fact that they are all build in relation to each other instead of traditional irons with maybe a 3 and 4 hybrid stuck in, they are all hybrid like. For the first time ever I was able to constantly hit my 3 iron (I was even using it off the tee). On the par 3 - 191 yard hole at my home course I stuck it to 8 feet dead center (without any mulligans even). Great clubs and great value
J. Kuester
March 04, 2008
The quality and workmanship of these clubs is evident as soon as you get them out of the box. I still cannot believe the value of these irons in terms of price and performance, especially when I have hit them side by side Mizunos, Titleist, etc. The Pursuit forged are an excellent set of clubs for a low handicapper looking for the feel of a great forged blade.
B. Faley
March 04, 2008
Just received the 3 wood as well and like the driver, they upgraded the shafts to Grafalloy Pursuit shafts because they were out of stock with the HDX 70 shafts. I went to an indoor driving range we have here and hit a few balls with the 3 wood. I couldn't believe how far and straight they were. AMAZING! Can't wait to try this club on the course in another month.
K. Fancy
March 04, 2008
I just received my GX Squared TI driver today after waiting for a week or so. I actually wanted the HDX 70 Graphite shafts on the driver, but they were out of stock and upgraded them to the Grafalloy pursuit shafts at no extra charge. It's still winter here in Canada, but we have an indoor driving range and a couple of indoor golf simulator's as well. I hit a few balls with the driver and knew from the first ball I hit that this will be a club I won't be afraid to use. With my old driver I would hook it right always, I think I've only hit straight with that driver once, but after hitting a few balls with the driver they went straighter with the GX Squared TI than with my old driver. I'll have to test it out at the golf simulator one of these days to see how far it actually hits, only another month or so until the snow melts and then the courses will be open here. I cannot wait to start using on the course as well. Thanks Gigagolf!
K. Fancy
March 02, 2008
Ordered the 3 and 5 woods. Great clubs. Long, straight and a nice setup. The only problem I had was the headcovers included were missing. Called Gigagolf who apologized and had them a week later, no questions asked. Great clubs for the price. Great craftsmanship for less than a quarter of the brand names. Plus the customer service is excellent. What more can you ask for. Will be ordering nothing but your clubs ever again. Keep up the great work. Of all the independent club makers, your products, price, craftsmanship and customer service exceed 10 fold.
A. Pietrowski
March 02, 2008
Ordered the GX squared fairway and the GX 920 irons 3-PW. Live in Chicago but due to a short span of nice weather, went to the driving range to try them out. The woods are fantastic and the irons are beyond my expectations. Your online fitting makes me a believer. I have been playing 2 years and after even taking lessons, I have always had problems with my long irons. Tried hybrids but they were not for me. After 5 months of not swinging a club, I was amazed at how much more distance, consistency and straight shots I am getting from the GX 920's. If this is how the clubs perform after the first time after not doing any golfing for 6 months, I foresee nothing but more consistency and distance as I am able to get to the practice range. I ordered my driver the ozzy muto last year and love it. These clubs just have made my choice to order the irons and woods solid. I have steered many people to your site and tell them of the quality of your product. Don't think I get any other brand clubs again. Keep up the great work. Great quality and craftsmanship for the price.
A. Pietrowski
March 01, 2008
I received my set of GX920's in March of 2007. I am extremely pleased with how they performed. I'm the average, mid handicap golfer, but a decent iron player. I found that the custom fit option from Giga Golf was great. The extra shaft length and adjusted lie helped me be even more accurate and have more distance control with long and short irons. I'm sold on your company, product, and service. Golf season is coming here in the northeast so now I'm looking at your drivers to help with those inconsistent tee shots. I won't pay the big bucks for the off the rack driver that isn't fit for me. Thanks GigaGolf.
M. V
February 29, 2008
I took my GX2 Driver and C9 Irons to the driving range today. Starting with the Driver - I am really happy with distance and fell of it. I love the fell of the swing and the contact and also I feel more confident that I can hit long drives :) Irons - I own Callaway Big Bertha Irons with true Temper steel shaft. I wanted to buy a new set with graphite shafts. I was planning to buy Callaway or Ping irons but one day at I came to know about GigaGolf, I visited the site and really liked the eFit system as well as the C9 irons. I decided to give GigaGolf a try and ordered C9 irons. I received the order in Dubai, UAE with in 9 days. After trying these irons on driving range I can safely say that I made the right choice of buying from GigaGolf. These clubs feel great through out the swing and I like the distance as well. I am also happy that I saved a lot of money. As per the customer service Guru - Ron Kaufman - I rate the service quality of GigaGolf as "Surprising" I will recommend my friends to buy from GigaGolf and also my future golf purchases will be from GigaGolf only. Thanks. Khurram 29Feb2008
M. Ashraf
February 28, 2008
I was very wary about buying "clone" golf clubs, specially since they were so inexpensive. I mean lets be honest, how are you going to get great quality clubs that are this cheap? Well after reading the return policy about having "30 days to go hit with them and if you don't like them return them and get a full refund", I thought what do I have to lose. So I purchased the gx920 irons with out the 5 iron for 100 dollars and oh my gosh, what a buy!! Couldn't be happier with my clubs. Let my friend try them and he couldn't believe it. Hit a damn 6 iron 200 yards. Anyways, I did my research before I purchased my clubs from here, and ever expectation was fulfilled beyond belief. Everything will be bought here from now on... lets just hope gigagolf doesn't get a big head and bump there prices up on us in the future due to popularity and demand. Thanks gigagolf!
R. McDonald-Douglas
February 28, 2008
Wow! I received my C9 7 - P clubs yesterday and took them out for a spin today. Forgiveness, straight shots, responsive feel equals a happy camper.
M. Anderson
February 26, 2008
These are the best clubs I have ever bought. The custom fitting system really improved my game. The first day I bought these irons I went to the range and noticed that my shots had a little more distance and were much straighter. The feel when making contact was amazing with the graphite shafts. I give these clubs two thumbs up.
S. dean
February 24, 2008
Again gigagolf does a great job with these new fairway woods. I got the 3, 5 wood. Nice setup at address and very solid feel at impact. but what really stood out was just how "hot" the face was. Both clubs were 10 yards longer than my g5s and the square head kept the ball online to the target better too. Thanks gigagolf
K. j
February 24, 2008
I have been a gigagolf customer for 4 years now and each time I have ordered from them I have been pleased with there products. the gx2 driver was a very solid feeling driver. This club had a good sound to it not like the nike one. distance is just as good as the ft-I or sumo. Thanks gigagolf
K. J
February 22, 2008
I am a beginner lady golfer. I have been taking lessons for months now with a full set of clubs for women which were hard to hit. The first thing that impressed me about GG is that I could custom build any club for my gender, size and ability. I just got a GX Squared driver with Pro Launch Grafalloy 45 with a Crossline Lamkin grip. I took it out to the driving range today and it performed great. My shots were straighter and I definitely added distance to my ball. I still have to overcome my learning curve with this new club but the initial results look very promising. Even my golf Pro was very impressed with the quality of your clubs and my shots. We be back again now for my irons!
J. Colon
February 21, 2008
I love my new C9 irons!! I was playing with PINGs that were 1 1/4" too short.. Now my game is on track thanks to the sizing of my new clubs. I upgraded to Grafalloy Pro Launch shafts and love em.. I was so sold on the irons I bought 2-3-4 hybrids.. Thanks GigaGolf!! I will be back! I have recommended you to all my friends!
J. B
February 16, 2008
The Revelation hybrids are the best set of irons I've ever hit. The addition of the hybrid 3 and 4 make long iron shots a breeze. Could never hit a 3 iron like I can the 3 hybrid. Set took an average 5 strokes off of my game. Much easier to hit and more accurate than my Callaways. I'd definitely recommend not only these clubs but also the great service I got from GigaGolf.
J. Klems
February 13, 2008
I bought complete 3 wedges. 52, 56 and 60 degree all together in order to get the 50% discount for international shipping cost. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Consistent and accurate shot on my carbon steel wedges with a F Flex steel shaft gave me good feel for my short game. Just like Titleist Vokey or Callaway wedges with cheaper price. Make sure you gave the right physical data and swing speed in order to get the best fitting club. I cut my handicap almost 18 stroke bro as I improve a lot at my short game.
S. Masri
February 13, 2008
These hybrids completed my first GIGA custom set. I live in the Northeast and it has been a terrible winter so I haven't had a chance to play them yet. However the quality of these hybrids is really awesome. I don't think I have held a more balanced hybrid. I can't wait to play them. I'll let you know about the performance. SW
S. Wright
February 13, 2008
Very good irons and very good custom fitting. Bravo to gigagolf experts. Make sure you give the correct physical data and correct swing speed in order to get the best fitting from gigagolf. Now my ball flight is more accurate and more consistent. I took F flex for the steel shaft even I had an easy swing. Good quality and forgiven club.
S. Masri
February 09, 2008
First, the club arrived in five days, and was EXACTLY as ordered... beautiful out of the box! I got a chance to take it to the range prior to hitting the course, and it performed wonderfully -- great ball flight, and I was even able to work the ball... something I couldn't do with the name-brand square-head drivers I had tried before. On the course, the results were great! The only fairways I missed were the ones where the ball rolled into the first cut, and my average drives were 270 yards (about 30 more than usual), and beautiful drives of 280-290 yards. This club is a great confidence builder... I'm sure I'll love it more as I get the feel of it! My playing partner thought I had bought a Callaway FT-I. He was shocked when I told him how little I had actually paid! The ball sure didn't know! Thanks GigaGolf! I'll be purchasing again when I need new irons!
E. Mueller
February 08, 2008
Have purchased C9 irons and hybrids and must say the quality for the price is amazing. The irons look great, set up nicely and the ball literally explodes off the clubface. The titanium faces let you know you've made contact, but the distance and accuracy are first rate. The hybrids are simply a beautifully made club which rivals the finish quality of the best major brands. On the customer service side, Bill could not have been nicer to work with.
T. Low
February 06, 2008
Received my GX2 driver and I have played three times. WOW! I love it! I can't believe I used to spend $300-$400 for drivers. I tried the Ozzy Moto, liked it, and now this club is even better. I think one of the keys is help with the shaft selection. I'm hooked!!
G. Tolbert
February 02, 2008
Commande d'un GX en 9° avec un shaft V2 en stiff pour un cout 140 $ + 56 $ de port +4 ¬ de frais de carte visa + 36 ¬ de taxes. Soit un total de 165 ¬. Un tres bon club pour le prix, bien fini, shaft top, delai de livraison de moins d'une semaine. Pas de probleme avec la carte visa. Compagnie serieuse. Je recommanderai chez eux.
B. Francois
January 31, 2008
I bought my iron set mid-way through last season and couldn't believe the difference in feel and control I had with my old clubs. I played about 12 rounds with my new Gx920 irons and dropped my score by about 5 strokes.
J. Buxton
January 24, 2008
Ordered the Revelation Hybrid set Monday, shipped Tuesday and I received them on Wednesday. Very fast service. Of course I live only 30 miles from store. Took them out today, Played the same course I played Tuesday with my old iron set. Knocked 9 strokes of my score from then. And that was just 9 holes. These clubs are GREAT!!! The best set I have every played with. And for the money everyone should have a set of them. They are forgiving, accurate and long. LOVE them. Order them from these guys.
J. Warr
January 22, 2008
I ordered my wife a gx2. driver before going on vacation. The quality of club and spec's were amazing for the price. guess what! My game was great except for my driving. Tried her gx2. Turned out to be a fairway splitter. Just ordered my own. Thanks Giga!
B. burke
January 22, 2008
Outstanding is all I can say. These clubs are all I could expect. Great help for what I needed & quick delivery. Thank you GIGAGOLF. Ron Edwards, Whitby, Ontario
R. edwards
January 18, 2008
Wanting to play bladed irons, i bought the Pursuit M510 Forged Muscle Back irons. Received the clubs in Europe just four days after ordering and they look absolutely stunning. Although playing to a 16 handicap i found these no harder to use on the course than shallow cavity's. Excellent distancecontrol and the possibility of shaping the ballflight real easy. Dropped my handicap in my first outing, during my club's monthly medal to 14, due to shooting a nett 66. Highly recomendable, both because of the clubs and the GigaGolf service. Harry from Arnhem, Holland
H. Korver
January 18, 2008
My friends were skeptical because these were not "named clubs". They are amazing irons! Since purchasing these, I have had a putter and a hybrid made by Gigagolf.
K. C
January 15, 2008
The c510 Forged Cavity Irons are GREAT!! I'm very pleased with the quality, appearance and performance of these irons. I ordered the 4-LW and upgraded with the Rilfe shafts. I had purchased an 8 iron 2 months earlier to test the product. The c510 Forged Cavity Irons are comparable to any of the named brand irons at $1000.
A. Calhoun
January 15, 2008
The 3 and 4 hybrids have helped me hit greens from over 200 yards, which is something I have never been able to do.
J. Heavey
January 15, 2008
I bought the C9 driver a few weeks ago with a set of C9 irons and C9 hybrids. They are all great. But the driver is really special. Before I bought this driver I drove the ball an average of 230 yards. Now I probably average at 255. But even more impressive is that a really good drive used to go 260. Now a good drive goes nearly 300 yards. The driver is so good that one of my playing partners is ditching his $200 driver to buy one of these. It is great.
J. Heavey
January 15, 2008
I bought the C9 irons a while ago and they took a few rounds to get used to, just like any other set of new clubs, but now they are great. I can safely say that in about the 3 weeks I have had these clubs, I have lowered my average score on a round by about 4 shots. They also offer incredible distance. I am now using 1 club higher than I used to so from where I would use a 7 iron I now use an 8.
J. Heavey
January 09, 2008
I ordered the Powermax GX 920 driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, and 4-LW irons. I was looking for clubs that were not too "game improvement" and not too "players" clubs that would last me at least 5 years if not more (I had a very small budget). After extensive research (about 5 months) I finally decided on Gigagolf and on the GX 920s. Once I received my order I was not disappointed. Everything came correctly as ordered but the irons really impressed me. They were nice and had a thick top line and had a very deep cavity, the pictures don't give the clubs any justice. I've played these clubs about fours times since receiving them and my drives are longer and straighter and my iron play is longer and more accurate. I'm a very satisfied customer.
J. Chavez
January 09, 2008
I just played my first round with my new clubs from giga golf. I WAS DELITED WITH THE DRIVER AND THE 3 WOOD.Mu drives seemed to be longer than with my old bertha driver ,they were definitely straight. And the 3 wood is so simple to hit, I even tried it off the tee, which was a welcoming 250yards both times and straight as and arrow. The gx high launch irons were very forgiving and easy to hit, especially the p-wedge, very forgiving club. I you are in the market for new clubs, please gives giga golf a try, you will not be disappointed WILL ORDER AGAIN.
A. starnes
January 09, 2008
GigaGolf went far beyond my expectations, from their website, to customer service, to the actual product everything was superb. My Pursuit c510 irons and TC420 driver are the best clubs I've ever owned. Everything I ordered is built wonderfully and is absolutely beautiful. Thanks GigaGolf. Greg Beyer
G. Beyer
January 07, 2008
My new C-9 irons are the best clubs I have ever hit. I haven't tried any high end clubs before except for a Cal. X-20, but I find them ( C-9 ) easier to hit and as long or longer than the Callaways. The weight of the clubs makes swinging them a breeze and the ball jumps off the face like a rocket. The feel at impact so soft it's hard to describe. I think that having clubs set-up for me by your swing tutor is a great advantage. I like everything about my experience with GigaGolf especially the performance of my new clubs, and after all isn't that what it's all about !
January 06, 2008
I bought the 2H and 3W in this series. In fact, I've bought lots of clubs from Giga and the C9 series is the best yet. I crank the 2H off the box more than my driver! If you're looking for consistency and forgiveness BUY this club! The best club in the bag!
A. Exum
December 17, 2007
These clubs are great!! I ordered the 5-PW and have played 5 rounds with them now. These clubs feel great, are easy to hit and are very forgiving. I have also added about 15-20 yds. to my iron game. I would highly recommend them to beginning golfers like myself
R. Pendleton
December 16, 2007
Two weeks ago, I received my new PowerMax Revelation Hybrid Sets and it already won me with our Club Friday Tournament last 7th December 2007. Eventually it also lowered my handicap to two strokes. It gives me the most needed accuracy on my shot and the Pitching & Sand Wedge improves my short games. However, I can't get distance with Hybrid 3 & 4. The maximum distance I can get from my Hybrid 3, somewhere between 150-70 yards. Ive got Callaway Heavenwood 5h Hybrid with graphite shaft and it usually gives me 170-190 yards. Any comments on that?
December 06, 2007
You spent a great deal of time with me on the phone answering my questions and helping me understand your products and your product quality. I am sure I am not the only one with questions. I want to thank you and tell you that the Lady Diamonds that I ordered for my wife just arrived. I was a little gun shy about ordering from the net. Some guys out there show you a picture and when the product arrives you realize that the photo tricks used rival that of the Lindsey Wagnor mattress commercials. The clubs are VERY impressive. If I can hold back my excitement I will wait until Chrismas to give them to my wife. With clubs this nice I am sure she will be scoring low. I will let you know just how well she does. Thanks again, p.s. Now I think it is my turn.
November 23, 2007
a friend ordered a set of your gx irons so I grabbed a C 9 5 iron for a try! The build quality is very good. My distance is about the same from my other 5 iron but i must say that "feel", while subjective, is very good. I am toying w the idea of ordering the rest of the set. Your online club fitting is a nice feature. I was fitted for irons in person, and came up with the same plus 1 standard as your site.
P. Matthew
November 12, 2007
I just got back into golf after 5 years off because of shoulder problems and surgery. I bought this driver and a set of 920 irons and play more consistent now than ever before. The graphite shafts in the clubs make it easy on my shoulder but produce longer more forgiving shots.Ater 3 months I am very confident in my game all because of the clubs I bought from Giga Golf. Thanks for putting the fun back in my game.
J. Baker
October 19, 2007
I took my new C9 irons (5-9 with Rifle R flex shafts) out to play for the first time today. With the first swing with a 7 iron on the practice tee, I knew I would love the C9's. The ball comes off the face very hot with a lot of pop. Yet the feel on contact is very soft, almost like hitting a forged iron but these are easy to hit ultra game improvement clubs. The C9's get the ball up very quickly with a high trajectory so the ball tends to land very softly, which means you can definitely have a go at the greens with approach shots. My old irons weren't bad (Harvey Penick Plus titanium face cavity back design, also with Rifle R flex shafts), but the C9's are a quantum leap improvement. I had considered getting the GX920 irons based on playing a round with Callaway X-20's, but I'm glad I didn't. For me at least, the C9's are a much better club.
C. Pena
October 17, 2007
Thank you guys for saving me over $300. Your right the ball does not know how much you paid for your clubs.
B. Springfield
October 15, 2007
The C9 is an excellent driver and GigaGolf is a great service. Hit the ball straighter and got great distance. Very forgiving. Performed as good as my Ping but at 1/4 the cost. Will definitely recommend and buy again. Cheers
J. Canada
October 15, 2007
Just wanted to let you and anyone else know, the Power Max GX920 irons I ordered and received last week are top notch. I ordered the regular flex (my big name/high dollar set is firm) 2-degrees upright. I?m getting 10 to 15 yards more in distance. There are a couple of par 3?s at my home course, where I was having to use a #4 hybrid, but with the GX920 irons, I?m getting there with a 5-iron. The wide sole helps to make good contact and launch the ball for extra distance. Folks, you can spend the big bucks if you want, but you won?t get a better product. M. Holland
M. Holland
October 14, 2007
I am very happy with the clubs I received. I will certainly recommend GigaGolf to my friends. As an area for improvement, I would suggest that international customers have more mailing options. ie I would love to buy a putter now, but the cost of mailing is greater than the cost of the club. Overall I'm very happy though.
S. Lee
October 12, 2007
Just wanted to let you know that I've been thoroughly pleased with the customized Power Max GX920 irons and woods that your company built for me. When I was looking around for a place to buy clubs, I chose GigaGolf over the others because of the quality of materials you offered, your ability to customize to both club length and lie, and your satisfaction guarantee.
D. Walsh
October 11, 2007
I was wondering how you do a customer comment. I just got my wife a set of the lady diamonds. Ordered them on a Sunday, they were built and shipped in amazing time. I am more than happy with the service and ease of ordering. Clubs are better then I expected for the price. I have to admit I was a little gun shy but you have changed my mind. Fitting was easy and she hits them perfect. She can even hit the 4 iron. Thank you guys very much for the alternative to my $2000 Nike set. I will be updating my clubs very soon and I promise you have my business from now on. Once again thanks and please leave me know how to do a comment. I will also be telling my friends about you.
J. Krushinskie
October 05, 2007
In my current driver assortment I have a Cobra F Speed, Taylor R 7, and a Titlest 907 D 1, all regular shafts. I have two set of irons, Miura CB 201's and a set of Scratch Golf AR l's. Whats the point of all this ? I have never bought a clone until I ordered your OZZY Moto. I bought it as a joke on someone and it appears the joke is on me. Your club out performs every driver I own, distance and accuracy. One more thing, which is the most surprising of all,it actually does not sound like a little league baseball game.
L. Roberts
October 02, 2007
I ordered KC2 Driver, fairway woods and a set of Revelation hybrid irons. I must confess I was a little skeptical before ordering, however, the 30 day guarantee and the many positive Bizrate referrals gave me the confidence to place the order. I want to thank Bill for the extra help he gave me. Although I probably did not need it, his affirmation of my selections also gave me more confidence. Overall, the clubs are great! I am hitting my drives much longer and more consistently with the screws in the draw position. The Revelation hybrid set is awesome. I actually feel like I have a chance to birdie long par 3s. All my iron shots are more consistent. They are quite simply a lot easier to play and make the game more fun.
J. Conley
September 20, 2007
I purchased an Ozzy 460TI two months ago. I wanted to have several rounds of gold under my belt before I commented on this club. This is a great club! I hit further and straighter than EVER before. I am impressed by the quality of this club. I will buy from you in the future.
R. Johnson
September 18, 2007
Hi, I just purchased the ozzy moto 460 ti. I played it Saturday and was really impressed. I hit it much better than my Taylor Made R7. I'm glad I took the chance on this club. Much greater distance and accuracy. WOW!!! I couldn't figure out how to place a review, but I wanted to tell you how happy I was with the product and your website. My only complaint is that you don't have the fairway woods in left handed, but I'm sure glad you had the driver. I'm a club builder and was going to build a square driver and was looking on the web trying to find which head to use when I came across your site. Fantastic quality! I'm glad I let you build it. Thanks.
C. Fraser
September 15, 2007
I wanted to take a minute and share my experience with the Mod 15 putter. I was looking for a heavy putter that would help me keeps my hands still thru the stroke. I have read several articles recently about many pro players going to heavier mallet style putters in an effort to do the same. After reading the description I decided to give the mod 15 a try and it was exactly what I was looking for. The putter is not too heavy but does swing through the stoke effortessly. Point it at the hole and let it do the rest. Very happy and will be back to GigaGolf the next time I need a new club.
C. Perkins
September 14, 2007
Just received my GX920 High Launch irons today. I selected graphite shafts with the A (senior) flex. I'm 64 years old and haven't picked up a golf club in 30 years until today when I took my new clubs to the range. Wow! I hit the ball 10 to 20 yards longer than when I last played in my 30's. What a difference these irons make. On the last ball I pulled out the 3 hybrid and crushed it 200 yards down the middle with a slight draw. That was how far I used to hit my driver. I'm sold on Gigagolf service and quality. These clubs look like Callaway Big Bertha irons at 1/4 the cost.
W. Baggett
September 04, 2007
I received my set of C9 custom made clubs (C9Ti driver, 3 and 7 metal and C9 irons) via UPS on Friday 31/8/07 - only five working days from order date. You provide outstanding customer service and value. Even more outstanding was my first round with the clubs the following morning. I have been using TaylorMade clubs todate but the C9's are so easy to hit and travel further. Thank you for the great experience and be assured I will buy from Giga Golf in the future as well as pass on your great service by word of mouth to my other golfing friends. Regards, Gary Sparkes Gold Coast, Australia
G. Sparkes
August 16, 2007
I recently purchased C9 irons and a couple of hybrids from Giga Golf. It is hard to imagine a more satisfactory buying experience, from the excellent web site to the most outstanding customer service after the sale that I have ever seen (thanks again, Bill). By the way, the clubs are just as outstanding as the service.
A. Smith
August 14, 2007
When I receive a product that exceeds my expectations I must let the company know. I received my C9 irons yesterday and all I can say is WOW !!. They are 10 to 15 yards longer than my previous set of irons. Your eFit system was a pleasure to use. I found that I needed to adjust my lie by +2*. Most other websites don't even offer this option. The Feather Flight shaft in firm flex is a delight. The ball travels high, long and straight just as advertised. The slight offset makes it easy to hit these clubs square, and at setup the topline gives one a feeling of confidence. Even the few mishits I had went long and straight. Thanks to you and your club makers for building me a quality set of irons at a superb price.
B. Lindsay
August 13, 2007
I got a full set of GigaGolf custom clubs and then went out and beat my brother in law who has a $2,000 set of brand name stuff. You can't buy a golf swing.
T. Yang
August 12, 2007
I wanted to give my testimonial. I just recieved my set of Ozzy Irons and I love them. I am 34 and just started golfing this summer. After speaking to Bill and reading the reviews I had to try these out for myself. I love them. I find them easier to hit and they feel great in my hands. I had them gripped with Jumbo Lamkin grips and I get lots of looks on my irons when I'm on the course. Thanks for the great product and shopping experience.
R. Halprin
August 11, 2007
I have just received my new clubs from you. It took two days to arrive here in Johannesburg, South Africa by UPS. This mail is just a big "Thank You" for an excellent service, price and a set of GX920 irons. I did not expect to receive such a great service from an internet based company. Again, Thank you. I will buy again from you. Regards
B. Ambrogio
August 08, 2007
I just received my new driver and want to thank you for a fine job. Your response was immediate and the club is a true work of craftsmanship. I am impressed. Also thanks to the fellow who gave me so much time on the phone during the ordering process. Because of his efforts the club fits me perfectly and feels like a million. Well Done!
G. Pierce
August 03, 2007
I was thinking about some new name brand irons when a friend convinced me to look at GigaGolf and that I didn't need to spend all that money to achieve the same game as the expensive name brand. Since the investment wasn't too steep and with their return policy I ordered from GX920s and have loved them ever since. Clubs here are just as good if not better than the name brands in my opinion.
L. Lords
August 03, 2007
I got my Moto driver and I must admit, it is the best driver I have every had. I hit the drive longer and straighter than ever before. I thank you for your help in the ordering of my club. I am thinking about one for my wife too.
K. Burden
August 02, 2007
Just a note to thank everyone at Gigagolf for great service and great clubs. I have just received my clubs in the UK, and I am thoroughly impressed. Great looks and build quality. Thanks for the help with customs. Can't wait for Saturday morning to try them out.
C. Noonan
August 02, 2007
I recently ordered a complete set of Pursuit m510 blades including lob wedge and the Pursuit TC 420 driver and the clubs are excellent. I love the blades they have a great feel and control, the driver feels very light but hits the ball a ton. Thanks John Hartman
J. Hartman
August 01, 2007
First Class Organization
R. Mears
July 31, 2007
It only took one week from order to delivery, from USA to Sweden. I´m impressed. Best regards
O. Holmberg
July 31, 2007
I have always been satisfied with GiGi Golf. When a club just didn't work for me, it was no problem with their guarantee!
Thanks for the kind words, but it is "GigaGolf". You know like Big Golf!
J. Rorech
July 29, 2007
I just received my hybrid iron set. I just wanted to say how pleased I am at the quality look and feel of your product. I am in Massachusetts so I won't get a chance to hit them right away, but, if they hit half as good as they look, I am in for one heck of a ride. I will be returning for more and will be recommending my friends take a look at your site. thanks again, Dave Thomas
D. Thomas
July 27, 2007
I recently purchased the Ozzy MOTO driver. I must tell you that I was extremely impressed with the distance and control with this driver. My normal drive was approx. 235-250 yds. with a cut. (really a slice) I now drive 285-300, with a somewhat consistant draw. I ordered the ust 75 shaft, stiff, 1" over....based on e-fit, performance has been phenominal. Our club pro, Mike Niel hit it at our weekly scramble, and crushed it approx. 320 yds. He was impressed, as he hits a nike sasquatch normally. Instantly some of the guys were asking me where, how, and how much. It took me about ten minutes to get my driver back from them?.. They hit more balls with it than I had in 3 previous days. By the way, if anyone wants to know about the durability of your product?the irons I purchased, have at least 2 years of play on them, 3-5 times a week??..did I mention I was a 21 hcp? These irons have plowed more soil than Farmer John! Take care, and keep the value and service up, it sets you apart! Thank you, Sean P. Tannehill
S. Tannehill
July 26, 2007
Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my C9 3 wood. This was my first purchase from GigaGolf and the quality was evident when I opened the box- the club compares with or exceeds any name-brand club I've ever seen. I purchased the club as an alternative to my driver, and can see that I made an excellent choice. It's almost as long as my driver and easier to control. Feels very stable at impact. I'll be getting the C9 hybrid next.
J. Jones
July 25, 2007
I recently purchased a set of hybrid clubs from you. I would like to say thank you for your excellant service, and I am very pleased with the clubs. Excellant quality and service, well done. My friend who I play golf with is so impressed he is going to purchase a set himself. Thank you Roger
R. Price
July 24, 2007
20 Jul 07 Received my GX920 custom built clubs in 1 day from US to UK fantastic. Their was a slight delay due to the heads being out of stock but hey only a couple of days. Tried them already and can tell the difference with custom shaft length and lie right away. I am telling all my golfing friends to give giggagolf a try. Thank you for a trully professional service. PS Already got my eye on a driver Regards Tony Lincoln England
T. Whitehead
July 21, 2007
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Power Max GX920's with the UST360 shafts. I'm also delighted with the wedges and 3 wood. They just may be the best clubs for the money on the planet. When I wear them out I plan to order another set. Great customer service too.
W. Henery
July 20, 2007
Dear Jay I thought i would let you know that since receiving my irons from you i have had some great results, effortless power and accuracy, what a great week i have just had, thrashed my big hitting son and son-in-law (thanks for the money lads) and i finished tied for first in competion on sunday i am now hitting the ball like I did years ago thanks.
G. Wright
July 19, 2007
Bill, Thanks for the solid advice in helping me custom build my set of Gigagolf C9's. 5 stars! There is a God! I've been playing golf with the same set of clubs for 25 years. I have never been able to hit a big headed driver. The C9 is the sweetest club I've ever placed in my hands. The first time I hit the club I felt like I was in my mid 20's again. Ultra light feel, totally unbelievable distance. This club would be a bargain at $400. If your considering a new driver, this is a must swing club. The C9 fairway woods are equally impressive. The C9 irons with the feather flight shafts are just as smooth. I've easily added 10-15 yards a club, in addition to much greater accuracy. The hybrids took a little getting used to, but have definitely replaced the 3 and 4 irons in my bag. Oh, did I mention that this is one great looking, quality set of clubs that will save you a smooth 2 grand over the comparable Ping Ratures. Game over!!! Gigagolf for life, Gary
G. Pomeroy
July 16, 2007
Thanks to you and your staff for helping me configure the set ... you guys are awesome. Thought I would give you a quick review of my initial experience on the driving range and course. Review: C-9 Irons w/ UST Proforce RV2 shafts What a HOT!! combination. The ball literally explodes off the face. The C-9 club head is extremely easy to hit ... even off-center shots go a long way. And, the UST RV2 shaft keeps the shots on target even when I jump on it. With this combination and my normal swing, I'm at least 1 club longer. SW was 85 yards, now 100 yards. Used an 8 iron from 150 yard marker ... now using a 9 iron. 4 iron was 195 ... now around 210. The only downside is I've got to re-think my game because the C-9 irons are sooooo long.
N. Coleman
July 15, 2007
I bought my driver about 2 months ago. I have been happy with my success with it. This past week end I used it on a short par 4 247 yards. I recorded a hole in one with my giga golf driver. The driver has been giving me a nice draw to my shorts. Thought you might want to know of my success with your product. It cost me another $94 in drinks. Ed Mullis
E. Mullis
July 09, 2007
"Thanks!" for the wonderful service. Six days including a long holiday weekend and time for shipping and handling. I can't believe it. And the quality and price of the club? That, too, is better than I would have believed possible. Keep up the good work.
M. Fiddler
July 07, 2007
I would like to thank you for your great service. I am very satisfied both with the quality of the clubs and the delivery time. I am going to recommend GIGAGOLF to all of my friends who will be thinking of buying new clubs. The experience is really worth it!
J. Zlesak
July 05, 2007
Always have had fast and friendly service from GigaGolf. The products are every bit as good as what the bigger brands offer and the prices cannot be beat for this quality. After trying my club, several other club members have bought GigaGolf clubs.
R. Halston
July 02, 2007
I wanted to mention how happy I am with Giga Golf. I ordered two full sets of clubs (wedges/Irons/Hybrids/woods/Driver). I purchased a set of Lady Diamonds and a set of forged irons with C9 woods (replaced C9 irons with forged). Although I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products, what I really wanted to write about was your customer service. As I mentioned above, I returned a set of C9 Irons and replaced them with forged irons later. When I called customer service I told them I was very happy with the C9s, they were everything I expected, but I had decided I would rather go with forged - no questions - no arguments - the service was FANTASTIC and right on time as promised. I have purchased hundreds of items on the internet, including two cars. I really can't express how impressed I am with the service I received from you - best on the internet regardless of what you are buying IMO. Thanks again!
D. Coombs
June 30, 2007
Really happy with the product that I received. Had to make a couple minimal changes to the initial order that I put in do to stock shortage. Talked it over with customer service rep and made the changes after a couple of minutes. Have been golfing three times since I received and I am quite happy with the product that I received. It is quite a step up from the equipment that I was using.
T. Narducci
June 30, 2007
I must tell you how impressed I was when I received the Moto driver. The club looks great, went to the range and felt a good connection with this driver. The real test came when I first took it out on course. On the first hole ( 325 yd par 4) I hit it dead center and only 20 yards from the front edge of the green. I only missed one fairway and had one of my best rounds yet. The 3 wood was solid as well, helping me reach the par 5's in two. What a difference the right clubs make and I just want to say thanks a bunch. Jim, Miami
J. Spence
June 23, 2007
Great Web Site...tons of useful information..easy to navigate...excellent help on phone...I suspect the golf clubs will be as good as their service..
D. Gaeta
June 19, 2007
I appreciate your quick response to my E-mail. Especially the phone call from "Jay". It shows me you do value customers. I received my Tradition wedges yesterday and definitely will order from you again. Keep up the good work. I will tell all my friends.
J. Justice
June 14, 2007
Some feedback and comments for the website... I recently received a C9 VFT Composite Ti driver, and I have to tell you, I've never enjoyed hitting a golf ball as much. I saw a dramatic improvement in the length of my drives, as the ball just explodes off the face. I also saw a marked difference in the ball flight, which was much straighter than my old slice. Easily the best club I've ever hit. I ordered the C9 Ti Face Insert irons as well, can't wait to swing them! Thanks GigaGolf!!!
A. Bradshaw
June 13, 2007
I just wanted to say thank you for the Moto driver I purchased. received it yesterday went to the range and WOW!!!! I have never hit a driver well and with this new driver was hitting straight down the middle and at least 20 yards farther than any other driver I have used.. Thanks again
M. Goehring
June 01, 2007
Compliments all around for not only the product but also the shipping. The Driver is exactly as advertised and the shipping was amazing. Being Canadian, things always seem to take longer and cost more coming from the south, but certainly not in this case. The product actually got here two before it was suppose to arrive. Thanks to all that made this happen!! Don Martin
D. Martin
May 28, 2007
The level of service Giga has shown me is only exceeded only by the quality of your product. At my request, my children replaced shirts and socks with Giga gift certificates for my birthday. On Monday the day after my birthday a set of GX920's was ordered. The clubs arrived Thursday evening in time for my round on Saturday. Wow, what a difference over my old irons. Thank you! ps I'm spreading the word.
S. Fouts
May 25, 2007
I'm quite satisfied was the entire ordering process. The Driver I ordered is paying dividends already. It is out driving my Taylor made 580xd by 15 to 20 yards.
J. Dixon
May 24, 2007
I ordered several fairway woods and a putter from Giga Golf and I received the order within 4 days. The clubs look as good as my Callaway X series woods and they play equally as well. I wish I had known about these clubs before I spent $3200 on a 3 wood.
R. Sheerin
May 18, 2007
I would like to say that I received my new GX 920's and used them the same day. Incredible results as I shaved 10 strokes off my game replacing 18 year old clubs. Beautiful craftsmanship and great distance as I can now accurately hit my 7-iron 170 yards without thinking twice about it. Thank you and I will be buying more soon.
D. Klaus
May 14, 2007
I just wanted to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the clubs I ordered. I never leave product comments but felt this was worth commenting on. I played an executive course this past weekend to try out my irons and was able to consistently par and bogey just about every hole. I bought the Powermax GX920 irons and Center Cut Mod 15 putter and they are both amazing! With the irons, I even landed on the green a couple times, which I've never been able to do before! As for the putter, I was sinking putts from 6-7 feet away and could 2 putt basically from anywhere on the green. I will definitely be recommending your site to others. Thanks again!
M. Phelps
May 10, 2007
Just wanted to let u guys know I used my XQ MUTO driver for first time today and it was awesome. Golf is a much easier game when your 275 yds out and in the fairway. Thank you guys for building me a great club. I have a set of irons from u being delivered today, and I can not wait to play them. Thanks again. Adam Bova
A. Bova
May 05, 2007
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my new GX920 Driver and fairway woods. The quality of the parts and the construction appears to be top notch. In fact even my golf instructor commented on how good the clubs where. I haven't had a new set of woods in almost 15 years and have to say I was a bit concerned about how well I would like them. My fears where not founded at all. Great job guys! Jason Hilton
J. Hilton
May 02, 2007
I wanted to share my review of the C9 driver. To start with this club is good looking and sets up nice. The ball comes off the face hot and sounds solid. The sweet spot is quite large and even with off-center hits the ball maintains trajectory and great distance. This is a wonderful club. Great job guys!
K. Thibodeau
May 01, 2007
Customer feedback on Square Muto driver. My previous driver was a System Q with Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 65 shaft which was great. But the Square Muto (with the same shaft) is just awesome! Very forgiving. Even mishits seem to find the fairway and still go long. And I just crush the ball when I hit the sweet spot. I have to admit that I actually like the obnoxious impact sound too. :-)
C. Pena
April 23, 2007
Bill, Just a quick note to say that I took my new Pursuit 420 with standard S flex 360 graphite shaft out to my firm's annual best ball tournament. (This was the first day I ever used it.) Average drive length - 295 yds - long drive length - 305 yds. With some weight adjustments, I'll likely improve those numbers. The fact is that this club is the "real deal". Nice work - I'm exceptionally pleased, Gary Teague
G. Teague
April 22, 2007
I am very satisfied with the quality of the products I ordered. All 5 clubs arrived to my exact requests. As a person who has purchased MANY products direct from the "BIG GUYS", and playing to a 8 handicap, I can already see that many more purchases will be in my future! I have recommended the web site to a few friends and they have all had a positive response.
J. Lucas
April 20, 2007
Great site, great email responses, good selection, high quality items, cheap prices. Way to go!
G. Hartford
April 20, 2007
I have been using 23 year-old blades with original grips, or what's left of them, since I began playing several years ago. It has long since been time to replace them especially since I need longer, more upright clubs. The new clubs, Power Max GX920 with a KC2 hybrid, are absolutely great. I haven't played a round yet, but the range felt good for the first time in years. No more "power fade". In fact, the longer clubs actually produced a slight hint of draw. Maybe 2007 has some scores in the 70s after all. I want everyone to know that the service has been great as well. I have already told all of my interested friends and family about you guys. Keep up the great work!
K. Charlton
April 19, 2007
Kudos again!! The clubs I ordered are a perfect fit, look great, and delivery was right on time. This is the second time I have ordered from GigaGolf and each experience was without issues. You even fixed my own mistakes in the ordering process. The clubs I ordered were the talk of the people in my golf class, they were amazed and impressed as was the instructor by the look on his face.....Thanks for the quality and the personal attention....Will be back for more as I improve! Bruce Morris
B. Morris
April 18, 2007
I received the driver I ordered and I want to thank you for the excellent service and product. I was killing my drives over 250 at the range and blasted a few into the middle of the net at the 250 mark that surely would have been 300+. I will be placing another order next week. Thanks for everything.
K. Monteavaro
April 15, 2007
I received my order yesterday and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the clubs. I have built golf clubs for several years and I know what quality is all about. I am pleased with the look and the design of the clubs, I can't wait to use them.
P. Cloar
April 15, 2007
Shot my first round in the 80s with my new clubs yesterday. A small length adjustment in combination with a 1 degree lie adjustment made the difference. And the oversized grip feels great.
P. Harris
April 14, 2007
This was my second purchase from GigaGolf. My first was a set of GX920's for myself. This most recent purchase was for my 14 year old son who has really enjoyed them. He selected the Acer style. I am very satisfied with both sets and have recommended GigaGolf to a few friends. They are a great value.
H. Watson
April 11, 2007
This quality would be a value at 3x the price.
L. Anton
April 10, 2007
This is my 6th purchase from GigaGolf. The 7th will be coming shortly.
L. Nickket
April 08, 2007
I was recommended your site by a friend and I admired the clubs he had purchased. The site for golfers is obviously run by people who know what they are talking about. The products represent great value!
R. Caird
April 07, 2007
I have just tried my clubs and they are fantastic. The shipping took 3 days even though I live in Spain.
P. Garcia (Spain)
April 06, 2007
Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts in getting my clubs shipped to me last Saturday. I really enjoyed the new irons. I played some of my best golf yet, so well in fact I had a hole in one on the Par 3 14th hole at the Witch (it played around 125 yards that day). I joked with my group saying I should just hang it up for the day.
D. DoCabo
April 04, 2007
repeat purchase, recommend giga golf to all who ask. superior service excellent product sensational value, to put it mildly. thanks giga golf. your e-fit is exact and exceptionally correct. i shaved approximately 12-14 strokes off of my game, in 2 weeks.
S. Sannehill
April 03, 2007
I have told my friends about the unique opportunity to get quality clubs at good prices thru your well run company, Giga Golf. Regarding the clubs, they are well built and look great. Thank-you for a good customer expierence.
T. Sokolowski
April 02, 2007
Just a quick note to let you know I have sent you 2 customers this month. i work in Country meadows proshop here in Plant City. I have purchased from Giga in the past and will continue to refer players to you. They are extremely pleased with all your products. Keep up the good work. By the way, I was a master club builder but I can't build a product as good as yours. Mike
M. Cipolla
March 30, 2007
Jay, Please forward this to Marketing or whereever this needs to go as we discussed. I recently purchased the XQ Muto 460Ti and was surprisingly impressed with the club. I hit it straighter and father then my R5. I don't know if it was because the club was custom to me or the large head of the club , but I was more confident at address thru the follow through. I was so impressed that I came back to the site and purchased a full set of the Turbo Power V92 Irons with Rifle FM shafts. Once again, I was very impressed. Straight shots and consistant distance showed through with these irons. And I have only been enjoying golf for 2 years now. I would've bought some fairway woods as well but had already had some custom ones made before I even found GigaGolf. That may not stop me from purchasing some from you in the future anyways, but I am going to play with the ones I have for awhile at least. Also when a possible problem came up with my order Jay was quick to call and inform me that a SW was not available, but would ship later. I found no problem with that. But when my clubs arrived, lo and behold, there was the SW. Seems the parts showed up, and all was well. That was a nice surprise. So, I guess in closing this longer then I wanted it to be email: I am imperessed with the products, customer service, and over all shopping with GigaGolf. Not only that, I reccommended the site to my mother. That says a lot in itself I think!!!! Emeran
E. Hofman
March 26, 2007
Bill, I played with my new Pursuit forged blades last night. I was lucky there weren't any other players, so I hit about 6 balls per hole. These clubs look fantastic and more than that, they are butter! Thank you for all of your time and help. I'll tell others and order some for my wife. Bob Caldwell
B. Caldwell
March 22, 2007
Absolute best web site I've ever seen. The club I ordered (power max 4 hybrid) has shaven at least 5 to ten strokes off my game, and I'm actually hitting it further than my nike slingshot hybrids. I've never been more exited to replace my expensive clubs with the absolute best clubs on the market at the fraction of the price. Jay Knickerbocker helped me set up my clubs, and I couldn't be happier with his service. Once agin thank you everyone at gigagolf for making this expierience awesome. If any of you guys make it up to northern california, I'd be more than happy to buy you a round. thanks again!!!!
K. Zearley
March 16, 2007
I received my order last night and would like to express my pleasure with my Power Max GX920 irons and Cloud Nine Hybrids. The quality of the heads, graphite shafts and grips appear to be excellent. Also the craftsmanship of the building seems of the highest category. Thanks for a great job!
W. Wistrand
March 14, 2007
Accuracy is a priority. When I'm going for the green I have to have the confidence I'll be able to stay on track. Now my Power Max KC2 Stainless Wood gives me the accuracy I demand. Oh yes, did I say the ball seems to just jump off the club face and my accuracy comes with distance? On target, a long way away is a great return on a small investment.
T. Dorgin
March 13, 2007
The GX920 irons have taken 10 stokes off my score! I love everything about them! I bought the set as a test to see how good the quality of GigaGolf was. I was using a set of hand-me-downs and didn't want to break the bank on a set of clubs. The value and performance of this set made me a believer in GigaGolf's products! I have since bought a set of woods based on my experience! Great Job GigaGolf!
J. Casey
March 12, 2007
I actually posted my best score ever with the PowerMax KC2 Driver. One of my buddies in our foursome wanted to see my drivers license to make sure it wasn't an imposter nailing clean straight shots down the middle of the fairway! I really like the weighting system in these clubs. They help me stay competitive while I'm still working out the kinks in my swing.
J. Casey
February 22, 2007
Just wanted to drop you a note about my satisfaction with GIGA Golf's quality equipment. I purchased a XQ 460 TI square face driver, and I can attest to the improved acurracy and distance over my Taylormade 320. I also purchased the companion 3 wood, and it has improved my game.
E. Marsh
February 05, 2007
I just completed 18 holes with my new Power Max irons and I wanted you to know how satisified I am. On a course that I infrequently play, I knocked 11 strokes off my previous best. Thank you for the great service, speedy delivery and attention to my requirements.
N.J. Elliott
January 16, 2007
Awesome experience - great site and prices were incredible
B. Baylor
January 14, 2007
Gigagolf is great! They helped me resolve a product issue with great courtesy and understanding. The quality of the products is better than I expected; the photos on the website don't do the products justice.
P. Larson
January 10, 2007
I just started playing this past fall and after talking to several different pro shops in the area about my swing decided that I need longer clubs. Thanks to Giga-Golf's eFit system I was able to find clubs that fit me and allow me to swing more naturally. Before buying the clubs I was shooting 110-115 consistently. Now I am shooting low 90's and I am ordering the even irons and a driver to finish my set out. Thank you so much!
J. Nickerson
January 04, 2007
I have ordered before from GigaGolf and found the service and products to be excellent.
H. Henderson
January 03, 2007
Some of my friends that have purchased from you and are very satisfied, so I decided to give GigaGolf a try. Boy I am glad I did. These clubs are solid and have added distance and accuracy to my game. Still working on the long irons but I am sure that is me. Anyway, thanks for the clubs. I still can't believe you can get quality custom fit clubs for a fraction of what the brands cost.
J. Ruesen
January 02, 2007
The GX920s are awesome clubs... I have told everyone I know how pleased I am. I WILL be ordering more in the future.
J. Gregory
January 01, 2007
Great Irons.
R. Bice
January 01, 2007
The C9 irons are the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. They are the easy to hit and very forgiving. I was looking for a set to replace my 4 year old set of Taylor Made irons. They were fine but I couldn't seem to get any better. I looked at high tech sets that were over $1000 but decided to give the C9s a try. They seem to have all the same materials and technology for a fraction of the price. And With the 30 day guarantee I thought I would end up returning them. But NO WAY are these going back. The first time out I shot 5 strokes under my handicap.
R. Bice
December 30, 2006
Excellent experience! Replaced my 5 year old miss fit set of Taylor Mades I really like the eFit system and the way I am hitting the ball with much less effort. No more fighting the slice, the upright lie adjustment really made the difference.
J. Catherine
December 27, 2006
Thanks for all the support, product availability, and quick delivery. I was very pleased with only what I purchased but with updates and the quick delivery. Again, thanks and you can expect referrals and my purchasing again.
L. Atkins
December 24, 2006
Good product, good price delivered on time. One minor problem, did not receive email confirmation as expected. Would use again (this was my third experience with gigagolf and all have been positive).
More and more of our customers have spam filters. We send out three emails for every order. The first is the conformation/receipt, second is a note to let you know that your order has been pulled and is in production, and the third is the UPS tracking number. These are all automated emails so if you do not get one, please check you spam folder. Thank You!
GigaGolf Customer Service
December 20, 2006
After ordering this driver, I went to the same course I played a month ago. I knocked 11 strokes off my game. Your service from order to delivery was 2nd to none. I also appreciated the assistance from you in shaft selection. I am very conservative about ordering from a company I had never heard of, but you have increased my comfort level.
D. Mckean
December 17, 2006
Have just made my fourth purchase from GigaGolf within a year. That´s all needed to say. The e-fit system is great, and customer service as well.
B. Odlund
December 12, 2006
I purchased the Pursuit TC420 driver a few weeks ago. this is a nice club. i don't ever recall a club purchase that i have made that played this well the first time out the box. a steal at the price i paid. i would tell anyone thinking about it to buy it. Just put your ego in check unless you know your game real well, and use the shaft fitting chart. Fairway woods from the same line would be nice.
K. Mullings
December 10, 2006
What a great website. I found out all of the information that I needed to make the purchase I wanted. It allowed me to view the product that I was buying in detail. If it is delivered when they project - Then what terrific service. I hope the product will turn out as advertised and rated. I am anxiously waiting to find out.
December 08, 2006
You may add my name to your list of satisfied customers. The irons look great and hit straight. The woods are gorgeous and I hit the ball even farther than before. The pro at the driving range was amazed at the quality of my new clubs. Your guarantee allowed me to purchase my clubs online with confidence.
P. Sheridan
December 05, 2006
Great clubs and excellent service. Thanks GigaGolf
L. Toms
December 04, 2006
Great site, with great options for those not willing or able to spend a fortune on "brand" name clubs.
November 30, 2006
What a wonderful experience. I myself own an Internet business and I have to say that I hope I treat my customers as well as GigaGolf has treated me.
L. Jenkins
November 27, 2006
I wanted to take a minute and congratulate you on your excellent company. You really put the customer first. I appreciate being able to buy irons individually. This allowed me to make a set that included 3 hybrid irons and 6 conventional irons. I now have a 3,4,5 Power Play Hybrids and 6,7,8,9,AW,PW Acer XP HTs. They really work great! Thanks Again!
R. Nelson
November 26, 2006
The clubs arrived this afternoon less than two working days after my order. Everything was perfect and I have had the pleasure of delivering clubs to my friends and they send their thanks too! Your prices are low, so it upsets me when I think about the high prices of name brand products!
M. Jönson (Sweden)
November 22, 2006
I have the unfortunate luck of being left handed, and due to that finding clubs to test, or just swing is difficult at best. So my outlook towards my purchase of a set of clubs from gigagolf was this. "If they do not workout all I've wasted was a few hundred dollars. Well I'm here to tell you that wasn't the case. They are not only a great value, but they are also performing the way I wanted them to. I have a twelve handicap and I play at least once a week. J. Lartigue

Thanks for the comments Jeff. Your note reminded me that we do not promote our 30 day guarantee well enough. If they did not workout you can get your money back. Of course, nobody plans to return when they buy but it is nice to know you can try the clubs before you decide to keep them.
R. Wilson
November 19, 2006
Just wanted to say I received the 3 & 5 KC2 fairway woods last week and they look great! I can't wait to hit'em. I'm anxiously waiting for a new set of irons from that are on their way this week. Anyway, I wanted let you know that my purchasing experience was a pleasure. You have a great web site that provided answers to all the questions I had and removed all my doubts about buying online. Thanks to everyone their for the fine clubs and for the quick service. Regards, Bob
B. Peterson
November 18, 2006
Excellent product quality, and easy ordering procedure. I plan to purchase again! Thanks.
J. Piazza
November 15, 2006
I could not be happier with my clubs. They hit beautifully, they look nice, and they FEEL great in my hands. I have never hit the ball so far, so straight, so consistently as I have with my Gigagolf PowerMax clubs. I also ordered a bag, which I did not like, and true to form, Gigagolf's customer service matched up with their fitting specialists expertise and helpfulness and they took the bag back. This has been an unbelievably excellent experience in ecommerce and excellence and attention to detail. I will buy again and recommend Gigagolf to all my friends and associates.
J. Reston
November 08, 2006
I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be any happier with my clubs. They all arrived in perfect condition. They have completely changed my game for the better. You guys build an outstanding product and I am completely satisfied. Great Job!
A. Ward
November 06, 2006
I ordered the Power Max GX920 irons a this week. I was a bit nervous about buying them online. Before I got the clubs I normally shot in the high 90's and could not hit my irons straight. I went out to a local course and was very impressed. My shots went longer and straighter than any other irons I've tried before. Now, I can't wait to play again. All I can say is Thank You very much. These clubs look and feel great, and play outstanding. It's amazing what the right club to do for your game. In addition, your customer service was outstanding. I ordered my clubs on a Tuesday asking that I can receive them by Friday. As demanding as this was, I got my clubs on time. Every email that I sent was answering quickly and phone conversation was courteous. Great job guys and good luck. Thank you.
S. Deets
November 04, 2006
First class service! I got free ground shipping with my order and it was at my door the next day! One of the best experiences purchasing online ever. Thanks Gigagolf!
L. Mosley
November 03, 2006
I wanted to say how much I enjoy my clubs from Gigagolf. I have the Pursuit wedges, and a Driver from Gigagolf, and I love them all. They are high quality clubs and what's even better is the affordable prices! Thanks for making my game better and more enjoyable with quality clubs.
S. R. Sutton
November 01, 2006
Your irons added about a club and a half to my normal distances. These clubs are sweet. Distance and a soft feel, just what I wanted.Thanks
D. Lay
October 30, 2006
Just got my clubs today. I am EXTREMELY Impressed. These are the nicest clubs I have ever seen. Excellent Quality. I even had a chance to go to the range and bat them around for a while. They are PERFECT! I am so happy. I also had a lot of fun customizing them on your site. That's half the fun. Thank you guys again, and I will be telling all my friends. Next week I will be ordering a matching 2 iron and sand wedge.
R. Melfi
October 27, 2006
Thanks for the prompt shipment of my order! Excellent customer service every step of the way, and now I will always consider GigAGolf for all my golf equipment needs. Everything I ordered was built to the specifications I requested, and they look like they are worth more than I paid! The clubs performed excellent at the driving range and on the course. Once again, thanks for providing customers with the best product and customer service ever!
M. B. Magbaleta
October 26, 2006
Thank you for your kind attention to my request. I like doing business with people that make things right. Again thanks.
L. Vaira
October 24, 2006
Dear GigaGolf Team, I wanted to get in touch to express my gratitute to you. Having babysat me as a first time overseas customer through the delivery of my order, I got to try my new clubs last night. Being a relatively novice player, I purchased every club I will need for a while from you (12 degree loft Acer 905 ti driver, 3,5 and 7 Woods, (all will Grafalloy Prolaunch 65 shafts) 3 Hybrids and a set of Acer XP High Trajectory Irons (all with Grafalloy Prolite shafts). In short, the clubs are great. You have made me the first set of clubs I have used which really fit due to the lie adjustment and therefore which I can really trust - I can use a consistent swing and trust the results for each swing - essential for improvement for a novice like me. The driver is something else - I have been using a Slazenger K1 speed driver 10.5 degree loft (being attracted by the distance claims) and on my first shot with the Acer XP 905 I drove the longest of my life - at least 20 yards longer than with the K1!! Thanks to the entire team - you have found a new life-long customer. Stewart Hutton, The Heritage, Ireland.
S. Hutton
October 20, 2006
Jay, I received a set of Giga Golf Clubs about 10 days ago and would like to provide some feedback on my order #-91859908. The first part of my order was a set of the Turbo Power Z5 clubs (4-SW) plus the GW and LW, all with the PHG-100 Graphite Lightweight shaft with the GolfPride Tour Wrap grip. The clubs have a very professional appearance and I'm very pleased with the look and feel of the shafts as well as the club head profiles, particularly at address. This set is an upgrade from my Ping IST set and they have played at least as well as my son-in-law's Ping G5 set. I get a solid strike and good results even from off-centered impact. I play to a 14 handicap and after about 10 days of use, I'm absolutley thrilled with my new Z5 set of clubs. I had some questions regarding the lie angle. I say thanks to Bill for the in-depth and knowledgable discussion. The second part of my order was a Turbo Power XQ 460 Ti driver with a PHG-100 Graphite Lightweight shaft and GolfPride Tour Wrap. The look and feel of this club is very professional. This is an upgrade from my Taylormade 420 Burner. There was no adjustment period at all with the XQ 460. Although my play (14 handicap) is somewhat inconsistent, I appear to be getting about 15-25 yards more per drive (on average). I don't try to shape my drives. I just try to hit it straight down the fairway and with only a slight draw if I happen to execute particularly well. So far, I'm absolutely delighted with this club. Thanks, Bruce Long
B. Long
October 16, 2006
These guys are ridiculously good at what they do. They're ALMOST so good that I hesitate to refer anyone else to them, so that they can stay "my little secret." I have had several very knowledgable folks, including a PGA teaching pro who just retired from the tour take a test swing with my clubs and they are all universally impressed.
J. Cahn
October 16, 2006
Oh My!!! You guys did it again. I received my new Hybrids last week and tried them out this weekend. WOW!! they are great!! I now have replaced my 3-4-5 irons with hybrids. They fit perfect and can I hit them much straighter. I would like to thank you and Gigagolf again for your help and with providing me with a great value and very much needed game improvement. Regards, Ron Colelli
R. Colelli
October 15, 2006
The UPS driver showed up within a period of 5 days from the time I made my order and I live in Saudi Arabia! The UPS driver also had 3 other Gigagolf orders, along with mine, for other petroleum workers who live, work and play golf in Saudi Arabia. GigaGolf is popular here because of superb quality, service and super-speedy shipping. Advertisement for GigaGolf is 100% word-of-mouth method here in Saudi, which in my opinion is a sign of a well-run company and a high quality product!
B. Watkins
October 14, 2006
Thank you for all the help when I bought my set of Z5 irons. The quick respons and delivery were very appriciated.
J. Eriksson
October 13, 2006
I just want to thank you, I recived my club on oct.2 play with them oct.3 made hold in one on par3 145 yd with the #7 select 5000 hybrid. Had a witness, name in local paper next day. pro v1 392 was the ball. Thanks!
A. Rowe
October 12, 2006
The clubs are great. The people at Giga Golf were very helpful in helping me get the clubs configured and even saved me $ on choosing different options. I bought a set of irons, hybrids and fairway woods. they are good quality construction and a pleasure to hit with.
R. Wahl
October 10, 2006
I just wanted to write and let you know how very pleased I am with my whole GigaGolf experience. From club selection choices, through assembly and shippng; you guys kept me informed all the way and did a really outstanding job. As far as the clubs are concerned, they are everything I hoped for and I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks again, I'll be back.
V. Hultstrand
October 06, 2006
Received my third order of clubs from Giga this past week and as usual..everything was on time and in perfect condition.Will be ordering again from Giga next month..some early Xmas shopping..Thanks to everyone at Giga for another good exp...Jim Harland
J. Harland
September 25, 2006
I was very pleased with GigaGolf's service and GX920s I bought. I used my new clubs for the first time at an annual tournament I play in and won the tournament. I enjoyed hitting my new irons and may purchase a new driver in the future.
M. Clontz
September 22, 2006
Ordering and fitting step by step is the best ! easy to understand and to follow.
C. Moreau
September 19, 2006
Bought the GX920 irons and a KC2 hybrid. Just finished my first round playing with them and was quite pleased. I hit all the clubs much more consistently than my old ones, and am quite happy with the quality, price, and service I received on this purchase.
D. Jacques
September 17, 2006
Very nice site, easy to use. I really liked the amount of information available, when I wanted it. I was not overwhelmed with a bunch of information or options.
E. Kuprel
September 16, 2006
The e-mail confirmation of my order indicated I had ordered the wrong size grip. I sent them an e-mail requesting the size grip I used. They sent a response back quickly and changed the order. I received the clubs when they said they would be delivered with the correct sized grips. GigaGolf is a great company to do business with; I recommend them to all the golfers I meet. ERS
E. Stallman
September 15, 2006
This is to let you know that I have received all clubs as ordered and that I am extremely pleased with the handling, shipment and the quality of the clubs. I have tried them today for the first time and - obviously a coincidence- I lowered my handicap by 4 strokes. My friends have envied me and at least two of them will place their orders with you soon. Kind regards, Matt de Graef
M. de Graef
September 14, 2006
Just recived my V92's .They look and feel as good or better than the originals.The service from Bill and Jay was exceptional.This is a company with people that care and show it.Thanks Giga for a qualityproduct at a fair price.Will be buying from you all again...J Harland
J. Harland
September 12, 2006
I am EXTREMLY HAPPY with Gigagolf and the clubs I purchased from them. The clubs I received were ready in about a day and in perfect condition. I bought the Acer XP fused driver and Acer 3 wood and I've never hit the ball so far and straight!! They were perfectly customized to my liking. I liked them so much that I ordered a full set of irons the very next day--Oxygen Type S. Of course, I received then in only a day and they are fantastic. I'm a huge fan of Gigagolf now and have recommended to my best golfing friends without hesitation!!! The customer service representative was extremely friendly and even made a concession with an issue I had. To summarize, I bought a full set of customized irons, a customized driver and a customized 3 wood for just over $300 and they are every bit as good as every big brand name club I have ever hit. I'll never shop anywhere else for future clubs!!! Thanks, Gigagolf!!
J. Bankston
September 01, 2006
Received the entire line of the Power Max KC2 golf clubs. Especially loved the 3-wood. Consistently hit it 235-yards down the middle of the fairway. Being a 38-handicap, I found the clubs easy to hit and shot my first ever round in the 90s. I never had a sub 100 round before. Considering, I had to get used to a new swing line due to the additional lie angle, and shot an 8 and a 10 on the first two holes, I basically shot bogey golf the rest of the round. Pretty soon I'll be doing a TV commercial, making money and getting women...not bad for a $600 investment.
D. S. Caron
August 21, 2006
Great experience. Gigagolf is as advertised and more.
E. Fitzgerald
August 19, 2006
Completely satisfied with all aspects of my purchase. A great website.
D. Caudill
August 15, 2006
GigaGolf is the best. Hands down. Stop searching for a better way to buy golf clubs
D. Haug
August 09, 2006
This is my second order with Gigagolf, and I am as happy as I was the first time. Absolutely the best value in golf.
A. Hansen
August 07, 2006
Giga appears to be building a first rate customer focused golf products sales organization. I did in the past experience a long delay before delivery because of an "outof stock" Giga house brand shaft when I attempted to cancel the order I was advised that the clubs ordered would be sent at no cost and my account was credited for the full purchase. Because of this action I have returned to order for Giga again and again.
I. Mantle
August 03, 2006
I was very impressed with the ease of deciding on customizations the website provided, as well as the workmanship in building and the delivery of my new clubs. I look forward to ordering from GigaGolf in the future.
S. Miller
July 24, 2006
Well, here we go...I never honestly thought I'd be writing this letter but it seems I have no choice. I bought a set of GX920 irons custom made & I must say I've never been happier with a set of clubs as these. The driver is 20 yds. longer when hit properly & irons are one club longer. I nearly bought a set of Callaway 06's which would have cost me $799. I ran across your page strictly by accident while club shopping & am I glad I did. It just proves the point that the ball doesn't know how much you paid for your clubs! Thanks for a great product & I'll be spreading the word to anyone considering "big name" clubs.
M. Rodrick
July 13, 2006
I have bought golfclubs from Gigagolf at 2 occasions and the orders where delivered in Sweden 4 days after order. It takes less time for You to deliver than for any local dealer here in Sweden
B. Engstrom
July 12, 2006
I have received my set of ACER XP HOLLOW CORE IRONS and I am absolutely over the moon with them. They feel so good and perhaps because I know that they are customised, I feel totally confident with them. To date I have avoided long iron shots whenever possible, hence I only purchased 4 to PW. Now i am wishing that I had ordered the 3 iron too. This being my first purchase over the internet, I was very apprehensive. I need not have worried, your service was superb.
J. Lowndes
July 11, 2006
After actually playing them on a on. Irons are great, period. Plenty of distance, accuracy and the ability to stick a green is awesome. If you can believe it, I shot a 47 on the front and 37 on the back ? first round out! (I?m not sure if I was hitting absolutely dead range balls or yardages were marked completely wrong, but actual play on the course was a total different experience.) As far as the driver...insane! I?m smacking it right around 280-290 with an effortless swing ? straight!

GigaGolf Response: This customer ordered the Z5 irons and a Z5 Ti driver. After he tried the clubs at the range he told us that he would be returning them under the GigaGolf 30 day play guarantee. Then he played some live balls, and changed his mind. This is becoming more and more common as the difference between range balls and the new, live balls becomes more pronounced.
J. Prodgers
July 10, 2006
The Pursuit Driver is excellent. I am still working on my swing, but when I am on I have been hitting them straight and long. Better than the TaylorMade R7's I tried. As for the Sys Q 3 fairway wood, it took me a few rounds to get used to it, but I finally managed to land a ball on the green from 290 yards out. It was the best shot of my life. Followed that up the next week with an Eagle on a Par 5 using the Pursuit Driver, Sys Q wood and a brilliant/lucky 30+ foot put.
L. Galant
July 09, 2006
Great site, Great prices. Great company. Excellent customer service and guarantee.
A. Horne
July 09, 2006
I cannot express the professionalism and courtesy of the PR at Giga Golf on the help that they recommended to me. I was phoned telling me when my clubs were being built, telling what day I would get them; and I must say they are the finest set of clubs that I have. If you are thinking of having a set of clubs made, have Giga Golf make them.
Response: Thank you, for your kind words. Not everyone recieves a telephone call from GigaGolf's customer service. However, we email or call customers when something causes a delay.
D. Skinner
July 08, 2006
GigaGolf is an excellent company. The product is of high quality and reasonably priced. This is my fourth purchase from GigaGolf.
T. Decker
July 06, 2006
I ordered the Powermax 920 Irons 3-SW. The irons are absolutely great. I have already played two rounds of golf with them and could not be any happier. They are beautiful to look at, and play great. I will be ordering all my clubs thru GigaGolf from now on. Thank you.
C. Fultz
July 01, 2006
I recently bought a club from your website. I'm very satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the club. It performs as advertised and was delivered on the date promised. In the past I have had very bad experiences with OTHER sites,... I was impressed with the level of serviced I received at Gigagolf.
W. McQueen
June 30, 2006
Gigagolf has one of thr better system for customizing clubs after purchase. It was easy to understand and efficient. Thanks for the exprerience
G. Howeson
June 28, 2006
I ordered a driver from GigaGolf last month, back for the matching irons. If they help as much as the driver I'll see you guys on tour.
E. Harrison
June 21, 2006
GigaGolf Guys: I just want to say a quick "Thank you" and tell you my customer appreciation story. About a year ago I purchased a set of the Synchron Revolver irons (4-SW) from Gigagolf. Since then I have also purchased the Revolver 3 and 5 woods. I am absolutely pleased with my clubs. In the past 6 months my handicap index went from a 15 to a 12 and it is trending to a 10 now. Last week I had my career round: 77 (par 72). Because the clubs were made to my specifications with quality shafts and grips I am playing better than ever which has had an obvious positive impact on my confidence. I did a lot of research before I bought clubs from you guys. Brand new sets were $1,000+ and used name brand sets were at least $500. I love to play golf but I have my limits. Gigagolf is the best value period. Because I have been so satisfied I have done a lot of word-of-mouth advertising for you guys. Keep up the good work and I'll keep telling everyone here in the Carolinas about my great GigaGolf experience. Take care, Mike Rushing P.S. I'll be ordering a driver so you'll hear from me again soon.
M. Rushing
June 20, 2006
I like most people (was) skepical about buying clubs online, after purchasing the acer 905 irons I feel as if I have hit the jackpot!!! They are the best hitting irons I have ever hit, I was about to waste a lot of money on expensive irons until I came across your website. You guys make it so easy,I was able to customize the set make up to suite me,which also saved me money ! Thanks and keep up the good work!
W. Singleton
June 19, 2006
I just received my order, with free shipping. I immediately went to the driving range to try out my woods and all I can say is "WOW!". Being a short guy, 5'3", I was able to hit consistently close to 200 yards with the 3 wood and out of the 100 balls in the bucket I only mis-hit six balls. The quality of the whole package is awesome and the sound of the woods is like heavy metal music with a touch of classical when making perfect contact. You were recommended by my brother to give you guys a try and I'm glad I did.
V. Huynh
June 15, 2006
I was so happy with my first experience with Giga Golf that I wanted to try again!
K. Lamker
June 12, 2006
I am pleased to confirm that I have received the clubs and I am delighted with the quality. Your service was superb and the clubs play really well. Absolutely delighted, will recommend you to my friends. Thank you!
D. McCormack
June 08, 2006
I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoy my new Power Max KC2 irons. I just returned from the range, and I must say these are easier to hit. The fitting changes I requested -- different grip, length and lie changes -- were also noticed, and again, I'm very pleased. I especially felt the long irons were easier to hit than my previous set. And the short clubs felt very comfortable and effortless. The set as a whole felt very consistent from one club to another, and no club felt out of balance or heavy as I moved through the set. All in all, put me down as a satisfied customer.
B. Hughes
June 08, 2006
Even overseas shipping (Brazil), the clubs were delivered on the scheduled time. I also appreciate that care was taken to minimize import duty and customs.
J. Lopez
June 06, 2006
I received my Oxygen Type X driver and this is the most beautiful piece of work that I have ever seen. I won a tv in a golf tournament for the longest drive. So why pay $300 or $400 for a name ,when GigaGolf has what you need. Thank you for your service and quick delivery.
E. Carson
June 02, 2006
I purchased a set of the Turbo Power irons a short while back. I have always been a short hitter with my irons, but not with this set. I am able to hit at least 2 clubs less than before, reaching greens with an iron that had before required a wood. You where right, I have never hit a slice with these irons. I could not be more pleased. You have product, service and price. What more could anyone want! Thank you!
Mr. Late
June 01, 2006
Just got my Pursuit irons and all I can say is WOW! They are so pretty I was reluctant to hit balls with them but after admiring them for an hour or two, I bolted from the office and went straight to the back nine. At address they are everything I had hoped for, thin topline and a classic set-up. Looking down, I feel like I can do anything I want with the ball. Work it left or hoist it up with a slight fade. It is obvious that a great deal of attention was devoted to the design of each iron. The build it great too, nice balance and quality components. I'd say Pursuit was trying to make a name for itself.
May 31, 2006
Congratulation for the serious of your bussiness. AS a French customer i'm happy for your professionalism; Thank you
J. Essilor
May 30, 2006
This is the second driver I have ordered within a short time. A good friend of mine, who is a good golfer, tried my driver. He uses a similar name brand driver but your club went much straighter. Needless to say, he wouldn't give my club back so I had to order a new driver for myself. My friend was so impressed with your clubs he ordered a set of irons for his wife as well.
G. Fischbein
May 27, 2006
A special Thank You for GigaGolf's willingness to send merchandise to my APO address. I am always appalled at how many "established companies" who will NOT ship product to our APO address, completely ignoring the entire military & gov't civilians & contractors living outside the US. It is so sad, as it is our group of people who rely on the internet and mail ordering of products we want that we can't find or get in the countries we are living in.
T. Beltran
May 26, 2006
Just a brief note to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my purchase of a Power Play System driver. It goes further and much straighter than any club I have had in years. Having purchased a half-dozen drivers over the last 10 years, I can honestly say that I will be putting them all in a yard sale and am I looking forward to purchasing a full set of clubs in the near future. Thanks for a great product.
T. Baker
May 25, 2006
I've just played my first round of golf with my new clubs, and I'd like to say thank you , they are everything I was told they would be , they look and perform exceptionally well , once again thanks for the service I will be passing your name on to my companions at Crook Golf Club. Co Durham. England.
J. Simons
May 23, 2006
Today, I called in my 4th order since I first saw your webpage two months ago. Needless to say, I am completely satisfied with the efficient handling of my orders, as well as the quality of your products. I like the economical prices as well. One of your club fitters Bill has been very helpful and courteous. He makes me feel comfortable in making my decisions as to what equipment to buy, and his words are indeed trustworthy. I'm sure that this is not the first time that you received an e-mail praising your staff. I must be just one of the thousands of satisfied customers. Keep up the good job!
A. Beltran
May 21, 2006
I received my order in perfect condition this morning. Congratulations and thanks. It is working perfectly. Now all I need is to match my swing to the quality of this equipment! The quality of your customer service is equal to your products, without doubt. I strongly recommend you in my golf town.
May 20, 2006
I just received the Pursuit irons today. I am absolutely delighted with the irons and the speed and efficiency of your service. You have a very good customer service package. And you have very favorable International service. Many thanks again and all the very best from myself to all at GigaGolf. I shall take the irons to The St Andrews Driving range and put them to the test.
F. Morrison(UK)
May 18, 2006
Thanks for a great quality set of irons, and an outstanding delivery service. Just three days from customized order to delivery and that's to the UK. I hope I can justify the quality of the product in my game. I am sure I will be recommending your services to many more potential customers. Once again many thanks for your dedication to customer needs.
A. Webb
May 16, 2006
THANK YOU! Wow what a difference the "right" clubs make. I have already dropped 10 shots off my game. I'm telling everyone I can about you guys. A very happy customer C. Chase
C. Chase
May 14, 2006
Hi - I received my clubs about 2 weeks ago and am greatly impressed. I normally play right handed with Big Bertha irons but due to a thumb injury am playing left handed this summer (yes - I can kind of play either handed). I have to say, having only played my second ever round left handed my clubs shot comparable with the Big Bertha's. All I can say is "wow". I normally shoot right handed in the low 80's and I was able to shoot a 91 left handed (a 41 on the back nine) with these clubs. Again, great clubs and thanks.
S. McGuire
May 11, 2006
A few days ago I ordered by GigaGolf the Acer XP 905 golf clubs. I am so happy with the purchase because the clubs are just great value for money. Apart from that, your customer service is excellent. I was very impressed how fast and professional you were processing the deal. In a nutshell, Gigagolf is definitely the benchmark in online golf shopping!
R. Ducommun
May 09, 2006
I am absolutely delighted with them. The Power Play System Q 455 driver is amazing it has given me another 35 yards off the tee. The 3 & 5 woods have also given me more distance and control. Quality cost and delivery were excellent (ordered Friday evening and received in the UK early Wednesday afternoon). I have recommended your clubs to many of my golfing friends, I hope the get in touch, I certainly will be when I need new irons. Thanks very much.
J. Roscoe
May 08, 2006
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Bill, Jay and the folks at Gigagolf for helping me to finally enjoy the game of golf! I ordered the Powermax GX 920 irons and am very pleased with the clubs and the results. I've already mentioned your site to my friends and family. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and much success in the coming New Year..
L. Leopoldo
May 07, 2006
Just wanted to brag a bit to you. I bought the Power Max irons. I love the feel and accuracy I've noticed since I bought them. But never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I'd get a hole in one. Well, yesterday it happened. Just 110 yard par three using my wedge. It was a dream come true and I had to share with you. Thanks!
J. Pfeifer
May 05, 2006
I justed wanted to say THANKS for a wonderful set of golf clubs. I orderd the Gx920s and I love them. I've notice that my game has already improved with this wonderful set. I recommend this website to all golfers. All in all, put me down as a satisified customer.
K Robillard
May 02, 2006
Too Cool! A Friend of mine purchased a driver from GigaGolf and told me about it. Not only is it an awesome site, it has great products as well. In fact, I was so impressed with my friends Driver, I too purchased some clubs from GigaGolf. For the rest of my life, I will buy my clubs from GigaGolf. Thanks again.
T. Ford
May 01, 2006
Excellet customer service. I had some questions I needed answered in regards to the service level and the type of clubs I wanted. Jay Knicerbocker was extrememly helpful in answering my questions. I have already referred a few of my golfing buddies to their site for purchases. I highly recommend Gigagolf and will continue to do business with their company in the future.
B. Sanderson
April 30, 2006
I received my new clubs on Wednesday (a day early, thank you) and was very impressed. They look GOOD and swing GOOD. The first thing I noticed was what adding the 2 degree lie adjustment did for my stance. All these years of using inferior products has forced me to invent ways to account for poorly fit clubs. I am very pleased with the service of your company and the advice you gave me.
J. Bethel
April 30, 2006
Received the fairway wood, and all I can say is WOW!! It is a perfect fit to my set! I had previously purchased a 3-wood (Acer) from you and have since given it to my son, so when I decided to order this fairway wood I was well aware of your abilities. I ordered this club based on those abilities and NOT THE COST, although that is a welcomed benefit. Honestly, I would pay 3 times your cost for such quality.
G. Frohwirth
April 28, 2006
I really enjoyed the site. I believe GigaGolf is a great valve for anyone looking to buy good clubs. I have been telling everyone I know about the site and to go visit and buy.
J. Brady
April 25, 2006
I read some of the previous customer feedback before deciding to place an order with Gigagolf, and thought some of the comments sounded too good to be true - I was wrong! Two sets of custom-made clubs - for myself and my friend, ordered on Thursday evening 6pm, delivered to the centre of France 12 noon Monday! Absolutely unbelievable! The build quality of this merchandise is superb, and we are both very, very pleased -can't wait to get out on the course tomorrow. Excellent quality+fast delivery+good price= satisfied customers. Please keep it up, Gigagolf is where we'll be shopping in future, and recommending you to our friends! We are sure such service has to be a team effort, and we would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to ALL at Gigagolf!
S. Stewart
April 25, 2006
I received my Acer HT iron's today and WOW what a difference! Yesterday with my old beat up irons I shot 98. Today I went out and shot 89 with the Acer's and my new 3-Ball putter. Great clubs and great service. Thanks
Brian Kouba
April 23, 2006
I have had great experiences with GigaGolf. I recommend it regularly.
A. Smallie
April 16, 2006
Received my new Acer Iron set this morning, shot 18 holes in the late morning and it was "UNBELEAVABLE".... It has been years since I have hit the ball so long and straight. I put my driver away just to see how far I could hit my 3 iron off the tee.. The funny part is that I was landing in sand traps guarding the green on par 5's with my 2nd shot and I could not get mad because I normally fall in them on my 3rd shot... Goodbye 20 handicap!!!!!
B. Winhover
April 11, 2006
I love every club I have purchased from GigaGolf! My Power Play System Q Driver is outstanding. Every time I pull it out of my bag, I get comments on the look and moans after I crush the ball!
L. Brooks
April 10, 2006
For the money, my clubs were well worth the price. Both the service and quality that GigGolf offers is second to none.
S. Verderese
April 09, 2006
I bought these clubs for my husband and now I dont see him on the weekends. This gives me more time for shopping. He comes back from the golf course very satisfied. He tells me that he gets more feel for distance with his new putter.
M. Hess
April 05, 2006
Thanks for the quick delivery of my clubs! I played my first round with them the other day and it was a joy. My old set was Cobra and they were good but I believe I am going to enjoy hitting these clubs more. They are truly a fine set of clubs and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not only did the Giga price but the quality of material and workmanship of Giga clubs surpassed by expectations.
P. Snow
April 03, 2006
I LOVE technology. As a kid I was a big hitter. I even hit farther than our pro. Now almost fifty years later I'm hitting the ball even farther. My advice is don't wait. Get some fire in your POP!
T. Dorgin
April 02, 2006
I have made multiple order from Gigagolf. The irons I ordered just before Christmas. Not only were they exactly what I ordered, they arrived early! I have played with Callaways and Pings but I actually prefer the fit and feel of my XL6s. The clubs lie is perfect.
T. Jones
April 01, 2006
did not expect to be so easy to order and I become specialy happy for the foreighn coutry delivery (Sweden) wery good website and easy to overview the products. Very well done thanks
J. Sven
March 29, 2006
I used the putter and its one of the best putters I ever had. I am 70 years old. Because of my condition. I could only play 9 holes on a par 3 course. Today I shot a 36 with only 15 puts. Thank You Mr. Lach
B. Lach
March 27, 2006
It was a pleasure to deal with GigaGolf. I called Bill multiple times to get product information. He was friendly, knowledgeable and a great help with my choice of clubs, I saved over $200.00 by calling and speaking with Bill, because my original choices for shafts and grips were overkill and above my skill level. Bill was great to speak with, he did not try at anytime to sell me something more expensive than what I really needed. It was truly a pleasure doing business with GigaGolf.
R. Magio
March 26, 2006
I just finished my first round with the custom set Acer XP Professionl clubs that was recieved 3/24/06. My playing group was impressed with the style and design look of these clubs. I started playing golf again the first of September in 2004 after my wife went home to be with the Lord. I had played in my early thirties and was consistantly in the lower 70's. I had not played regularly in over 20 years because I chose her over golf and had not played but twice since she had a heart attack in April of 2005. My first round was 132 after starting again and I purchased a new set of clubs and began working on my game. I purchased a new set of Top Flite tour irons nine months ago and improved steadily until I am in the upper 80's and did not know why I was making errant shots until I found your web site and read about loft, lie, and length. I now know that I will get my game back down in the lower 70's with these clubs. I am so impressed with this set of irons your group put together for me. I have regained 15 yards on my irons that I thought was lost due to age. I am 60 years old and still average 270 yards on my drives. The shots I hit today, including a birdie after using the pitching wedge to chip with in 4 feet from 50 feet from the cup let me know how much better these clubs are when compared to the Top Flite clubs that list for 480.00 dollars. Thanks for putting my five irons shots back to 190 yards as I had in my youth. I have not had the opportunity to use the three or four irons yet, but look forward too it. Also, how much for a sand wedge and what is the angle of the blade on it. Sincerely, Robert Seals
R. Seals
March 24, 2006
just want to say thanks for everything. I ordered the Acer Hollow Core XP irons and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of materials and the craftmanship of the finished product. Before going to your site, I did extensive research on the net looking for the best shaft for my golf game. All the information gathered beforehand led me to the Graffaloy Prolite R flex shaft. Your Efit system picked the same shaft in two minutes. I was so pleased with the irons, I've since ordered and received 3 hybrids from GigaGolf. Two of my golf buddies have ordered from you since seeing my clubs. Great product at a fair price. What more could any customer want? Thanks Again.
J. Picasso
March 23, 2006
I received the order within 3 days, and was hitting 275 soon after. No other way to buy quality golf equipment.
H. Malone
March 20, 2006
Another great purchase from Gigagolf - word continues to spread about the quality and service from your company keep it up you are making golf fun!
J. Green
March 20, 2006
I heard about GigaGolf through a coworker and I was very impressed. Their website is clean and efficient and walked me through the process of customizing my clubs. They even matched a deal offered on another golf site. I will definately used GigaGolf again and I will recommend them highly to my friends.
R. Hammel
March 17, 2006
Hi! I have just received my new clubs from you. It took two days to arrive here in Johannesburg, South Africa by UPS. This mail is just a big "Thank You" for an excellent service, price and a set of Oxygen irons. I did not expect to receive such a great service from an internet based company. Again, Thank you. I will buy again from you. Regards Bruno Ambrogio
B. Ambrogio
March 16, 2006
I had questions and wrote to CS at GigaGolf and I got my answer the next day. I just purchased my club which will be my second club from them. Excellant company and staff. Thank you
C. Flesherman
March 15, 2006
Thanks! The clubs are great. I let my golfing buddy try my hybrid, and he loved. Hopefully you'll be getting an order from him soon.
March 13, 2006
eFit custom fitting is excellent. shaved several strokes off my score by getting a set of clubs that help me swing correctly. Fast delivery and great prices for quality equipment. Very Happy!
R. Ireland
March 12, 2006
I bought a set of irons from GigAgolf and started using the clubs on my golf outing to Palm Springs at Batam in Indonesia yesterday. I must say that I am very impressed with the clubs; they gave me the right direction, distance, especially the trajectory of the ball in flight as promised in the webpage which was really very impressive. I wished I had bought the clubs earlier and I would gladly recommend your clubs and website to my friends. I will consider buying online other golf accessories in the future. Thank you for your excellent clubs.
J. Phata
March 12, 2006
The online ordering facility is very easy to use and understand. The information available on the website is first class. This is the second time I have ordered from GigaGolf and if this order goes as smoothly as the last I will be very happy.
D. Harris
March 09, 2006
Greetings! I am sooo impressed with that I just had to write to you. Up until last year, I have been golfing of and on since 1997. Being on a budget, I started with a set Knight clubs. I must say that they were awful. I play decently, I did really not enjoy the game toot much, although I could score in the low 90's-high 80's yet some how I knew that if I could get a set of quality clubs, my game could improve by a few strokes. I really couldn't afford to pay $700-$1200 for a set of Callaway or Pings irons, not including woods, plus I was ( and still am) just a recreational golfer. Then a friend of mine told me about! I got online and saw your prices, WOW! I was still skeptical, then I saw your 30-Day gaurantee. What did I have to lose? I must say, you all have restored my joy in the game of golf! Your clubs are just as good as those name brands. I bought clubds and did not upset my wife! You guys are the greatest!
D. Dillard
March 08, 2006
I called GigaGolf prior to making my purchase online and sales was extremely informative for a new golfer. I went to a local shop first and the sales person only wanted to make the sale. GigaGolf was not pushy but had the information I needed. Thanks
K. Jones
March 06, 2006
I received a new iron to replace one I lost and I must say, it is a perfect match and delivered a day earlier than had been promised. You guys give better customer service compared to any brand name manufacturer even though a full set of your irons is only slightly more expensive than a single club of theirs.
S. Wrubel
March 03, 2006
very happy with the clubs great value!
E. Getz
March 01, 2006
I am not one to buy anything unless I know exactly what I am buying however I decided to order some clubs similar to ones I have used and wanted to purchase but did not want to pay $800.00 plus having them customized with lie angle and length adjustments as well as using stiff graphite shafts instead of the stepped steel which come standard. After trying them out a few times in the past couple of weeks I know I made a good bet and for $260.00 I have a set of clubs which would have cost me well over $1000.00 to have made with the brand name label. The service and the products I received have been top notch and I highly recommend GigaGolf to ANYONE who plays golf or plans to learn and wants a decent set of clubs without spending all the family savings!
L. Hargrove
February 28, 2006
Thank you for the quality clubs you made for me, the Acer irons. I used them for the first time and I improved my score by 4 shots. It was my iron play that saved all 4 strokes...birdy...birdy...birdy.....birdy! Great Clubs.
February 23, 2006
For the last five years I have played name brand irons and woods, and shot in the mid to high 90's. Since I have purchased the Acer XP HT irons and the Acer driver I have shot in the low 90's, and today shot an 87. These irons are so incredibly accurate and feel so good. They hit better than the $900 irons that I am going to sell. I thought that my iron game was all but finished until I played these irons. Now I feel like I am going to break 80.
B. Kelly
February 22, 2006
I just wanted to thank the folks at Gigagolf for my recent purchase of clubs. I was amazed at the short amount of time it took for me to recieve my new set of clubs. After playing a few rounds with them, they are by far the best set of clubs I have ever bought. My shots are straighter and farther than I could have expected. From now on, Gigagolf is going to be on the top of my list for future purchases.
J. Wood
February 17, 2006
I just played my first round with my new Z5 driver and I was 25 yards further than my Cleveland Launcher. One of my fousome measured one of my drives at 275 yards, not bad for a a guy in his sixties.
L. Levetown
February 12, 2006
No worry about the 30 day guarantee for my clubs. I'm extremely happy with the new clubs. I've actually added 5-10 yards with each of my irons. These are the best clubs I've ever played. Thanks again.
S. McKern
February 08, 2006
This is my 2nd time purchasing clubs and I am very satisfied with your products and quick delivery, although I live in Taiwan. I would recommend GigaGolf to anyone who wants to buy great golf clubs !!
B. Ting (Taiwan)
February 07, 2006
Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the ACER XP TI driver with 12 degree loft. One of the best purchases I have made with Gigagolf. I have added 20 to 40 yards on my drives.
D. Dandridge
February 05, 2006
This is my second visit to and now it's for some irons. I couldn't be happier with the selection, quality and professionalism of the products and staff. Thank you Bill for being the best listener for newbies like myself. I have recommended this store to all my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for the best golf prices and products ever! A happy customer...
P. Uribe
February 03, 2006
I received my 23 degree impex hybrid today and am extremely pleased. As I discussed with you on the phone, I am using this as a four iron replacement and this club length and loft fits perfectly between my 5 iron and 3 hybrid. This was my second order from you guys and I guarantee there will be many more in the future.
R. Rank
February 02, 2006
Before I bought clubs from GigaGolf I must have visited the site a couple dozen times trying to decide if I should take the chance ordering the Power Max GX920 irons. The 30 guarantee helped me make the decision to buy the clubs. Thanks to you I spent less money and have a set of clubs that I am very happy with. The Power Max GX920 Irons already have added 10 to 15 yards to my distance and shaved 5 to 7 strokes off my game every time I have played with them so far. You have earned a regular customer and I will be buying my woods from you very soon. Thanks again.
D. Pointer
January 31, 2006
I received great assistance from you customer service representatives. They answered all my questions and concerns over club selection and shipment. I recommend this company to any golfer !
G. Webb
January 30, 2006
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank and commend your company. I recently struggled and waited for a month for another company to fill an order with the same driver and bag I ordered from you. After my last order with you for a hybrid was actioned so quickly, I cancelled the 30 day old order with the other compnny and ordered though you. Once again you proved excellent. My order went into production within 1 working day and shipped the next.
M. Smith
January 27, 2006
I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with my new clubs. I ordered the PowerMax GX 920 irons and I can immediately tell the difference between my old clubs and these new clubs. The ball jumps off the face and gets in the air quickly. Even mis-hits and fat shots jumped off the club! If you are not willing to spend a bunch on money on name brand clubs, these clubs are the ones to buy. Thank you for your excellent service and timely delivery.
K. Durgens
January 26, 2006
An extremely informative Web site. Their e fitting program was very easy to use and packed with useful information I had not seen before.
P. Henderson
January 25, 2006
This is my third purchase from Gigagolf and it doesn't get any better. Keep up the good work.
W. Smith
January 24, 2006
Excellent selection of products and great advice. Product arrived direct from the factory before promised and the quality exceeded my expectations by 10 fold.
B. Canidy
January 23, 2006
I have yet to see the quality of the clubs, but I really liked the interaction with the customer service person, Bill Baxter. His input actually reduced the cost of what I was looking to buy even in light of the fact that I had told him I wanted something that was a more expensive option.
P. Pasquelini
January 21, 2006
I feel compelled to write you a thank, regarding my recently received shipment of your wonderful GX920 irons. The process was easy and quick as promised and the custom fitted clubs arrived 5 days after I put in my order. I am totally pleased with your service and your product. I have played my first round and I think I found my dream clubs. My friends, who paid a multiple of your price for their name brand clubs, loved my clubs and really admired the perfect quality and great playability. Thanks again. I will never ever go into a pro-shop for clubs again.
H. P. Kribbel
January 20, 2006
These clubs are awesome!!!! I bought the GX-920 irons, and the Acer System Q woods and they rock!!! I couldn't be happier with your customer service department and sales staff. They are true professionals. I'm going to recommend your company to anyone that I can talk to about golf.
C. Deedon
January 18, 2006
I ordered clubs from GigaGolf this past summer. I was impressed by the variety of shafts and grips offered and the ease of customizing them with the heads that I wanted. My irons arrived quickly and I played with them the rest of the season. I can't tell you how happy I have been with them. Others have admired the clubs, asked to try them and have liked them immensely. Great clubs, unbeatable pricing and great customer service. Keep up the good work.
L. J. Ganim
January 17, 2006
I am glad to have found your company. From day one it took only six working days to arrive in Malaysia. I bought the Acer XDS Widesole and I am fully impressed by the quality and extremely pleased with the results. A wonderful piece of equipment without the high price.
D. Chong (Malaysia)
January 15, 2006
I want to thank you for your very fast service! I made an order in Monday and I received my clubs on Friday. The clubs are very nice. I'm know that we are going to order more clubs in the future from you!
P. Nordqvist (Sweden)
January 14, 2006
I can't thank you guys enough for the V92's you made me. You guys really live up to the hype! In about a week my new clubs have changed golf from something I grudgingly HAD to play for my brokerage business in to something I WANT to play for pleasure. I've been out on the course more in the 2 weeks since my clubs arrived than for the duration of the season prior to that. There's no higher compliment than that. Fast professional service, customization, an actual voice on the end of the phone, no-risk return policy and awesome clubs... Tell me again why I'd want to buy off-the-rack "name-brand" from the local "GolfSmith"? I truly pity whoever has convinced themselves that they might be your competition. Not even close. At twice the price these would've been a bargain. Thanks again and look for my new order soon.
J. Cahn
January 10, 2006
The site was recommended by a friend and fellow golfer and it is just as good as he suggested it would be.
R. Dale
January 08, 2006
This is my 5th or 6th time to order clubs from you. I have enjoyed every purchase and will buy again. I have referred several of my friends to your sight and received several favorable comments about your clubs. Thanks for being such a great place to buy and making the experience enjoyable.
K. Richard
January 02, 2006
Hi, my name is Petter and I´m from Sweden. I have to start to say that my english is very poor. I orded one ironsset XL-6 and one wedge black 690 from you. Your service is superb. I have to send you my biggest thanks. It took you only 2,5 day to send me the clubs from USA the whole way to Sweden. All of the clubs was PERFECT! I have already talk to two of my golffriends and thay orded the same clubs as me direcktly. Thank you once again?
P. Jonsson
December 27, 2005
I just wanted to tell you that I am more than pleased with my purchases from Gigagolf. I ordered the System Q Driver and a set of Acer Widesole irons and the on the first day I hit about 85% of the fairways. With my 5 iron I used to hit around 150 yards, I am now hitting 170-190 yards. The customer service was outstanding and the price for the quality of shafts that are available are unbeatable. I highly tout Gigagolf to all of my friends and everyone on the golf course. You have a loyal customer.
M. Newton
December 26, 2005
I just wanted to tell all of you thanks a lot..... i bought the turbo power action clubs... they are the nicest clubs i have ever had.... i got them at about ten today and already played them.... you people are great thanks alot your helpfullness and fast survice ..... thaks again steven
December 22, 2005
My replacement order arrived today. Both clubs are is great shape. I have the UPS label and have packed the broken clubs. They are ready to be returned. I have not heard from a UPS inspector, so I plan to send these broken clubs back to Florida in the morning. Unless I hear from someone tomorrow, that is the plan. If you have any other suggestion please respond back to me. I just wanted to stop and say "thanks" for your quick response in this matter. I've bought a lot of clubs from your company and never thought of returning them. So, this was the first time I've used your customer service and just like the clubs you make, your service is amazing.
G. Livingood
December 21, 2005
I spoke with you on Wednesday afternoon prior to ordering my clubs on Thursday. I was a bit wary at first, ordering clubs from the internet. Your professionalism, knowledge and care about my golf needs put my mind at ease; I ordered my clubs the following day. After recieving my clubs, I was quite impressed. They have excellant craftmanship, great feel, and an awesome swing to them. I cannot wait to get them out on the course.
J. Ledford
December 12, 2005
People and product are both top quality.
R. Visnowski
December 11, 2005
Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. Ordered on Monday the eighth and delivered on Thursday am. the eleventh. Product already in use and shot 4 below handicap on second outing. I shall certainly recommend you to my friends, and once again thank you very much.
R. Thompson
December 09, 2005
I just had to drop you a line about the custom fit clubs you guys just built me. I have been using very old McGregors and my scores have been terrible. I just received my new GX920 Irons, and on my first round, I cut 8 strokes from my game.What a difference the right clubs make. The greens I could not hit last week were dead on this week. Again thank you for your great product. Ralph Caira Newton,Ma.
R. Caira
December 08, 2005
Hello GigaGolf, I hit a gross 75 on a par 71 course last week with my new V91 irons which I purchased in October. This is the best I have shot for about 8 years and is 12 shots below my handicap. Because of this I have today ordered a new driver and a new putter which I am looking forward to receiving. Good wishes to all the giga team and a merry xmas. Trusting you will all have a prosperous new year.
A. Webb
December 06, 2005
Due to an elbow injury I had not played golf for four months. Right before returning to the course, I bought a set of Gigagolf Irons with Acer hi-trajectory heads and graphite shafts. One day I hit a bucket of balls, a few days later I played a round, a few days later I played a round and shot my lowest score ever, knocking off six stokes. My Gigagolf Irons fit perfectly and I swing effortlessly. They feel great. And all for 250 bucks! Such a great deal! You have my stats on file, please make me a three wood. All the best, Steve Powell
S. Powell
December 05, 2005
I just wanted to say thanks for my new clubs. When I asked some questions before I placed my order your response was immediate and helpful. When I went through your online ordering and fitting system it was very user friendly and I received an ETA that was spot on. When I received my new clubs they were packaged perfectly and appeared absolutely flawless. Great craftsmanship! This is the type of quality I would expect from a $1000 set of clubs. Hats off to you and your superior products and service.
Q. Vitulli
December 01, 2005
This past weekend I finally had the chance to play a round with the Synchron Revolver clubs I ordered from you guys. Not only was the ordering and shipping process an excellent experience, the clubs are perfect. I could not be happier with the way these clubs play - great feel and great results. I shot 6 strokes below my handicap! I will definitely buy from you guys in the future. Thanks, Kevin
K. McMullen
November 25, 2005
I wish to commend your Company on the excellent service (Courtesy, Promptness and providing the exact info. that one needs to know). Your P.R. know how is hard to beat. Thank you!
M. Magness
November 24, 2005
Thanks for prompt delivery. I received my order in perfect condition. I showed it to my friend, and his lip hasn't stopped quivering since. I love my 3 Ball putter.
E. Maybury
November 19, 2005
Equipment that is customized to my specs, efficiently produced, expeditiously shipped and returnable if not what I expected. Couldn't be better.
J. Wertheimer
November 18, 2005
I just received my Power Max GX920 irons. I live in Versailles, France, and it's a bit scary to buy something from a shop located 1000 miles away from your home. But everything was fine. Even with French V.A.T and customs taxes your prices are still much lower than golf clubs we can buy in France. These clubs require no effort at all to swing. I'll be back for a new driver and new woods.
Y. de Lafforest (France)
November 17, 2005
Always quick,accurate,and HIGH QUALITY
J. Du Fane
November 12, 2005
I ordered some custom clubs recently and tried them out on the driving range and I was amazed by my performance with the V91 irons and System Q driver and woods. All the clubs arrived in perfect condition and almost immediately I was hitting farther and straighter than I used to. The driver helped me with my accuracy and I hit several 225-250 yard shots, whereas previously I would struggle to go past 150 yards. My friend also saw the difference and was impressed. Thanks for your prompt service and excellent build quality of the clubs at a very reasonable price.
G. Basarkar
November 11, 2005
After ordering the driver Tuesday night, I thought it wouldn't arrive here until next week. It's the fastest shipping job I've ever seen. 3 days from Florida to Vancouver? That's amazing. An hour later, I was at a driving range. The very first swing I took, the ball goes over 200 yds. I would never do this with my old driver, but I could clearly see the ball hop over the 200 yard mark. Towards end, I had few people standing behind me to say how long my ball went. Your club put confidence back in me and I'm very happy about that. Thanks again for such a great product. There's no doubt that you will be my next set of clubs. Cheers~
J. Kim
October 31, 2005
All of my clubs are from GigaGolf (woods, irons, putter). This time, I'm getting a new driver. A previous satisfied customer. Looking forward to my new club.
D. Skinner
October 26, 2005
I just purchased the Turbo Power V91irons, and Power Play System Q driver, and all I can say is WOW. Great looking iron, great feel, and superior distance to my old Callaway X14's. I am still struggling with the driver, but that is more of a swing issue!!! I particularly loved the custom fitting service provided, and have noticed a positive affect on my ball flight! All this and I got them sent to me in BERMUDA within 4 days!
T. Corday
October 24, 2005
Hello everyone at GigaGolf, Will the bad weather affect when I receive my clubs? No, not unless your delivery is to South Florida. Hurricane Wilma came across Florida well to our south. We got a little wind and rain but we are fully staffed, production is up and running and customer service is available to answer your questions.
Customer Service
October 20, 2005
I just received two Professional Open melonite wedges to compliment the R20C iron set I bought last year. I wanted to tell you that both of these wedges are awesome, just like the irons, and this is the first set of irons I have ever had where I can feel the shot, and man, it feels good! I am now averaging 83 per round! This is all due to having a quality set of clubs, and a good team of club building professionals to supply me with the items I need to play well. To recap, I have shaved 15 strokes off my game! Man, I am one happy golfer thanks to you. Keep up the good work, and rest assured that Gigagolf has a solid representative in me...I recommend your website, service, and quality goods.
B. Kelly
October 18, 2005
Received my clubs today (10/18) when I got home from work. Will go to the range and compare to clubs I am using now, than play a quick 9. I will let you know how it goes. Early comments: They look great and they "FEEL" even better when I swung them. Thank you for spending as much time as you did "LISTENING" to all of the information that I gave you. Your questions, suggestions and comments were excellent and on the mark. Most of all you let me know about the 30 day play policy that gave me the confidence to jump into the stiff shaft, knowing I can return them for steel firms if needed. Hopefully that won't be needed. I can't wait for the end of the work day to hit the links. Send you results later. Lance
L. Lewin
October 15, 2005
Nice job guys! Eight orders and counting. JK from CA
L. Jenson
October 15, 2005
I recently made a purchase with GigaGolf for myself about three weeks ago. Now my wife was ready for her first set of golf clubs and GigaGolf made it real easy and affordable.
A. Palmer
October 13, 2005
Just received my Synchron Revolver woods and the Acer XP hybrid, and I love them. Took them to the driving range today with my old woods. I hit about 10 balls with my old 5 wood, then the new Revolver. I consistently hit the ball 10-15 yards farther with the new clubs, and much straighter than ever before. And that was only with the first couple of swings! The hybrid is such a great club to have. I was hitting it as far as my 3 iron, straight down the middle. I cant wait to play 9 holes tomorrow with them. Will definitely be coming back here for the driver
J. Satterley
October 13, 2005
Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with your web site and the turn around you provide with your orders. I ordered the Acer XP Fused 3 and 5 wood on Tuesday ant 2:15pm and I received my clubs on Friday at 11:20 am, wow that's fast, I hope to hit them this weekend, and I'll let you know how much I love them, I know I won't be disappointed. You have a first class operation, glad I found you on the web, I will be back soon for some new irons
G. Seaford
October 11, 2005
I recently bought the Select 5000 CT irons-4-SW. I've played them for about three rounds and absolutely love them. I'm hitting more greens than ever and recently shot an 80, one of my best scores in 5-6 years. Thanks guys, for the excellent product.
R. Bartholomew
October 10, 2005
Thanks a lot GigaGolf! I have ordered a set of OXYGENS S irons with iron 4 & 5 as HT irons. The clubs arrived at my home in Germany within 4 days, very well packed, and with no custom hazzle at all, although the box has been opened, inspected and resealed by customs. The customizing ( +2 upright, +1/2 inch) made a huge difference to my game, although my old clubs are very good Wilson midsize staff irons. As a 27 handicapper, I can hit the ball now with a very nice draw, and more important very constantly down the fairway. I never had a distance problem, but now I even have to take one iron less in order not to hit the ball over the green. I love my new clubs, and will recommend your company to everyone who wants to know. Thanks again for your excellent service & quality. Danke schön !!! Chris, Germany
C. Jantsch
October 07, 2005
I am very happy to have found GigaGolf on the web, I have probably saved myself hundreds & hundreds of dollars.Liviing in New Zealand golf products are extremely expensive!! so will be shopping here again FOR SURE!.
L. Simpson
October 06, 2005
I want to thank you for the excellent set of clubs. The Acer HTs and the Turbo Power V.90 Driver have performed well above my expectations. I have finally broke 90 at my regular weekly course (85,87,88), at least 7 strokes less than my older clubs. Your product is clearly the best value and the performance matches any high priced club on the market. Thank you for helping me enjoy this great game of golf.
J. Dreano
September 21, 2005
The golf clubs (Oxygen Type S) actually exceeded my expectations. They looked and felt great and they hit even better.
K. Lashey
September 15, 2005
Great experience! They said the product would arrive on the 12th and it did. I wasn't in town so I couldn't respond sooner. The clubs looked fantastic and were packed very well. I took the clubs to the driving range yesterday and was pleased with how they worked. I was able to hit all clubs without any problems. I was even able to hit a 4 iron off the grass, thanks for advising me to get the 4 and 5 iron in High Trajectory. I told quite a few people about Gigagolf before I received my clubs, now I'll have an even better report to give them. Thanks for the great product and service.
E. Stallman
September 09, 2005
I just came back from my third trip to the driving range since receiving my clubs. They are wonderful and I am really pleased with my GigaGolf clubs. I am hitting my irons longer and straighter then before. I feel that I have better control of my shots. I have never used a large head driver before and I was having a few problems adjusting to the new bigger head driver. Today, one of the local club pros worked with me on my swing and I am starting to hit the ball straighter and with more control. By the end of the lesson I was hitting my drive over 200 yards in the air. The pro was telling me with some more practice I would easily add 25-30 yards on my drive probably more. Matter of fact he hit a few balls with my clubs and thought they were very good. He like the feel of the clubs and how it felt when it made contact. When I told him the price he thought I had gotten an excellent deal. Your club fitter was very helpful in helping me choose the right clubs for my swing. Everything he said about the feel of the clubs and how they would perform with my swing was true. Thanks for saving me a ton of money. I am telling my friends about GigaGolf.
J. Pastor
September 08, 2005
Thanks for the help on my driver. When the Fusion XP with Grafalloy shaft did not work for me you suggested I try the same head and shaft as my fairway woods. Thanks to your 30 day guarantee I was able to try the XP Ti with standard UST shaft and after some practice I have found a friend. Today I smacked 12 balls over the 300 yard fence on the range. Thanks Bill and thanks GigaGolf for great products and customer service. Lifetime buyer!
N. Blackman
September 05, 2005
I have known about your site for about a 1 1/2 years. I kept looking at clubs that I wanted and finally pulled the trigger. I order the Oxygen Type S on Monday afternoon and with 2nd day shipping received my clubs in time to play in my golf league on Thursday. After that round and a trip to the range I am really liking the clubs. They look great and the custom fit is wonderful since I am 6'6". I would recommend your site to anyone looking to get some custom clubs at a reasonable price. Thanks.
B. Overturf
September 04, 2005
I recently purchased a complete set of clubs, and I must say I am impressed. The quality of the clubs and the balance is equal to the most expensive clubs advertised clubs on the market. When speaking to your staff (Bill) he was very helpful and patient with all the questions. Thank you for a fine quality product, and quality personnel .
B. Slube
September 03, 2005
Hey guys I have never been so impressed with anyone?s clubs like I have with yours I started out with your clubs 2 years ago and I can't believe the quality in clubs you put out, I have a 6 Handicap and I can happily say I graduated from your clubs to older Taylor made 200s not in a bad way but progression of the confidence gained from using the V91 and the Integras. I recently ordered the Q fairway 3 woods and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
S. Mayfield
September 02, 2005
I was searching for new golf equipment and GigaGolf made the choices very easy. Now if you'll come and help me improve my swing it would be perfect!
B. Girton
August 30, 2005
I just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated all of the help on selecting clubs and giving advice. Not to mention helping me straighten out my slice. I ordered the XL-8 irons and a Power Play GTI driver. In a word, they are "awesome"! I was hitting my 3-iron just over 200 yards. I gained yardage and kept my accuracy. I am most pleased! Never again will I spend crazy amounts of money for a name brand club. The ball simply does not care. Thanks a bunch!
T. Bowles
August 29, 2005
An excellent buying experience. I've worked in sales and marketing for an Internet-based company, and I can tell you that my experience with GigaGolf was top-notch. They know their stuff, are happy to share information, and make what would otherwise be a daunting task (buying CUSTOM golf clubs online) easy and informative. Way to go, guys!!!
G. Kinder
August 21, 2005
I wanted to thank you for your great customer service and products. I purchased a set of irons for my boyfriend and he loves them! The first day out he shot 6 strokes better than his best game this year. If his success with his new irons continues, I'll be the next to purchase clubs from your company. Again, thank you.
D. Perry
August 18, 2005
I?m always apprehensive about buying anything over the internet, especially not being able to see the item beforehand. However, I?ve just received the set of Oxygen Clubs I ordered, exactly as described but better than I had imagined - only 6 days after placing my order (UK location). Went to the range last night ? fantastic, can?t wait for it to stop raining. Absolutely 100% satisfied with the whole experience ? Thanks.
P. Fraser (UK)
August 17, 2005
Nice site, but I would like to see more golf things, such as balls, hats, sets of clubs, etc. that really completes the experience. Sections for each of those categories would be nice! P. Labonte
Mr. Labonte, Thank you for your suggestion, however, as the years go by GigaGolf focuses more and more on what it does best. We design and manufacturer golf clubs while delivering customer service that strives to exceed expectations. We probably should have hats, balls and other golf essentials, but we will continue to put our clubs first.
R. Wilson
August 11, 2005
My recent Gigagolf purchase was a fantastic experience. Phenomenal product to price ratio. Received my clubs in about a week. Was hesitant to buy non name brand clubs at first, but by Acer XP 450cc titanium head quickly put that thought to rest. Coupled with the Blue Grafalloy shafts they hit straight and long, as well as the matching woods, made my 1st eagle from 225 out with the 5 wood. The irons, the Turbo Power 8 irons with True Temper feather shafts are amazing, it is hard it miss hit a shot. After playing for 6 years with King Cobra II graphite I will never go back to graphite. Dropped 7 shots the 1st week playing with the new sticks.
P. Trahadias
August 10, 2005
Just a note to thank you for your excellent customer service. I placed my order on your website on Thursday PM and my clubs were delivered to England the following Tuesday morning. Having dealt with other internet retailers based in the UK I can tell you that your delivery times beat theirs hands down, once again thank you & I look forward to purchasing more equipment from yourselves in the very near future.
J. Tatlor
August 09, 2005
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the fast service and quality look and feel of my clubs. Hopefully the rain will stop and I can go hit them. If I can hit them half as good as they look, I will be more than happy. Great service, thank you.
J. Holbert
August 04, 2005
All information of products were clear and understandable, and prices and pricing policy was second to none!
J. Smith
August 03, 2005
I made a purchase on Thursday evening and I got the set of irons on Monday afternoon. Thats fitting, packing and whatever that takes place and shipping half way across the world within 4 days. Your website is user friendly, informative, straight to the point and your product is affordable (inclusive of shipment) and I am more than happy with my purchase after testing out the irons. You guys give a new meaning to exceeding customer expectations. I will not hesitate to reccommend you to anyone.
M. Zaihan
August 01, 2005
This was my second experience with GigaGolf. Although I havn't yet played my second order, I expect to be pleased based on previous experience. I really like the fitting walkthrough. I'm 6'6" and it definitely helps. Love the irons I ordered a few years ago.
J. Szink
July 28, 2005
The club fitting specialist I talked to was very knowledgeable of the products GigaGolf handles. He made it very easy for me to decide which model I should purchase based on my handicap and he helped me customize the length, loft, grips, etc. I am VERY pleased with both sets of clubs I bought and I will definitely buy from GigaGolf again
C. White
July 25, 2005
I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my new Acer XP clubs! I just started playing this year, and I was using hand-me-down irons that were well over 20 years old. These new clubs have improved my game by providing more control, which gives me more confidence, which makes the game more fun! Even my friends comment on how much my game has improved since using these clubs. I am very impressed with the quality of the components and the workmanship. I enjoyed specifying exactly what I wanted, and was pumped when I saw the result. I think having the clubs made to fit my body is a major factor in my improvement. Also, I can't believe how quickly my clubs arrived after I placed my order. I am recommending you to anyone that listens!
B. Richards
July 17, 2005
I received my orderin Ireland 5 days after placing it, delivered to my door. I was impressed with this service. I've played 9 holes with the clubs and so far so good!
J. Randy
July 16, 2005
I think Gigagolf is excellent and the products are too. I doubt that there is anything I can offer to you on how to improve your business. The Pursuit wedges are beautiful. Excellent shafts, excellent clubs, excellent grips and excellent delivery. Extremely excellent and efficient customer service ! I can't thank you enough!
M. Shian (Malaysia)
July 15, 2005
Tiger Woods, WHO???? I am blown away with the improvements that have been made in my game. I wanted to work on getting it straight down the fairway this year and have improved greatly. They gave me the winning confidence that I needed. I kept my old clubs to take as Snake Beaters. You know when my friends are lost in the ruff.
L. Jones
July 13, 2005
I have ordered from GigaGolf twice now and have been very satisfied with all aspects of my purchases. The next time I need golf equipment I will definitely visit
K. Perters
July 12, 2005
Gigagolf has an awesome selection of woods and irons. Ordering from overseas means shipping costs are high so I try to get all my stuff in one place. Problem is, most online stores lack all of the elements which I need. Gigagolf's selection is by far the best. Excellent service and prompt replies.
M. Shian
July 10, 2005
Glad to hear the hurricane did not affect GigaGolf. Thanks for the great service, my 3rd order arrived yesterday. Played 18 this morning, the eFit recommendations of -2 degree lie adjustment and 1/2 inch off the overall club length really did the trick. I feel much more comfortable over the ball and my shots are much more down the center. Thanks again!
L. Walker
July 08, 2005
I just received my XL-8s, and I have to tell you I cannot believe the quality and craftmanship. The clubs feel great on the course too, just the right pop of the face.
J. Parson
July 03, 2005
For weeks on end I had been searching for a golf equipment website that would assist me in selecting clubs to suit my specific height. GigaGolf website is a one-stop shop. It took me through the process of selecting clubs to suit my specific height and they explain all the options and how they work. It is like having a shop assistant right next to you.
F. Hobwana
June 28, 2005
I would like to tell you how happy I am with the equipment I ordered from you. The XL8 irons are awesome! I am a 21 handicap player. The first round I played with these clubs I made my first HOLE IN ONE on a 180 yard par 3 at Palo Duro Creek Golf Club! Needles to say I was pleased beyond all words. Thanks for providing great equipment at an affordable price.
L. Harris
June 26, 2005
I just received my order on Friday June 4th and I played a full round with them later that day. I had purchased the Synchron revolver 5 wood with a stiff shaft and a selection of V-91 irons. I just have to say that your site is wonderful, this is the third purchase that I have made through your site and I am tremendously happy with the quality, selection and performance of the equipment. The irons are amazing and when I hit a ball off of the 5 wood, I have never seen a ball jump off the face that hot ever. Thanks for all of the help and thanks for just being around, never will I purchase over-priced over-hyped equipment, I am a GigaGolfer for life. Thanks Again?
P. Hannadey
June 19, 2005
I just played my first round with my new Acer XDS Wide Sole irons and I love them! For years I'd been playing name brand clubs, but these XDS's are so much more suited for my game. Your technical support is wonderful, and the knowledge of your staff was extremely helpful. I thought that I knew what I wanted, but after discussing my game and where I wanted my game to go, your customer representative, Bill, gave me all of the information that I needed to make a more informed decision. The result is fantastic. I took nine strokes off my score with the first round. Miss hits went straight, and the feel of the clubs gave me more confidence than I have felt in a very long time. Once again, your golf clubs are excellent, but your greatest product is your personnel. They are all knowledgeable, committed and absolute professionals.
R. Baxter
June 18, 2005
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the service provided by Gigagolf. I ordered 3 times and each time the delivery to my home in France was in less than a week. All the clubs purchased are great and I now have 100% gigagolf set. I have 1 request, though... Can you make Gigagolf caps and towels ? I would be proud to bear gigagolf name on the course !
F. Maine
June 17, 2005
This is the second time I make a purchase at Gigagolf. I had a great experience, recommended gigagolf to my friends who also had great shopping experience : Awesome products, incredible price, delivered to France in less than a week...
F. Maine
June 11, 2005
I received my XL8 irons last week. Being the first time I've ever purchased "look alike" clubs, I was a little bit nervous. Well, I played 2 rounds this weekend with a friend who just got his name brand clubs. We alternated shots with each others clubs on the first couple of holes. We couldn't feel the difference. He shot an 85 and I shot a 79. I was longer and more straight on all my iron shots. I was always in the middle of the fairway while my friend took several "hikes" to find his ball. Needless to say, he took out a small loan for his clubs and I saved at least 1 summer's worth of greens fees on the price of mine without sacrificing any quality in the club. You guys do great work and have great prices. I will recommend you to anyone I know the next time they need a set of new clubs.
K. McComish
June 10, 2005
I bought the Power Play driver in Nov 2004, just recently started using it, Awesome club !!! I just now bought the 3 wood to match. I really like the quality of the club, the Butch Harmon shaft and the fact you can customize your club.... and for the price, you CANNOT beat your products for quality and price !!! I have already recommended your products and web site to numerous friends.
D. Jarosz
June 08, 2005
I am a pleased customer! Not only do you have competitive prices on your products, I am very impressed by your handling of my order. Not only were the products delivered to me very fast, but what perhaps impressed me most were the notes I got about the delivery process. Several emails about the status of my order and the tracking options with UPS. This is indeed valuable information.
M. Lindstrand (Sweden)
June 04, 2005
I just recieved my club. Not only was it early it is very well constructed. At first I was skeptical of online fitting, but your recomendations were great. I paid much more for the name brand club that I had purchased. You will be my first stop from now on. Thanks again.
J. Schilling
June 03, 2005
I just played my new clubs that I ordered, the ACER HTs. I hit 50 balls with each club and even the "bad hits" went straight. It was easy to get the ball up and on target. I have hit the name brand versions - and I did not see any difference (with the exception of the price). I liked them so much I ordered 6 additional irons. Additionally, when I went to change the order (to add another wedge and 2 day shipping) I inadvertently messed it up and ordered a second set and your professional staff got it all straightened out in minutes. Once again thanks for the help, the prices, and the clubs. Cheers
P. Maguire
June 01, 2005
...I have to thank you personally for your help in my selection of shafts, as it already has exceeded my expectations. When the clubs had arrived I was beyond words...faster than I had estimated. And then I opened the box and all I could come up with is "AWESOME"! What a great looking set of clubs.
R. Shank
May 30, 2005
An excellent company with a quality product. I would recommend them to anyone.
L. Adams
May 21, 2005
I've just ordered a second set of clubs from GigaGolf for my oldest son. I have really liked (loved) all the clubs I have ordered from GigaGolf for both of my sons and myself. I appreciate the fact that you use the highest quality shafts as standard in all of your clubs, with no upgrade costs. I also like the GigaGolf tees you send with each order, which have become my "lucky" tee.
R. Lunke
May 17, 2005
I just wanted to send all of you at Gigagolf some feed back. I am an average golfer who has been bitten by the golf bug pretty bad. I have had my set of clubs from Gigagolf for about 6 months now and love them. I was talking with my wife last night and telling her about how ridiculous the sale catalog I just received was that was offering a "special trade in price for your old name brand club." The price was way out of line. So she asked me about how I like my set, and I went on for 15 minutes about how I really liked the experience and how I am just totally satisfied with my clubs. Your clubs have totally helped my game, I have confidence in my swing and I feel that it is just up to me to guide the club properly and the ball will go where it needs to. I'll keep telling everyone about your great products and service.
R. Harzewski
May 10, 2005
great site, great quality, will defiantly be ordering in future
R. Johnson
May 06, 2005
Just wanted to let you guys know I received my clubs and I am very pleased. I cannot imagine paying $800-$900 for a set of irons when the ones I received can be purchased for much, much less. They hit very well and look great. My clubs are exactly what I ordered and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. I will definitely visit GigaGolf again for any club needs I may have. Thanks!
R. Wright
April 18, 2005
I just received my set of turbo powered v-91 irons and i have to say they are all that I hoped they would be. I have a handicap of about 11 and i have had a few sets of irons and these are far and away the easiest and most well balanced irons I have ever swung. They are the second purchase I have made from Giga Golf, the first was a set of Power Play Keel Steel woods and those are working out quite well for me. I want to say thanks , and I am a Giga Golf customer for life.
Z. Wonoski
April 17, 2005
I just purchased the new Power Max irons, and System Q Ti driver from GigaGolf. I was very impressed with the selection of clubs that they had. Its easy to customize your clubs to your specifications and even if you don't know what yours are they have it so you can figure it out step by step... it was so easy. Also when picking the shipping information they tell you the day that you should receive them by when choosing your shipping method.
D. Ledoux
April 04, 2005
I recommend your Turbo Power Pro Series Fairway woods to anyone who wants a great club at such a great price . I ordered the standard UST PHG 100 stiff shaft and a upgraded grip. This club gives a high trajectory to the ball off the turf and with extremely good distance. Great for par fives. It is also great off the tee. The head is just the right size for a good combination as a fair way wood. I love the sound! I love a good value. I have expensive name brand clubs but this little beauty will stay in my bag.
B. Lucerne
March 30, 2005
I want to thank GigaGolf for the wonderful clubs that they made for me. I purchased the Acer XP-mid launch, and they are everything they said that they would be. I've been playing with a hand-me-down set and they just weren't long enough or strong enough for me (120mph swing) But, the Acer XP were what I needed and I can already tell the difference the first time that I hit a ball. Very forgiving club. I plan on purchasing a driver the power play system Q to be exact,and a putter and a few others. But, I will never shop anywhere else but GigaGolf. Thank you very much, another satisfied customer.
B. Hutchinson
March 05, 2005
I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for opening my eyes to your world golf clubs. I recently purchased the V90 driver and 3 wood. I've never hit the ball further in my life. My game was pretty good, but very inconsistent. Now that I can hit consistent shots off the 'T' box, I score better and more importantly I can beat all my friends on a regular basis. Now a 300+ yard drive is a normal drive for me now. Your web page also educated me on shafts and I was able to match the perfect shaft with my game. Again thanks for your product and more importantly how fast you ship your orders. I will be recommending your site to all my friends, because as they continue to be beaten by me, they want to know where they can get quality clubs.
R. Hall
February 11, 2005
I ordered two different seven irons to test the clubs and the GigaGolf's products and services. I liked the Steel Plus XL6's performance so well that I ordered a set of irons. I hit the XL straighter and longer than my Pings. The graphite shaft is more forgiving on my hands. I took my seven iron to Golfsmith to compare with the Callaway and quite frankly, liked the looks and clean lines of the XL just as much. What can I say about difference in price!!! I requested one day shipping for the set and it arrived this morning, as promised, even though Hurricane Ivan took its bet shot to delay shipment last night! I particulary appreciated both Jay and Bill's patience with my questions regarding correct fit and club characteristics.
J. Wilson
February 01, 2005
I ordered a set of irons and woods last week. They were shipped to me within 3 days! I played in, and won, a 2 man Lauderdale tournament this weekend. The clubs are great and I found that even when I hit a "fat" shot the ball still carried. Thanks GiGaGolf, for offering a convenient, informative website and delivering quality clubs within a few days!
C. Gilliam
January 05, 2005
B. Jensen
December 30, 2004
I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding product. I ordered a set of your Turbo Power XL-8 Irons a few weeks ago and I love them. With my department store clubs I was hitting a 150 yard 5 iron. With my GigaGolf custom clubs I am hitting my 7 iron that far. My new irons have given me so many new options in my game and already my scores are starting to show improvement. I am shooting in the 80's frequently now.
D. Steighner
December 20, 2004
This is my second order with GigaGolf loved the first experience.
S. Walden
November 29, 2004
I have shopped with GIGAGOLF before, and then made the mistake of shopping else where. I won't do that again.
R. Hall
November 16, 2004
I recieved my new Pro Open 690 wedges and I am very impressed with the thin look of the club face & the nice feel. I have a feeling they will serve me very well. This is my first year playing after back surgery and I am pleased with being able to stay in the 80's after a 5 year hiatus. Thanks to your professional customer service.
J. Pierce
November 15, 2004
This is my first online shopping experience, I'm pleased with the results. The Gigagolf graphics, easy to use menu and pictures of the available golf clubs made the experience almost like shopping in an actual store. And the ability to reach a live person at the 800# actually convinced me to purchase online.
M. Smith
November 02, 2004
I got just what I wanted... when Gigagolf said I would get it. I've only hit my new clubs once and am upset with myself that I didn't contact Gigagolf earlier to get what I needed to shave 5-10 strokes off my game.
R. Bloomer
October 13, 2004
I ordered two of the Professional Open Bronze wedges (60 and 64 degree lofts) and an Acer XDS Wide Sole irons. I must say, I am TOTALLY blown-away by the quality of these clubs! The wedges look and feel great and enable me to "flop" those soft approach shots (with plenty of backswing) as I have NEVER been able to do before! I cannot adequately convey how greatly I am impressed with these clubs! All of the details are there as well as the feel in one's hands. As a 6'5" golfer, I have always struggled to play with equipment that didn't fit correctly. With the easy online custom fitting system I was able to get a club that is just right for me!
B. Barry
September 27, 2004
Was GigaGolf affected by the recent hurricane? Reply: Fortunately no, GigaGolf's operations were not impacted by hurricane Jeanne. Although we had some wind and rain in the area, we will be processing shipments and orders as usual. UPS distribution centers were also spared significant damage. UPS does not expect delays to shipments into or out of our area of Florida.

Many people's lives have been made difficult by Florida's unusual weather this summer. The American Red Cross has set up a reliable and efficient way to help the victims of the recent storms through its Florida Disaster Relief Fund. National press coverage may leave people with the impression that Florida is in ruins. This is far from the truth. The areas that have been severely impacted are small in comparison to the entire state. For most of us, the storms do little more than cancel our plans for the weekend. As always, we appreciate your business and will work hard to make sure the equipment you buy and the customer service you receive exceed your expectations.

R. Wilson
September 06, 2004
Did the hurricane hit you guys? P. Larns - No, GigaGolf was not affected by Frances. Some of our neighbors to the east had some trees blown over with some minor damage to structure. Even if we took a direct hit, the GigaGolf manufacturing facility is made with poured concrete walls and is well above sea level. Not pretty, but it is not going anywhere. Thank you for your concern.
R. Wilson
July 12, 2004
I recieved the synchron low profile 3,5,7 woods that replaced the hypersonics that I returned. I went to the range this evening, and the new clubs are FANTASTIC! Just what I needed to send my old "duck hook" off to find a new home! The better quality shaft has helped straighten out my shots and I really, really appreciate your kindness in dealing with my return and replacements! I'm a member of the Atlanta Singles' Golf Assoc. and I can't wait to spread the word that Gigagolf did a great job with my clubs!
S. Little
July 02, 2004
This is just a quick word to say what a great service you provide. I ordered on 9/12, the clubs arrive in Ireland on 9/15. This is the second time I have used your service and I find the clubs great.
July 02, 2004
I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the Z Tour 3 irons that I purchased from you. I'm hitting better with them than I ever did with my previous FOUR sets of "name brand" clubs. Now I will have to try a new driver!
J. Butler
May 17, 2004
The level of service Giga has shown me is only exceeded only by the quality of your product. At my request, my children replaced shirts and socks with Giga gift certificates for my birthday. On Monday the day after my birthday a set of GX920's was ordered. The clubs arrived Thursday evening in time for my round on Saturday. Wow, what a difference over my old irons. Thank you! ps I'm speading the word.
S. Fouts
April 28, 2004
I just received my Bionik 201 Mallet putter & I couldn't be happier. Last month I purchased a set of the XL-6 irons & so far I've shot better golf then I ever have. 1st round & I pared 3 out of the first 9 WOW..!
C. Mancini
April 27, 2004
Excellent buying experience and great product.
L. Christensen
April 18, 2004
Bought my first set of irons last year from Giga very nice set of clubs now buying my woods very very pleased with service and quality of products
M. Thomson
April 07, 2004
I ordered an Acer XP 9 wood from you about 2 or 3 months ago. Since then I have hit it great, usually 160 yards and always straight. Two weeks ago, on a par 3 155 yards hole at my local golf course, I had a hole-in-one with that 9 wood. I have never done it before, and I have been playing for 7 years!! Thanks a million for a shot of a lifetime with my 9 wood!!
V. Bonacorsa
April 05, 2004
Love the new Website, very professional. P.S. Love my new clubs.
A. Randall
March 28, 2004
Fantastic price for a blade set with my choice of custom shaft.
March 20, 2004
Bought the PFD irons and are excellent. purchased new driver and woods this time.
M. Kimani (Kenya)
February 18, 2004
I'm very satisfied with my order of the Vs 88II irons! It's nice to know that there is still a company that will do what they say. I recieved my clubs in a timely manner, and they were built to my specifications. They hit very well.
E. Royle
December 22, 2003
Is it too late to order for Christmas? No, GigaGolf strives to ship all custom club orders withing 24 hours. We have several shipping options that will allow you to place your order before 2pm on Wednesday, December 22, 2004 and still have it delivered to your shipping address on Friday, December 24, 2004. The online order form will calculate a delivery date based on the shipping option you select and your delivery address.
R. Wilson
October 20, 2003
The V90 5 wood with the Graffaloy Blue shaft I purchased from you if fantastic. I bought it for hitting off the tee on narrow fairways. I don't hit my irons very far and other woods I have tried had heads that were too small or shafts too long to control. This club is the perfect combination of a large head size and shaft. This club always finds the fairway. I hit it about 195 yards and that leaves me a reliable 8 or 9 iron into the green. It has saved me strokes and I had my lowest score of the season this past weekend. Thanks for offering and putting together a perfect club.
R. Racano
July 22, 2003
I just received my shipment of the driver and seven wood. They look good and I am looking forward to playing them. Thanks for the tee's as well. It is a pleasure doing business with a company with this kind of customer service. I will be ordering more in the future.
M. Henson
June 23, 2003
I recently purchased a set of your Z Tour 3 + clubs and have used them now for about a month. They are fantastic! I could not be happier with the quality, styling and feel of these clubs. I find that I am hitting my ball much straighter since I purchased them, have knocked 6 strokes off my game, and still getting better. I feel that I can hit any shot to the location that I want because of the confidence these new clubs give me. Thank you very, very much. I will certainly buy from you again when I need a new set of clubs.
R. Webber
May 15, 2003
Today my order arrived in one piece...:-) Great ! I will recommend your site to all my golf buddies ! Thanks for your excellent service and support !
H. Heidinger (Austria)
May 15, 2003
I would like to comment on the excellent service and nice looking products that I received. I have used the clubs on the course and have felt and seen the difference in the accuracy and distance in the ball flight, my score was also lower by 7 strokes.
J. Hicks
April 28, 2003
I had just received them in good condition this afternoon in Hong Kong. I am much appreciated for your company's good service and would recommend it to my friends. Thanks and regards.
C. Chan(Hong Kong)
April 19, 2003
I have to compliment you folks about how you respond. It's better than any company, of any type, that I've dealt with over the Net. I intend to pass along your info. I appreciate the courtesy and the information.
K. Menke
April 09, 2003
I must say that you were perhaps the most courteous persons I have ever dealt with. Considering the difficulties I had expierenced ordering golf equipment with other companies over the last, YOU WERE TERRIFIC and most patient in sorting out my order We spoke of Ireland and if you ever get here give me a call at Cork City Hall. Regards
P. Duggan(Ireland)
March 03, 2003
Just wanted to thank you for the very nice job you did with my golf clubs. I am very pleased with them. In fact, I was playing golf today with a buddy, and he was bragging about his "expensive" driver. I smoked him by 20 or 30 yards with my V90 Forged Ti driver everytime! Thanks again.
B. Simpson
February 26, 2003
Yesterday I received my new set of VS 88 II irons and I wanted to tell you that they look great. Thanks for the great service you have offered me. I placed my order on the 19th, and received my new set of irons in my flat in Italy on the 25th, that's really fast!
S. Giovanni (Italy)
January 08, 2003
Today I received my shipment and I want to give thanks to you for the good service that you have given to me. The order has arrived in perfect state and today I will play with them. I am very happy with the products that you offer, and for that reason, you will always have a client.
J. C. C. Urbanos (Brazil)
January 02, 2003
I am very happy with advice, service, delivery, and price. Thanks for delivery by Christmas.
T. Wolk
December 26, 2002
That's an A+ on the service. Looking forward to my first test drive. Thanks again.
S. Suarez
December 26, 2002
Thank you for such great service and a great product. I am very happy with my recent order and delivery. I will be telling all my friends about you and your site.
D. K. Allen
October 12, 2002
I wanted to let you know that I have been very pleased with the purchases I have made from your company. The Impex Red Ned driver has helped me to add 10-20 yards on my drives. The PFD irons have a great feel and are solid and consistent. I have been close to breaking 80 all summer since I made my purchases. I Just need to sink a few more putts. Thanks for the quality products you produce.
G. Linsinbigler
September 16, 2002
I just wanted to say I got my new woods. The HRG 2 driver feels unbelievable! The 3 and 5 woods also felt great. With a nice smooth swing I hit one 310 yds. I am very impressed with these clubs. The Winn grips are really amazing, I dont think I could ever go back to regular grips now. Thanks a lot for the clubs.
J. Noon.
September 04, 2002
I recently ordered a set of your turbo power PFD irons. I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the service I received and with the irons. My order was processed accurately and all of my e-mails to customer service were answered promptly...most in under 10 minutes from my initial inquiry. As for the irons, I am pleasantly surprised. They are nicely weighted and are very forgiving. Thanks for the great service and a great product.
P. Albrecht
August 29, 2002
I placed my order on Sunday evening and received them Thursday. What an impressive turn around time! The Turbo Power PFD irons and TF-360 woods looked great. I threw three shag balls onto the grass and proceeded to rip wedge shots like I have never hit a wedge before. The club offset seems to set your hands perfectly resulting in a smooth effortless swing. Balls came off the club crisp and cleared the tops of a grove of southern pines, all while keeping a perfect line. The quick ?up? of the ball?s trajectory was something I have not experienced before. I can only anticipate these clubs will make my upcoming golf trip the perfect golf experience that it should be. When anyone asks what clubs I am playing, I will be proud to say Turbo Power PFDs by GigaGolf. You deserve the credit for the clubs you have provided.
W. Divin
August 02, 2002
I just wanted to thank you for the set of TM 32's. I ordered them on a Tuesday night and received them on the next Monday. Great service. The clubs are great. I played with them today and I am very pleased. I hit my nine iron within inches of the cup! Thanks a lot.
C. Blenden
July 25, 2002
I received my order for the Acer XDS Pros today am delighted in the appearance of the set! You guys promised fast delivery... I got it. You promised quality clubs... I got it. You promised lower prices... I got it. I promise I will buy from GigAGolf in the future... you got it! Thank you again!
C. Lusk
July 23, 2002
I just got my new Turbo Power V90 (400cc) today. I took it to the range over my lunch hour. All I can say WOW! I didn't think I could carry a ball 275 yards, now I can. It is super easy to hit, and it goes and goes and goes?
M. Foster
July 11, 2002
I just wanted to thank you for a great online experience. I was very tentative to buy a set of clubs online in fear of quality, however, with your 30-day money back guarantee I decided to take a chance. I have been in need of new clubs for quite a while and could not justify sending the money for them at this point. I have been dreaming of purchasing a set of the new clubs. When I saw the Turbo Powered PFD irons on your site for $199 I pulled the trigger. The whole experience with your company was exceptional and I love the new clubs. They have made a 2 club difference in my distance and are much more forgiving. I have told many of my friends to check out your site, and would highly recommend anyone on the fence to pull the trigger. You have giving me a renew zest for the game!
L. Werner
July 06, 2002
GigaGolf is a great company. The product is of high quality and reasonably priced. This is my fourth purchase from GigaGolf.
T. Decker
July 03, 2002
I am please to say I received my new Acer XDS Clubs. I found that from the first shot I hit with them I was hitting one club less than I had been hitting with my old clubs. I am so pleased with them I can`t wait to save some more money & buy a driver. Thanks.
April 24, 2002
Just a line to say how brilliant your service was from placing my order to receiving my clubs, all in under a week to the United Kingdom. I tried the clubs and they are fantastic! I have used so many clubs and I can honestly say these are the best clubs I have used. My friends cannot believe the price. Best Regards.
M. Watts
April 10, 2002
Received both clubs this afternoon and appreciate the service. Your response time and service is terrific... A pleasure doing business with a company that responds to customer needs promptly and efficiently. Thanks
F. Sternisha
April 05, 2002
I just received my order this morning..." whaw!" Great looking clubs, and perfectly made to my wishes. Thanks for everything. Regards, a new happy customer.
G. Haelman
April 02, 2002
I just received the Turbo Power PFD Irons I ordered. I got them within a week. That was great. They are as nice to look at as they are fun to hit. I am very happy with the clubs. I was unsure, but the 30 Day play guarantee sold the deal for me. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
B.T. Shallenburger
March 28, 2002
Great service. The club was exactly what I wanted.
R. Gotch
March 18, 2002
...I absolutely LOVE the Turbo Power PFD irons that you made for me. They have already improved my iron play dramatically and I haven't even gotten fully used to them yet!
J. Dulaney
March 10, 2002
I'm really impressed with the excellent performance revealed by the Tour Model 6 series driver. It's an outstanding driver ...tremendous distance and forgiveness in an accurate manner. My game has improved a lot thanks to your advice and your driver. Thanks GigAgolf for your support to golfers.
N. Gusmao
March 02, 2002
Just received my order...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! They look and feel great, can't wait to use this new set. I would fully recommend your company to my friends and family. You really did come through on customer service! Some times when you order on internet, your not so sure what your going to get. But I have to say you out did yourselves with this set of PFD. Again many Thanks.
G. Fultz
December 14, 2001
Goods ordered Tuesday, arrived Friday local time. Condition perfect. Quality is better than excellent I will certainly come again. My thanks for ensuring a Christmas gift arrived before time and of a quality that will ensure pleasure and satisfaction. Cheers! P. Green
P. Green
December 02, 2001
Just a note to say my wife is very pleased with the Lady Velociteque woods and irons I purchased for her birthday. Excellent quality and service. One month after her birthday she had her very first hole-in-one with her new pitching wedge. Thanks so much for your service.
R.D. Phillips
November 20, 2001
Just thought I'd give you some feedback about the clubs I purchased from you. I am extremely happy with them. I'm getting great distance with the woods and the irons are very easy to hit.
M. Kenward
November 01, 2001
Just a quick note to thank you for your fast service. I ordered my driver 4 days ago and it arrived today. Went to the driving range and was very happy with the results. Hit two brand new ball's from my bag and hit them out to the fence. The one thing about the fence is that it is 317 yards from the tee box. Not bad. Two of my friends that were with me tried it and you should get their order this week. Thanks Again.
S. Bordogna
August 21, 2001
Thanks, and by the way, I love the clubs and so do my friends...they have lowered my handicap a full 10 stroke already..and my first 300 yard drive!!!! Thanks again for everything
C. Bradley
August 13, 2001
Thanks for standing by your 100% satisfaction guarantee. I originally purchased your TF-360, and just wasn't comfortable with the shaft. You willingly took the club back and per my request built me a TFD x-stiff, which has been working out great. The pro-force x-stiff lets me swing like I want and the club is delivering nice 270 plus, controlled drives.
B. Dovin
July 05, 2001
I am really impressed with the quality of the set. I get the looks when I take them to the range. One pro even asked me to try the driver and was really impressed. He hit two shots higher and longer than with his own driver. I highly recommend them.
L. Jackson
June 21, 2001
Gigagolf is simply the best. Two years ago I ordered a set of custom irons from gigagolf--I'm 6'5" tall and require a significant length and lie adjustment to my clubs. The clubs were a gift from my mother and I listed her as the purchaser. Gigagolf noticed a woman's name on the order and called to confirm that the length adjustment was correct. What great customer service!! My mother confirmed that the clubs were for her son and they arrived within a few days. The clubs have been the best I have ever plyed. I returned to Gigagolf this time to order a custom driver. A few weeks back I played a round with a name-brand test club from a local retailer and fell in love with the driver. Since the name brand club retails for around $400, I sent gigagolf an e-mil asking when they would release a comparable model. Within a few hours I received a reply informing me that Gigagolf's comparable model would be released within a few weeks. It came yesterday & I love it! The Gigagolf model plays just like the name-bran model, only the Gigagolf club cost me $109 -- $300 less than the name-brand model. Thank you Gigagolf.
D. Wilson
May 01, 2001
Products and Service and Support are excellent as usual
F. Frank
April 15, 2001
I have been wanting 13 and 15 woods for some time and am very satisfied with them. I plan to purchase a three and five wood next. Great clubs.
R. Paulson
March 12, 2001
I love my clubs! This is my first expierence with your products. As for the web site my only comment is when i reviewed my ordered items i did not get a break down to see that all that i wanted was there. I got 5000@x dollars I would like to have this break down 5000 (1 thru 9 irons)@ x dollars. I had to go back into the web page and find the page and do the math to see if it was all there and right. This was my only complaint. agian LOVE the culbs!
G. Deerson
February 19, 2001
I am a lefty golfer. I carry a 5 handicap. I have had a difficult time finding the right clubs for me. I have puerchase a minimum of 8 + new sets of irons for the past two years. I literally own most everything that comes in left. Woods and drivers are no exception. My perfect set of irons came when Nike released their combo set. I have been playing a mixed bag for years. Usually buying two sets of clubs in the same line. I was disappointment when Nike didn't release the combo set in left. I will be honet I prefer to play proline clubs, but I didn't have a choice. I decided to give your clubs a try. Your comapny is the best of all those online. By far. Your ordering ability, your prices, your options for shafts, grips, etc. Your website is the best and esiest to navigate and complete an order. THe clubs came in just a few days like promised. They looked great, felt great. I played them today for the first time. They played incredible. soft feel, great balance, great trajectory... perfect. I really don'tive a crap now if Nike ever makes these clubs in left. I am going back to buy the woods and driver today.
B. Hill
November 01, 2000
Very satisfied with purchase.
L. Peters
October 21, 2000
First class service! I got free ground shipping with my order and it was at my door the next day! One of the best experiences purchasing online ever. Thanks Gigagolf!
T. Pipkin
July 15, 2000
I was a little nervous to put my credit card on the internet, however thean transaction went very smoothly. I was able to afford a whole set for what I would have paid for a name brand driver.
K. Mizer
January 15, 2000
I cannnot believe the quality in camparison to the price I paid for my new irons. They are beautiful and work as well as they look. Going to get a new driver next.
R. Smith
December 14, 1999
I have ordered almost everyone in my family GigaGolf clubs for Christmas. They play and look like expensive brand name equipment but at a fraction of the cost. I can't believe that these high quality clubs can be made and shipped within 24 hours.
B. Sanderson
We Believe:
Achieving a 20 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do. GigaGolf's manufacturer direct distribution model means our customers get unparalleled value for their investment. Our pride shows from the shop floor to the quality of our finished golf clubs. The innovative GigaGolf eFit system will help you build your clubs correctly no matter what your age or ability level. That's why, we stand behind our products with the GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee.